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Posted by: 51004 (Guest), Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 10:59pm
Hi, new to this site. I am blood type A. I've read the book Eat & Live Right 4 Your Blood Type. I am currently on the D'Adamo supplements/skin care & protein powder. I am following blood type A diet for food intake. I am not 100% vegetarian but don't eat much meat and when I do its fish or chicken. I wont deny that I have occasionally had some other meats, bacon, pot roast and burger at home. But its very rare. I buy 90 % organic too. I became a BeachBody coach 3 years ago, to commit to losing weight/gaining my health back. Started at 179, dropped all the way down to 151 over a 2 year period... Slow going I know... during this time I found I had a iodine deficiency. I was told by a friend at this 2 year mark about the D' Adamo books. I was currently doing a coconut craze diet that allowed me to gain back 15 pounds in one month. All along during all of this I was faithfully working out to dvds like; P90X, Slim In 6, Turbo Fire, Hip Hop Abs, Rev Abs, Turbo Jam, Insanity, Body Beast... Why was I gaining???? Well the book explained that to me; Blood type A's are NOT suppose to eat coconut/vinegar.. things I was eating. I stopped all that and I lost some weight, gained some weight... been stuck in a zone of 162-165 for 9 months now... still working out! I am currently taking a supplement of liquid organic kelp for my iodine deficiency, doesn't seem to be helping. I can understand why Im so deficient; as I was doing Apple Cider Vinegar for 5 years 2x's daily... was suppose to help w/weight loss, found out that was not good for blood type A. I guess I could have damaged myself from those 5 years of using it cause now I cant seem to absorb/maintain a normal level. My last reading was 35 after not doing the supplement for 2 weeks. I go back for blood work on the 8th to see where I am at... was avoiding foods that break iodine down like soy, kale, broccoli... All my thyroid tests are normal, had them done 5 times now. So are my hormones... when I go back on the 8th, gonna have them both checked again along w/iodine, cortisol and sugars. Why cant I lose weight?????
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Thursday, October 3, 2013, 1:31am; Reply: 1
I think that as your body adapts to the diet, you will eventually start losing the weight.
BTW, are you male or female?

There are some great people on this forum. You will 'meet' them & they will have some good advice for you. Welcome!
Posted by: C_Sharp, Thursday, October 3, 2013, 1:46am; Reply: 2
Quoted from 51004
Why cant I lose weight?????

On a typical day what are you eating?

Posted by: aussielady582, Thursday, October 3, 2013, 4:08am; Reply: 3
I am not an A (sorry), but once nutrition intake is really balanced, metabolism, hormones, etc should improve.
Kelp powder, sprinkled on vegetables or other food is good.  There are good salts out there with lots of minerals in them.
coconut not recommended if I remember on these programs, plus being a tropical food, can be too yin, if some of your glands or cells are yin ie weak in function.
The green veg, leafy greens are so valuable for liver function, and to support kidneys, pancreas, so a shame to eliminate them.
Also, keep stress levels under control as one weak link in the endocrine system can weaken other glands.
some women do better eating meals earlier, ie breakfast around 7am, lunch 11 to 12, dinner 5pm to 6pm, with me, my adrenals are much in need of proper nutrition earlier, rather than the normal late eating pattern that so many people are following.
I'm sure all will get better for you!
Posted by: 51004 (Guest), Thursday, October 3, 2013, 11:28am; Reply: 4
I am a female, 48 years old. No premenopausal going on yet. I currently take and am on my second order of D' Adamo supplements for type A.  I wake up and I enjoy 1 cup of coffee w/org. creamer in it. This mornings breakfast is a slice of eziekial raisin bread w/org apricot jelly on half, maple almond butter on the other half, minimal... a little walnut oil underneath. Along w/that I am having a goats milk peach yogurt. I keep reading stuff that says I should avoid all soy because of my iodine deficiency as it breaks it down. But I just bought the soy protein powder from D' Adamo and had it for breakfast yesterday. My tummy felt so flat all morning not to mention I went to the bathroom 3 times eliminating a lot of waste. I am very regular there anyway  3 times daily but not all in the morning... went an additional 2 x's before yesterday was over... sorry if that was tmi... I use himalayan salt and iodized salt as well... it there any tests that I should have checked besides my thyroid, hormones, cortisol, sugars? I go back to my doctor on the 8th...
Posted by: SquarePeg, Thursday, October 3, 2013, 7:18pm; Reply: 5

How much sleep do you get?  I tend to lose weight a bit more easily if I go to bed an hour earlier.  (I can't get up any later, usually.)  Of course when I go to bed earlier, it eliminates the chance I'll seek out a late night snack.

Are you drinking plenty of water?

Are you doing exercise that's "muscle building" in nature?  Perhaps if you can track your percentage of fat as time goes by, you might find that you're losing fat.  I lost weight just by quitting the gym.  I now walk for exercise.
Posted by: 51004 (Guest), Sunday, October 6, 2013, 4:15am; Reply: 6
I can always drink more water... most days I remember but others I dont... still I dont drink anything but water, unsweetened tea or watered down juice-RARE.... I do enjoy a beer or red wine here and there.... I get 8 hours of sleep every night. I dont have any issues w/late night eating,  portion control etc.. I am doing workouts that are cardio and others that are weight lifting. I dont lift more than 10 pounds... I am perplexed. I will hopefully get some more anwers when I go back to my doc. Thanks for all the input! Halls
Posted by: ginnyTN, Friday, October 11, 2013, 12:46am; Reply: 7
Just a quick thought:

Sometimes people can't lose weight because they don't eat enough.

Most people don't eat enough of the right kind of veggies, but eat too many servings of fruit.  And almost everyone eats too many servings of grain.

How many veggies is "enough"?  Well, recommendations from very reputable sources for top health recommend up to 8 full cups of veggies every day.  That's 8 cups raw - most veggies shrink when they are cooked.  If you are eating any kind of lettuce it takes 2 cups to make one serving.  

Personally, I can't hold that much food because of being old. 20 years ago I probably could have.  
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