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Posted by: TJ, Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 11:49pm
With the exception of my 23andme results that I received yesterday, I've been anxiously playing the waiting game lately. Monday of last week, I saw my old physician, the nurse practitioner, about Lyme disease, and he agreed to do the Lyme disease testing through iGeneX. They received the samples last Thursday, and said it takes 2-3 weeks for results. I just hope and hope that if I really have Lyme disease that it will be confirmed by these tests so I can start taking some antibiotics in addition to the herbs and other supplements I'm using currently.

I had my eyes opened to a very different possibility a few weeks ago by a coworker. When I was offered some chocolate cookies sticks, I commented, "Migraine on a stick!" ;D She mentioned that her husband used to get migraines but that they completely stopped after he had surgery to fix the hole in his heart. Another coworker there suggested that maybe I had one in mine. I did some research (including talking to a friend who had surgery early this year for the same thing), and recognized that this was a very realistic possibility, given my history of migraines and my family history of both migraines and heart palpitations. So now, I'm not only waiting for Lyme disease test results, I'm also waiting for a December 18th cardiologist appointment, at which I will probably receive some results.

I think the best Christmas present I could get this year is to finally know what is wrong with me.
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Thursday, December 6, 2012, 12:21am; Reply: 1
I was reading the other day about checking blood pressure in both arms, if there is a big difference there may me a heart issue. but I think you are already on the right track.

but try not to get too caught up in all the theories. and concentrate on being as calm as you can under the circumstances. you certainly don't need more stress at this time.

Try clasping your little finger with your other hand and just holding it very gently for while 3 mins is fine while thinking about your breathing gently rest your arms and hand while doing this. switch to your other hand and do the same.

do this away from eating and at least an hour before meals

don't be surprised if you fall asleep.

be calm...
Posted by: Amazone I., Thursday, December 6, 2012, 4:35pm; Reply: 2
TJ half of mine (isn't that beautiful I can name the A's & B's half of mine ;)  ;D  )
0's only 1/4 with my little 2-part ;).... :D :X

dearest TJ may I allow myselve to remember you for several very important facts.....

1. you are a B..... often they are versy sensitive ......and have tendencies to even have all kinds of sensations while weather will change.... so far.... :o're a nonnie...... the mentioned facts above are accelerated.... :o
3.if I remember it well you once mentioned being an intj..... and thus the most prone to inner tension which might lead to headaches and heart issues and even back achings but merely coz of your are that quick and intense...amazing amazing  :D
4.intj's are the 5/6 in the enneagram and no6 has a higher score to comment with not only one judge as no 1 in your head... but with a whole gremium...meant here is...another further point for tension increase.....
5.your risk for selfdenying might lead to victimize yourself and so you need to take notice that you are a beautiful man with all healthy capacities and you musn't belief all what others try to make you understand as someone who is guilty or whatever... no dearle you are ok as you are !!! (wiseman)(clap)(ok)(dance)(smarty)

ooops sorry for the pidginings....  ;) :D
Posted by: JJR, Thursday, December 6, 2012, 10:06pm; Reply: 3
I am ok and everyone else is OK, no matter what.  I repeat that sometimes.

Maybe you do have a hole in your heart.  But TJ, getting a headache from chocolate is a rather "general" symptom.  As a Nonnie, you probably don't process toxins out super fast.  Sugar, caffeine, whatever it is.  I think we already know that.

I feel weird if I eat too much of certain things, including sugar.  I know a lot of people with lymes disease become sensitive to certain food groups.  The ones I seem to be sensitive to are common.  Dairy, sugar, and wheat.  I can eat butter, and I can eat a little bit of rye toast here and there.  But if I overdue sugar, even natural sugars, it will ramp me up, make my voice weak, give me fatigue and yes, get headaches.  Dairy stops me up and wheat, makes my voice weak and I'll feel sluggish.  Put dairy and sugar together and you have a super toxic combo for me.  Same with wheat and sugar.

