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Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 12:25pm
C_sharp    I am appreciating your efforts... who are you?  Why are you doing it?


I would love to know a few details for those who are here and are ‘specialists’ in their own life.


It could be a place where you can brag about you and what you know, or learned, have on interest in, and why...


I am for instance: Officially a Older Lady, over 70... all the while feeling that I am only 53.  Have not changed my avatar because of that... resisting...  

I love to work with equipment for people having arthritis, osteoporosis and much more. I have mostly avoided bad arthritis in me because of compliancy to BTD for nearly 2  decades.  That and my work is a great help to my wishing to make all things better.

I am re-finishing a children’s book I wrote in 2000. If you like I will share it with you/free.  
I am expecting interesting things.. It is in my stars.. I have a great astrologer.. his predictions are so ON!  They are great to consider when looking back at what I did.. love it..

I am searching for a hypnotist.. know any?  from experience? Let me know.  thanks.

I failed one mode of eating since the new Year and succeeded with another method - I like it better!! and lost 5 pounds.. ! ... Always BTD like.

Can't wait for the Swami changes Dr D advised about, when I saw him, HE was excited!  I am following his advice and drink GrapeJuice..  LOL

Posted by: SquarePeg, Tuesday, January 7, 2014, 12:45pm; Reply: 1
If you're extremely bored, you can click the About tag on my blog....  ;)
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