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Posted by: Adopted4, Tuesday, May 14, 2013, 9:09pm
My husband had a couple major gout flare-ups in the last week. He has had a history of gout, but years ago (before BT diet)he had concluded the few flare-ups that plagued him were the result of the "green drink powders" that he was taking on a daily basis. The powder contained many different ingredients in them, although quite healthy, that he consumed on a daily basis. When he cut out the green drinks out of his diet, the symptoms got better, and after reintroducing them for a while the gout symptoms would come back.

He has had a SWAMI since January and has been doing quite well with his about 90% compliance. However, a couple months ago he started having pre-gout symptoms and wondered if it was because of the kale and collard greens we were incorporating into his diet on a regular basis (which are diamond superfoods). The symptoms went away when he only ate a small amount a couple times a week.

Now, about a week ago it seriously flared up to the point of major pain and swelling in the toe joint. He thinks broccoli, which we eat regularly, could be the cause due to the purines found in it, as well as other green vegetables. I'm very skeptical of this opinion because little by little we're eliminating diamond superfoods from his diet and his symptoms are not improving very quickly. In fact, the couple days the symptoms were better later last week were followed by another major flare-up Saturday night. He has essentially eaten no green vegetables in the last week with the exception of green leaf lettuce a couple times.

By the way, he did just re-read his SWAMI and it did say that lamb is quite high in purines, even though it is a superfood. So, now he's suspicious of that too.

I guess I"m basically saying HELP!!! I want to feed my husband well without having to over analyze everything he eats. Anyone else have any input? We want to follow the SWAMI but we're not sure what's causing the uric acid issues.

Posted by: ABJoe, Tuesday, May 14, 2013, 9:42pm; Reply: 1
Is he losing fat?  In the process of housecleaning, we generally go backward through previous illnesses, traumas, etc. one layer at a time...  it is quite possible that he is cleaning and healing and these attacks are part of the process of getting better...
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 12:09am; Reply: 2
all O gout sufferers I know loved wheat, preferably whole wheat, sorghum and corn......
had taken a vegetarian route when saved by following their BT/GT guidelines, fixing what needed they say: " don t fear the meat, fear the wheat and other lectins causing an inflammatory reaction in an O "
Posted by: Adopted4, Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 4:26pm; Reply: 3
Yes, he has lost some weight since he got a SWAMI, though it hasn't been dramatic or quick. He's not obese, just somewhat overweight (maybe 30 lbs. or so).

About 3 days before the 1st gout flare up he shared some popcorn and pop with some of my kids at the movie theatre which obviously isn't good, but he had no gout symptoms the first day or 2 after that. And then, as I said above, he had a second flare up about 5 days later for no apparent reason.

I'd still like to know if the purines in otherwise healthy vegetables and vegetable proteins has a significant influence on gout flare ups.
Posted by: karen, Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 4:27pm; Reply: 4
He might be deficient in iodine. I've recently read about the many symptoms of iodine deficiency and gout is one of them. The greens in his diet (broccoli, kale and collards) are goitrogenic and may be causing the gout flare-ups.

Treatment options included using more seaweeds and also painting the soles of the feet with iodine before bed.  Also you can paint the affected area with iodine.

I would avoid the goitrogenic foods for now.
Try using leafy greens that are non-goitrogenic such as romaine, red/green chard, swiss chard, red or green lettuce, dandelion greens, parsley and arugala.

Posted by: aussielady582, Friday, May 17, 2013, 12:50am; Reply: 5
I would not remove greens, they are the healing foods for the body and produce healthy bacteria in the gut/intestines.  Perhaps the kidneys are a little weak, you can send a hair sample off to the lab in Phoenix, AZ to do a tissue mineral analysis, look on net to find someone or try Dr Lawrence Wilson's site, some chiropractors can help.  Ask Dr D's staff too.
Alkalise the body by making a veg juice every day, say carrot/celery/parsely, maybe a little beet or cucumber.  Also, some exercise like tai chi, qi gong, yoga works/balances the internal organs so they process foods better and excrete the acids / wastes from the body, that come from the animal protein foods and some grains/nuts.
A good rule is about 80% alkali foods, 20% acid foods every day for good health and healing.
Posted by: aussielady582, Friday, May 17, 2013, 12:54am; Reply: 6
if eating red meat, try and eat it late morning or lunch time, not near kidney time which 5pm to 7pm (this is TCM philosophy - from China / the east), if eating red meat or even acidic grains late in day, can strain kidneys and also liver (liver needs to rest at night, esp in liver time which 11pm til 1am).
Eat lots of alkalising veggies with red meats, or fish.
Some of those green powders have too many ingredients, can be hard for liver etc to process, I say eat greens or add some to a fresh veg juice made at home!
Posted by: Adopted4, Friday, May 17, 2013, 11:07pm; Reply: 7
Karen, my dh used to take liquid iodine years ago when blood results said he had a slightly sluggish thyroid. He discontinued after starting the blood type diet, though I recall buying kelp granules a while back as a substitute. I have read about iodine painting, though I don't know if my dh would want to do that.