  I just don't eat those things any more because they make me feel awful.  Like a chocolate covered pretzel.  Maybe I'll partake of something over Christmas, but I guarantee it will be small and it will be few, if at all.  I get away with just dark chocolate in small amounts.  No problems there.  But small amounts.  

I used to eat all of these foods, including caffeine with gusto with nary a problem.  But not any more.

Anyways.......  there is some wisdom in allowing the situations of others to teach us things.  But many symptoms are indicated by many problems.  A headache could also mean your brain is swelling.  It could mean you have a busted blood vessel, it could mean a LOT of things. But I doubt that's what it means for YOU.

I'm only preaching to the choir because I really struggle with certain issues like this.  When people have heart attacks that I know, or heart problems, and they talk to me about it, my anxiety goes through the roof.  I'm getting better, but it's an issue for me as well.  So.....  I say it in love.  My Mom says, "Let's not borrow trouble".  
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Thursday, December 6, 2012, 10:24pm; Reply: 4
Quoted from TJ
I think the best Christmas present I could get this year is to finally know what is wrong with me.

You and me both! At least you have the funds for the testing and are on the way to finding some answers. I'm still stumbling around in the dark.
Posted by: TJ, Friday, December 7, 2012, 3:25am; Reply: 5
If only migraines from chocolate was my only symptom... No, God (or the Universe, if you will) has gone well out of the way to bring this possibility to light for me recently, and it is a sensible explanation for many things. The great thing here is that it shouldn't be difficult to detect when the correct tests are performed, and it can be corrected with a minimally-invasive surgery. If I don't have it, well then, I don't have it, and I'll be moving on. But bear in mind, there are some things that diet alone can't fix. This isn't about sugar or my personality, although some aspects of my personality maybe actually be about a hole in my heart. Insufficient blood/oxygen to the brain can do funny things.
Posted by: TJ, Friday, December 7, 2012, 3:27am; Reply: 6
Ruthie, it's only because of a recent, very generous and unexpected gift from a friend that I'm able to do these things now. I wish you could have such fortune soon.
Posted by: Dianne, Friday, December 7, 2012, 11:03pm; Reply: 7
Quoted from JJR
I am ok and everyone else is OK, no matter what.  I repeat that sometimes.

So.....  I say it in love.  My Mom says, "Let's not borrow trouble".  

JJR - what a lovely message of hope for TJ and I love your Mom's saying. I'm definitely adopting this one.  Our thoughts are way more powerful than we know, my friend who is diabetic did a test and entertained some stressful thoughts and then would check her insulin levels...just one negative thought spiked her insulin and then right away she relaxed, and it went down.  This has made her very mindful indeed and me as well! :)

Posted by: TJ, Saturday, December 8, 2012, 6:46pm; Reply: 8
I really don't want to borrow trouble )I've done enough of that, and the interest rate is pretty high). But if I already have trouble, it's best that I know about it.
Posted by: JJR, Monday, December 10, 2012, 1:04am; Reply: 9
I agree that our thoughts can affect us.  I figured that out.  It's not always the only answer, but usually plays some part, whether tiny or large.  I guess it just depends on us, and the situation.

TJ, I didn't mean to sound condescending or anything like that.  I know what it's like to feel lousy and not know why.  If you feel led to find out, I'm totally with you.  I was just hoping to calm your nerves.  I get all worked up sometimes and it helps to have people to talk to and I always found comfort in people telling me that everything will be alright.  I know it doesn't always feel like it, but it will.  You'll be alright.  
Posted by: TJ, Monday, December 10, 2012, 6:43am; Reply: 10
Thanks JJ, no offense taken. ;D

