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Posted by: DoS, Saturday, June 21, 2014, 7:28pm
This is a very interesting little article.

I wonder what naturally helps incur the right kinds of fats? Omega 3?

I can't help but think about "skinny-fat" people, particularity in India, who don't appear to have any of the "right" fat, and have a lot of the wrong stuff - along with diabetes and heart disease.
Posted by: Easy E, Saturday, June 21, 2014, 10:27pm; Reply: 1
I read the article.  When you say a lot the wrong stuff what do you mean?   My wife is a gatherer and overweight by conventional measures, yet her vitals are mostly normal (blood pressure, pulse, etc.) Only her blood sugar was a bit elevated at 123.  She is 5 foot 2 and weighs more than me.  Cholesterol was perfect.

I am 5 11 and not overweight weighing 170, but my blood pressure was elevated slightly and blood sugar low.  I carry some fat.  Low to medium body fat.  But i have a layer of abdomen fat and ever so slight man  boobage.  This prob is a sign of toxic buildup.  I did a stomach wrap she has and it leaches out toxins.  It burned and itched, but my belly and bloat was notably reduced.  That bloat is the kicker!  I did not get my numbers back except for the  ones I mentioned yet.  I am interested to see what they say.

Posted by: DoS, Sunday, June 22, 2014, 2:56am; Reply: 2
Visceral (inside) is the real bad stuff, abdominal second, but not as associated with impending horrible disease like visceral fat.
Posted by: Goldie, Sunday, June 22, 2014, 11:52am; Reply: 3
There is another link there to a video on Make Our Life Harder.. very interesting.. good reminder on how we can make a difference. Its only about a minute long...

The fat discussion above is of great interest for those who are so fat less under their skin -skinny - they no longer store fat for energy.  I have seen that in A's ..

YET I do not fully comprehend what it talks about.  (certainly) I have much belly fat, would I add more from the outside?  The other thing.. ninety days might not be enough of a study,... I see the approach in homeopathic ways.. disturb the body in whatever way and it will fight back from the inside ...

The takeaway from this for me is that, Binge eating, way more than the needed calories, from all sort of excuses, is possibly the biggest culprit in weight gain.  (for instance) I did the colonoscopy test  and the three day ordeal- the day before the day of and the day after, all created 'issues' within my thinking.  On the first day I drank sweet stuff (my diabetes a factor)to keep from being hungry..  The second day after the procedure at lunchtime, I was ravaged by 2pm.  I ate a full plate of cream soup and a sandwich on the way home.  Then at home all ran through me.. I ate whatever I have in the house all day as the same thing happened again and again.. On the third day I still ate all I could find and at last the food stayed inside.  However my thinking was obsessed with eating.  Eating anything, Eating to be satisfied ... It took a fourth day to feel normal again.   the test it was ok... and I do not need another for years to come ... (I could not afford the binging annually)  Yet I might do so on many occasions when there is food in abundance at all sorts of events.. a little here and a little there and the calories might be doubled -even if- I only eat a little of this or a little of that -but do it all day long..    A different sort of binging.. one I am prone to.. not the kind where you throw up.. I am shocked at my take away from here... time to change my viewpoints of old...   :o

??) but could someone here discuss the information a little more detailed?     And what of a follow up 6 month later?
Posted by: Easy E, Sunday, June 22, 2014, 10:49pm; Reply: 4
Those Indian people probably are nutritionally malnourished even if they have ample food supplies and prob also consume toxins and heavy metals found in some of their products and water.  Not like their country before it was overtaken by smog and overcrowded urban areas with deforestation.
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