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Posted by: mrwphillips, Saturday, November 9, 2013, 10:54pm
So for the last year, I have been using Shakeology from Beachbody as a breakfast replacement. It was convenient--I could blend it and leave for work, drink it on the way. The company claims that it will cut down on cravings, leave you full, and help you lose weight. Well, I always had to add something to it (banana, peanut butter) to make me feel like I ate anything. Here is the nutritional info:

Anyway, its an expensive product, and I havent lost ANY weight using it either. I used it because thought it was helping me with my IBS and inflammation, but that doesnt seem to be the case. I have half a bag left, and Ill finish using it simply because I paid so much for it, but then I am not continuing. I was also a Beachbody independent coach, but I have also given that up because I dont believe the company lives up to its claims.

Neither here nor there; what I want to ask you all is to provide me with some alternatives. I dont really care for having to cook in the mornings; it takes me so long to wake up lol I would really love some of y'alls smoothie recipes specifically for Os. I know I could just throw a bunch of compliant fruits in there, but I would really like your opinions. I want them to be as highly beneficial as possible, obviously, and tasty.

Thank you all!
Posted by: ginnyTN, Sunday, November 10, 2013, 12:19am; Reply: 1
A quick glance - there are a couple (or more) avoids for O's in that formula.  That could be why you aren't losing any weight.  I would give you my smoothie recipe which is really high protein, but it takes more time to make than you probably want to spend if you are in a hurry in the morning.

I don't know if you are following the BTD, the GTD or have done the Swami, so it is very difficult to give you any meaningful advice.  However, assuming you are following the BTD, the peanut butter is an avoid for you.  Get rid of it.  

Have you tried Dr. D's protein powder to make your own smoothie with?  It has only ingredients that are good for your blood type.  You can blend it with almond milk and add extra almond butter OR tahini (sesame paste), chia seeds, etc. along with fruit that is beneficial for O's.  I'm thinking banana, strawberry, etc. - things that go well with the almond butter flavor.

If you have a good strong blender, toss in a large handfull of organic baby spinach too - we stay full MUCH longer when I put spinach in our morning smoothies than when we just use fruit with the protein base.  

Hope this gives you some ideas.
Posted by: BCgal, Sunday, November 10, 2013, 2:53am; Reply: 2
My blender drinks are often pineapple juice, Dr.D's protein powder for O's, 1/4 c. hemp seeds,  2 heaping tbsp. Chia seeds, a squirt of extra virgin olive oil, and then some frozen fruit.  My usuals are raspberries, blueberries or mango.
Posted by: Goldie, Sunday, November 10, 2013, 5:26am; Reply: 3
I can N O T drop weight by eating smoothies of any sort. I am O- and I need f o o d.

I am gatherer and prone to diabetes and I am hungry.  Even when not hungry I am scared of being hungry. I am a 'see' food eater.  Blinders help.

To stop being hungry I use Oil as described in the Shangri-la book.  

To bring diabetic numbers into focus I eat low carbs.  And where I can, I eat low glycemic.

Yet I always eat BTD GENO SSWAMI Beneficials or diamonds, and only cheat 1 night in 5 days with other foods.

I am dropping weight again, (finally) after many month of struggling.  I am able to stave off hunger and bring sugar levels down.  I have tried most anything else, and this finally works for me.

I might vary (over the years) what I eat or how I eat, but I always eat 5 meals a day, and always true to BTD/GENO/SWAMI Beneficials and Diamond super foods as medicine..

I am not suggesting doing it my way, as it is not as the preferred prescribed method/amounts.  But by eating beneficials or super foods I have been able to function while doing what works for me, Please click here to view the rates, all to drop weight.  

I am much older, so my experience is not yours.  Your hormones and strong exercise will do wonders at your age. A strong romance helps greatly also.
I personally do not think anything works as regards food substitutes/smoothies or food bars.  I also don't trust any other food lists.  

Vegetables should be in juice form, while fruit should be eaten whole.  

I function best with foods, nuts and berries. I buy and cook all things fresh, and use nothing prepackaged.  

After a while one learns to substitute avoids with Beneficials.  

The body can heal from all the wrong foods we ate before.  The mind eventually gives in and makes it easier.  

Seeing results is the strongest reason for eating BTD/GENO/SWAMI.  doing so will keep you healthy.  Reading all the books will help to understand BTD....

Good luck.

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