Hopefully I will have results from the Lyme testing that I can report some time this week.
Posted by: Amazone I., Monday, December 10, 2012, 10:37am; Reply: 11
I don't know to spell this is english (a friend of mine calls me always in denglish;-) :D ).... ok it's named Karde and it seems to be one of the most powerful natural products to fight *tick attacs* ;) ;D....of all kinds... I've got also positively tested but I don't remember ever having been in those countries in my life... so what ??)  :o :-/ :P... perhaps was this a gift of the travfvelings grandmo's side (effects of genetic heritage ??) ).... :X ;D

p.s very powerful is also  always olif leaves......!!!!

and p.p.s.s:

justamente found an article of Prof.Dr. G.Steidl's: succesfull treatments of borreliose.... he mentiones that the oxigen poor milieu is the best for anaerobe microorganismes.... :-/  to implement more active oxigen into the organisme might do the trick (I guess Mehrschritt-therapy v. Ardennen??) )....
and then he mentiones: one of the most efficient methods also is to use the *frequence-bioresonance methods* what did I always mentioned...(woot)(ok)(smarty)
and he also mentiones to use so called Rizole ( )
Posted by: TJ, Monday, December 10, 2012, 6:18pm; Reply: 12
Quoted from Amazone I.
... he mentiones that the oxigen poor milieu is the best for anaerobe microorganismes.... :-/  to implement more active oxigen into the organisme might do the trick
If I have an ASD/PFO, I'm not getting enough oxygen to my brain...
Posted by: JJR, Monday, December 10, 2012, 9:30pm; Reply: 13
Amazone, a friend I know with Lymes bought a "rife" machine and said that's working.  And a long time ago when I first started having health problems, my chiro had a lady that ran one of them bio-resonance machines, I don't remember what the name of it was, but I ALWAYS felt better after I'd be hooked up to it for a while. But it didn't "heal" completely, it just supported and made me feel a bit better.  That was early on and I had a lot of things to work on.  It would probably be even better now that I've worked through some of this.  
Posted by: geminisue, Monday, December 10, 2012, 11:44pm; Reply: 14
When I find something I think is important, or I want to share I write it in a notebook.  Well today I will share what I found, and since you have been tested and will getting the results soon.  This is what I found:

Teasel Root Extract to see if you have lyme disease-take 10-15 drops and if you get sick you have lyme disease and to heal it take 1-3 drops a day.

That is all I know, I didn't write where I found it, but now that I shared wondered if you would think about trying it before you get your test back to see if both answers are the same.  If I remember right the sickness is flu like sympthoms.

Just a thought!  Linda
Posted by: TJ, Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 5:56am; Reply: 15
I got a statement from iGenex today. That's a good sign that I should have results soon, right?

Gemini, thank you for sharing. Teasel root is one of the commonly recommended herbs. I'm following the protocol outlined in "Healing Lyme" by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Of teasel root he says that's it's good for arthritis, and that while it is also useful for killing the spirochetes, many practitioners he spoke with on the east coast (where I'm from) didn't find it as useful, perhaps because of different strains found there. I haven't included it in my personal regimen so far. It didn't "feel" like one of the herbs that would do me a lot of good as I was studying the options he recommends, but these things change over time as treatment progresses.

In other news... only one more week before I see the cardiologist!
Posted by: Amazone I., Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 8:27am; Reply: 16
JJR so far so well you have got a so called *biofeedback-therapy* and this works amazingly for all kind of sickness(clap)(ok)(smarty)
Posted by: JJR, Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 7:19pm; Reply: 17
Yeah Amazone, that's what they called it.  It had these bands you put around your head, wrists and ankles.  I ALWAYS felt better after a session.  But at the time I felt like I needed to be on it every day in order for it to keep.  I'm sure it helped though.  

I've also read that oxygen helps too.  Into the cells.  

