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Posted by: C_Sharp, Monday, March 3, 2014, 10:07pm
Dr. D’Adamo on Secretor Status

New in Personalized Living Webzine:

Quoted Text
About 20% of the population lacks the so-called secretor gene (FUT2) and thus cannot manufacture free, unbound blood type antigens. These individuals are known as non-secretors. These subcategory of individuals is very interesting from a disease susceptibiity vantage. Non-secretors often have more consistent problems with low level infections, such as yeast (Candida) and Streptococcus. Because much of our internal microbial environment is determined by our blood type antigen (which is often used as a source of food by our intestinal bacteria) non-secretors often have an imbalance in their bacteria flora, a conditon known as dysbiosis. Non-secretors are also known to suffer from many forms of auto-imune disease, especially Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory disease of the intestines.


Link to order the secretor status in that article is for a discontinued version of the test.

The new test for secretor status is actually at:

If you want both secretor status and SWAMI, you can save with this combo pack:

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