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Posted by: sas, Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 4:54pm
Hi there. New to SWAMI, and just got my results yesterday.The results page for the GENO HARMONIC FOODS has me confused, and I could be causing it myself by reading to much into it.
It states to choose a food from the left and pick another food from the right. Does that mean to choose foods directly on the same line to the right or any food from the entire right side? I appreciate all the information anyone would like to share. Thank You! :)
Posted by: TheGameChanger, Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 5:30pm; Reply: 1
Hi Sassrm! Welcome to the fascinating and sometimes confusing world of individuality. :) We do have a thread for discussing and exploring these things consistently at "The D'Adamo Genoharmonics Gang" so you're welcome to join the clubhouse, as it were, there.

Many of those foods you see (If you take an hour or two to connect the dots - which most people don't have time to do) overlap.

But some do not, and those that never get listed on the left side with "stars" that are still listed on the right side - you will come to find delightful combinations with foods on the rest of your SWAMI previously listed as beneficial or "just meh" (neutrals) suddenly transfigured into the role of supercombinations  (ooooo!)  8)

The best way to start is to pick something on the left that's already a favorite that you eat, and look on the right side to see what tasty pairing you can make. Start slowly, sit back, and watch/feel for "intuitive" effects (as I think Victoria so aptly put it before).End-glycolic product removal in the body mostly feels "good", for example.

I see you are relatively new here, with your "Winter" status going on, so if this is your first few months or first year of following Dr. D'Adamo's nutritional prescripions......please allow for the sometimes odd or ill feelings, or "I don't feel anything yet" feelings as you set out to use this. Loading good and super-good food into a body that has been trained to work against itself previously by years of avoids is like loading new information into your cells.......and the millions of them in your body have their own individual catharsis.

As you go along learning, you can add more genoharmonics to your basic tasty combo.

It's like playing a musical instrument: you learn how to pick out a basic tune that more notes around that basic tune to make a beautiful fugue  of harmonics going on inside your body.....

Posted by: ginnyTN, Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 7:32pm; Reply: 2
In addition ot Seraffa's excellent answer, explanation and encouraging words, I would like to perhaps clarify the answer to your exact question.  

As Seraffa said, pick a food from the left column.  Then combine it with one or more foods from the right column ON THE SAME LINE.  

Best wishes for your SWAMI journey! Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.  That "scenery" will be the healthier you that you see in your mirror!  
Posted by: walk_the_walk, Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 7:48pm; Reply: 3
Hi Sassrm, and welcome!

I've had my Swami for about 9 months now, and I can tell you, I never get bored of investigating it…

Firstly, I checked the "Let Swami compute best" rather than "Broad General Effect" - I have tried running both ways, but the Broad General Effect mode only gives 3 star combination, whereas trusting Swami/Dr.D to compute gives all 5 and 4 star combos.

Now, I am a sucker for detail, and I love to analyse figures, charts, patterns, numbers etc so: -

I have 30 different ingredients in my left hand columns, but the corresponding foods on the right hand list fit into only 6 different "profiles" in which all the items are identical. So, for instance, 12 of the 30 foods on the LEFT are fish, and their geno harmonic enhancers on the right are all exactly the same.

I also worked it back the other way from Right to Left, so for instance, Goji Berry Juice figures in all 30 of the foods on the right, so I put a splash of goji berry juice into my drinking water all day long. Yerba Mate tea is in 29 out of 30 of the foods, so is red wine (evenings only ;D). Lime features in 23/30 so a twist of lime is always close at hand…before you know it you can have six geno harmonic combos on the go…Simples!

..Often you'll find that the left hand items are in the "Neutrals" column rather then Superfoods/Diamonds - don't let this put you off doing the Geno-Harmonic combos - As Lola often says "Dr. D factors it all into Swami"

Hope this helps, have fun


Posted by: sas, Thursday, May 15, 2014, 11:44am; Reply: 4
WOW, thank you everyone! Each one of you gave me great information and answered my exact question I was confused about and I appreciate that! Now I need to go play around with these fascinating combinations. This Geno Harmonic foods is so interesting. I will be joining the GenoHarmonics Gang feed for additional support.

Thanks for the support,

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