Thanks for all the different tips aussielady. I hear what you're saying about alkalizing with raw vegetables. I'd hate to see him cut out so many nutrient dense veggies due to gout symptoms. He was exercising every morning before work, as well as weekends which has had a positive influence on his health since he made that commitment months ago. So, it's been frustrating for him being in too much pain to exercise when he knows he needs it. He did work out some the last couple of days since he is starting to heal. The advice about avoiding red meat for dinner sounds very intuitive. I will keep that in mind as I plan meals.
Posted by: Amazone I., Saturday, May 18, 2013, 8:56am; Reply: 8
would or supstitute with MAP and or with mycotherapeutical amounts ;) ;D :D
Posted by: Tom Martens, Saturday, May 18, 2013, 1:08pm; Reply: 9
Simply put, gout is caused by uric acid build up.  Uric acid is "garbage" cells make when they are not metabolizing correctly.  Your husband sounds like a " slow metabolizer" - hence the " delayed respond" to avoids and foods that do not agree with him.

Trehalose Complex should be used regularly. It promotes cell housecleaning which means less uric acid production.

Just because SWAMI says it's a beneficial doesn't mean you have to eat it.  We are individuals and some beneficials are obviously not beneficial for your husband.

You didn't mention his secretor status.  He sounds like a nonnie.

Water consumption was not mentioned either.  This can be huge in gout/ kidney stone production.


Posted by: 815 (Guest), Saturday, May 18, 2013, 1:36pm; Reply: 10
Interesting. My dad had gout too. He was an AB+.  I attributed the gout to him eating too much meat. He did like it. AB's should be closer to vegetarian.

Just wondering if your husband is eating too much meat. There are guidelines in the meat portions..Some people can't take a lot of meat even O's.  That's why Dr. D has portion guidelines for meat too. :) otherwise he'd tell O's to eat as much meat as they want like Atkins did.
Posted by: 815 (Guest), Saturday, May 18, 2013, 1:41pm; Reply: 11
Quoted from Tom Martens
Water consumption was not mentioned either.  This can be huge in gout/ kidney stone production.

Oh...that's true! My dad was not a water drinker. Either was my mom for that matter. They didn't know how important drinking water was. Plus he liked to have his alcohol. I don't think he was a heavy drinker, maybe a moderate drinker but alcohol dehydrates one even further.. My sister doesn't like water, and she has had kidney stones.  I drink a lot of water, no stones.
Posted by: Adopted4, Saturday, May 18, 2013, 5:50pm; Reply: 12
Amazone, what is MAP? Is that a supplement?

Tom, my dh is a confirmed secretor as he had took the test about the time he got his SWAMI last January. We were a bit surprised he is a secretor because of his health issues. Of course, 4+ decades of a poor diet can cause problems for anyone, including secretors. We did purchase Trehalose Complex once about a year ago because we heard of the health benefits, though I didn't purchase it again due to the cost. If it is an excellent supplement for cleansing though, I'll buy it solely for him. That way it will last a while.

Mayflowers and Tom, he is a very good water drinker, but he does drink some coffe which he knows is an avoid for him. He mixes his brewed coffee with Teeccino to cut the caffeine quantity somewhat.

Mayflowers, a couple years ago my dh did an "Atkins" type cleanse after reading a book about carbs and weight gain. As you said, he could eat as much meat as he wanted. He did lose a few pounds immediately, buy after a few weeks he developed gout and was starting to have bloating and water retention issues. It didn't take long to realize that the Atkins type diet wasn't very beneficial and therefore discontinued it. This of course occurred before we learned about the blood type diet.

I'll be sure my dh follows his SWAMI recommendations for meat portions more closely, as well as ensure he's drinking plenty of fresh water. I will also order Trehalose this week.
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Monday, May 20, 2013, 2:45am; Reply: 13
Does he like to eat other colored veggies like carrots, beets, etc.? All kinds of veggies are useful.

I think we all have certain foods that are supposed to be diamonds, but we can't tolerate, so try some different ones.
Is he able to fast? A day here & there can be very helpful & you are definitely compliant on that day!
Posted by: Adopted4, Monday, May 20, 2013, 7:00pm; Reply: 14
Mrs. T, his SWAMI doesn't allow him carrots and actually many other veggies he used to like to eat, such as peas, squash, asparagus, as well as many others. Beets are a superfood, but he has never liked them much. He will only eat beets in borscht, as that's if there are lots of other veggies mixed with it, as well as sour cream stirred in (a Ukrainian specialty).

I'm not sure if he's open to doing a fast, but it's strange you said that because my sons just did a 30 hour famine (fast) this weekend at the end of a church fundraiser for World Vision. They were allowed to drink water and some juice, but nothing else from lunchtime Friday to dinnertime Saturday. They did very well and would be open to doing it again.
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