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Have many food values changed from the first book?

A small number of foods have had value changes since ER4YT.

Virtually all of the changes are lectin-related (leeks, pinto beans, sunflower products for type O, changes to certain mushrooms for type A and AB, for example). Many of these newer values are the result of determinations which are way beyond the level of sophistication that I was using back in the 1980's. In particular, the molecular biology of lectins and cancer cells is still beyond my current capabilities, so we must rely on the literature for that research. Many dietary lectins can have a mixed function; some effects good, others bad. Sometimes we learn of one before the other. Pinto beans, leeks and mushrooms are good examples of lectin-containing foods with complex and mixed biological effects. Because knowledge of these relationships continues to expand (for example, the link between polyamine production and lectins was not understood well at the time of ER4YT) some begin to look better (mushrooms) while others begin to look worse (pinto beans). The added criteria of nonsecretor reaction have generated a yet higher level of refinement in the food value arena.

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