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Posted by: Goldie, Saturday, November 16, 2013, 2:01pm
Yesterday I was off on some outside foods, which is always near avoid.  After I was 'hungry' all evening until I ate some 3 ounces of meat.  Problem solved.

I think in my previous life I was a white bear who ate meat and blubber for fat. No need for corn, grains, or starches.  No need for dairy and no need for sugar.

My brain is ancient and is not satisfied until it gets those two foods.  I am astounded to see how much it affects my thinking.  I was not hungry, I had eaten enough, vegetables, walnuts and whatever else O foods I have in the house, yet the mind was not satisfied until I made a small piece of meat.  I ate it and my mind was ready to relax - peaceful rest followed.

This was a real discovery... Yes I know BTD forks for me, but I am only satisfied when it is low carb.  Carbs just do not leave me restful.  It’s like a .. holic with his habit sitting in front of him and winking to him...

I never saw so clearly how much carbs mess with my mind.  I got out of bed, even thinking I do not wish to do so... the body just got up to walk around and find something some where.  There was no way I could stay in bed watching my favorite show.  The muscles just had a mind or their own... the body was not driven by my actual consciousness.  Some inner deeper level DRIVE drove the body.  The reptilian brain...

Also, I have been taking some sups, and I break out in small hives all day long, not from them directly, but from some extra reaction to all sort of sensitivities...  

Just saying... off to take a spoon of oil (away from food-tastes) with water to wash it down. It will do more for me than all else to satisfy 'hunger'.

And: with low carbs I drop weight or at the very least do not gain...

And, my diabetic numbers are just fine, even when I stay low carbs for 5 days and then eat all carbs once every 5th day -after dinner until midnight.  Seems that way of eating triggers hormonal responses to foods and adjusts the metabolism.  
Posted by: TheGameChanger, Saturday, November 16, 2013, 2:26pm; Reply: 1
:)  By cooincidence, I have been eating diamond egg yolks along with my first meal of the day. Just to help emulsify my liver. Follow it up with a Geno-Harmonic meal at lunch (picking whatever my body feels like eating, not just what is at hand)...and what do you night my body asked for a last meal of protein instead of carbs, and handled it beautifully. No indigestion.

Now for an A Explorer this pattern will probably not be every day, but every other day could be possible for the meat proteins.

I used the egg yolks in place of oil and nuts  ;D wow.
Maybe I will buy some lecithin, Goldie, just like you use your oil.
Posted by: Goldie, Saturday, November 16, 2013, 3:51pm; Reply: 2
The choice of protein might matter .. so stay compliant.. if that is possible.. But protein is what works.   I am not a proponent of balance.. it just does nothing for me..  
Posted by: ABJoe, Saturday, November 16, 2013, 4:12pm; Reply: 3
Quoted from Goldie
I am not a proponent of balance.. it just does nothing for me..  

I depends on what you are balancing...  The key is to provide what the body needs so it can balance, not try to balance what you provide so it has to work harder to get rid of all of the stuff you didn't need...
Posted by: Goldie, Saturday, November 16, 2013, 10:15pm; Reply: 4
No blame, I have one motto, I live my life!

I am not ever suggesting that others see what I see, I was talking about a small difference, that of being able to assuage hunger... all other suggestions are neither one nor the other way.  Each person experiences 'hunger' in their own way. I have experienced it in many forms.  Some from reality, some from fear of it, some from who cares, so long as I find solutions for ‘me’.

Balancing all foods listed in any 'diet' plan might be working for others.  If I was B I would most assuredly eat way more things and feel well with it.  

As O I have forever held on to eating meat for instance, even when all the world suggested differently over the many decades.  I always must have felt comforted by protein.  I am also much happier with single foods, rather than mixed up meals.   The more choices for my taste buds the more I crave most anything in reach.  

I may be alone here, yet I do not expect it so.  My observations are only those I make, those that work for me, or not.  I am celebrating my own experiences, and share them with those who might struggle with 'permission' to explore.

The emotions may play as many roles here as my physical needs or interpretations. I am generally willing to buck the system and still find some similar experiences of others speak to me loudly... It is why I never stray from BTD, just the way 'I' adhere to its components.  

My future health with cancer or heart issues, or diabetes, might all come to blows, yet then, the doctors already think I will get one or the other.  Am I doomed?  No! I am only looking to enjoy life for as long as 'life' is here for the taking.

The process is interesting to me, and me, in many ways, today this tomorrow that.   It is my journey and my consequences.  I am certain had I listened to others years ago, I would have gotten ill many years before.  As it is I had a cancer, it is gone and today is all.  I might have had a tooth infection instead and gotten deadly ill from it. Instead I just needed the operation to be rid of some aberrant 'cells' I did not need.  I am done with that for now, and if and when they manifest elsewhere, they will not have taken a day worth of living from me.  After all 'I' was in surgery as in; one day in, same day out.

Imagine how lucky I am.  

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