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Posted by: Dr. D, Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 1:57pm
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Intolerance to metformin represents an unforeseen phenotype in T2DM patients characterized by a low rate of ischaemic heart disease, left-handedness, ABO group imbalance and an iron load.

Hmm. Maybe type A Explorers?
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 7:37pm; Reply: 1
I am sharing this info with my doctor.. Thanks..

I suspect metformin has other bad effects.. Thanks for the heads up!!
Posted by: Amazone I., Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 7:09am; Reply: 2
so it seems to be... when I saw Phenotype T2DM I remembered an ARh+  but merely righthander with tendencies to be a lefty but then his problem always was... is he fefficient in iron or is he in a sort of overload... no doc was able to inform him here correctly.

I sended your link to him perhaps will he get into contact with you, btw.. it's the owner of *celtic-alpine* threads and infos about rare diseases and geno's ;D
Posted by: Amazone I., Monday, July 29, 2013, 10:43am; Reply: 3
woahoa...C677T variante and MTHF SNP rs 1801133 seems to have the same problems..... :o :-/ (dizzy)
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