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Posted by: Joy, Saturday, June 15, 2013, 9:20pm
For all of you who love and can eat mangoes this is an easy breezy summer delight!

And, it only has a few ingredients!

The recipe:

Get 4 or 5 ripened (but not mushy) mangoes.  I use organic.  My Whole Foods only had hard ones but I bought them anyway and let them ripen.  The guy who works there said don't put fruit in the refrigerator as it will slow down the ripening process.  

l/4 cup fresh lime juice.  (Whole Foods has it in a bulb jar and that's what I got.  Fresh limes I feel are hard to juice but that's just me.)

l/2 cup Agave Nectar (I know there was a post about this but didn't get a chance to read it.  I suppose any liquid sweetner, like honey, would work).

I added 3 organic nectarines (you could also use peaches) to the recipe.

Slice the mangoes and nectarines and put in a metal or glass dish covered.  Put in the freezer.
I did an overnight freeze.  The next day defrost the fruit (I couldn't wait so I just popped it in the microwave on defrost for a few minutes but those of you who won't use a microwave can defrost it anyway you want.

Once defrosted pour in the blender and add the lime juice and sweetner and blend.  If you are going to serve that night put it in the freezer for 30 minutes and mix it a few times.  

It is very refreshing!
Posted by: Goldie, Sunday, June 16, 2013, 10:24am; Reply: 1
nice going.. some ingredients are not for me, but easy interchangeable..

The idea of making COLD icecream replacements are nice.

I would try replacing the sugar with plain Trehalose, or even Trehalose complex.. ????

Could you not possibly put the frozen portions in a small Magic Bullet blender and thus avoid the melting time since it would get whipped??  

I will experiment..  If I added just a spoon of dairy CREAM?... or some Coffeemate ahhhh it is all in the experimenting... haha
Posted by: Amazone I., Sunday, June 16, 2013, 11:58am; Reply: 2
:o ;D(drool)(drool)(drool)(smarty)(clap)(ok)(dance) I know this is a no-no but sorry Mangos and me are  biiig friends.... :D and no agave nor honey for me... justamente palin fruits... sooo yummy.... 8) hope my little A2 and being a nonnie will save me ;)...and of course coz of being menopsy kissed ;) ;D.... ok ok I avou
I don't eat them much but if so with biiig pleasure.... :D

and oops A sechi's... shouldn't come along with such propositions .... he-he-heee :o :-/ :P ;D ;D ;D.......... :X

Goldie if you add some cream so you can't called it anymore sorbet!!! ;) ;D...mmpf... :X
Posted by: Joy, Sunday, June 16, 2013, 4:51pm; Reply: 3

I'm sure you can put small amounts in your Magic Bullet blender.  My blender can't handle the frozen fruit so I have to let it defrost.

Posted by: C_Sharp, Sunday, June 16, 2013, 5:18pm; Reply: 4
Quoted from Goldie
nice going.. some ingredients are not for me, but easy interchangeable..

The idea of making COLD icecream replacements are nice.

I would try replacing the sugar with plain Trehalose,

Plain trehalose works great in frozen ice cream like confections, in fact one of it's commercial uses is in the manufacture of frozen desert products.

Trehalose does lower the freezing point in mixtures that it is in (sucrose, or regular sugar, does this also which is helpful in the manufacture of ice cream)

Posted by: Goldie, Monday, June 17, 2013, 10:54am; Reply: 5
oh this thread is getting goooood..  ;D
Posted by: Joy, Monday, June 17, 2013, 5:35pm; Reply: 6
Hey, Goldie

Today I'm going to try lemon/lime sorbet.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

Posted by: 815 (Guest), Monday, June 17, 2013, 6:18pm; Reply: 7
Sounds tasty, except mango is an avoid for me.   :(  I do the same thing with berries. I used frozen, unsweetened berries..and mix it in my vitamix. Sometimes I use ricotta with it for that ice cream taste. (or yogurt) I don't like agave but I'd use honey. :)
Posted by: Joy, Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 12:51am; Reply: 8
That's what I'm talking about Mayflowers, new methods of enjoying healthy desserts instead of ice cream (which I loved when I was younger).  I feel we all crave that summer treat and if it tastes good and is good for us then what else is there.

So I changed from making Mango sorbet to lemon/lime sorbet.  I tweaked it a little with some fresh pureed organic pineapple chunks.  It is in the freezer right now and tomorrow I will see what I created.

Your berry sorbet sounds yummy and next I might do a strawberry/pineapple sorbet.  Sounds refreshing, doesn't it.

It's like a way to transform (the word they always use on "Chopped") ingredients.  

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