I have a bottle of teesel I haven't tried yet.  Maybe soon.  I'll be going back on the homeopathic after the New Year.  But Leanne (ribbit) has had TREMENDOUS success with the Cowden protocol.  And a couple of other things her ND is giving her.  So, I might look into that and I'm sure you've heard of that TJ.  
Posted by: Ribbit, Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 8:52pm; Reply: 18
Yep, that's right.  I haven't been back on the forums here, and the Lyme thread specifically, to talk about it much.  I'm doing VERY WELL!  If I never got any better than what I am now, I would be happy.  I'm better than I've been in 10 years in some ways.
Posted by: TJ, Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 11:08pm; Reply: 19
Quoted from Ribbit
Yep, that's right.  I haven't been back on the forums here, and the Lyme thread specifically, to talk about it much.  I'm doing VERY WELL!  If I never got any better than what I am now, I would be happy.  I'm better than I've been in 10 years in some ways.

Posted by: Melissa_J, Thursday, December 13, 2012, 2:30am; Reply: 20

I went to a cardiologist a few years ago to check for the same thing.  I had migraines and palpitations.   I didn't have it or any problem, everything checked out fine, but it was easy to do and I don't regret it.  I figure it's good for my heart to not be worried about my heart ;)

You should come down to Orem and see my NMT practitioner and hypnotherapist.  She has helped me a ton.  I had chronic mono, among other things, and she helped to clear it up.  She has helped with my bipolar SAD as well.  Not to mention all she has done and diagnosed for my son.
Posted by: TJ, Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 9:20pm; Reply: 21
I just got back from the cardiologist. They did a bubble echocardiogram and transcranial doppler imaging. It was an interesting experience to watch my own heart beating. The tech showed me what was what on the image.

After taking the regular echocardiogram images, I got three shots of bubbly saline solution injected into my vein. On the first, I was relaxed. On the second, she had me clench my gut hard to put a little strain on my heart. On the third, she had me blow as hard as I could into a tube with a knot in it to also put a little strain on my heart. On the first shot, I could clearly see that the bubbles were staying where they were supposed to stay (right side of the heart), but when I strained, I thought I was seeing them flood over to the left side (like it should with a PFO). Yet the doctor said I was fine. He said there were just a few bubbles on the left side, and he suspected they came around from the lungs.

So the official word is that my heart is fine, but I'm still a bit confused. After all, I don't have any training in interpreting those images. :-/

I still haven't gotten Lyme test results.
Posted by: Ribbit, Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 12:14am; Reply: 22
TJ, it took me four months to get my Lyme tests.  They only take a few weeks, supposedly, but it took me a long, long time to convince the LLMD to mail me the results.  They just wanted me to come back up (4 hour drive!) for an appointment to discuss results and talk about treatment options and see how I was doing since [they assumed] I'd been on a couple of months of abx at that time.  It was like pulling teeth to get them to mail me, a lowly patient, the paperwork.  And when they did finally mail it, it was only about half of it.  Grr.

You realize, don't you, that Dr. Cowden was a cardiologist before he quit his practice to study Lyme.  Because so many young, "healthy" folks came into his office with heart issues....and when he started just randomly testing for things like Lyme, so many patients tested positive, he knew he was treating symptoms by supposing their heart problems were at the root.  I can't tell you how many articles I've read about cardiac patients dying...and then when they did an autopsy, their bodies were riddled with Lyme bacteria.  Never imagined...never diagnosed...never treated.
Posted by: TJ, Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 5:30pm; Reply: 23
So, another thought: I'm still in my pre-existing condition waiting period until February....
Posted by: Goldie, Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 10:00pm; Reply: 24
I just had a post by Ribbit.. worth a look.. on

Posted by: TJ, Thursday, December 20, 2012, 1:34am; Reply: 25
IGenex faxed my results to my physician's office today, and I picked them up after work:

Lyme IgM Western Blot: NEGATIVE. All bands negative except **41 and **83-93, which were marked indeterminate.
Lyme IgG Western Blot: NEGATIVE. All bands negative except **41 and 58, which were positive.
Serum and whole blood PCR's: both NEGATIVE, for both genomic and plasmid DNA.

** From the report: "Presence of only one double starred band or indeterminate double starred bands in a negative report may indicate clinical significance. Therefore, we recommend testing with another method and/or retest in 4-6 weeks."

I'm not sure what to think at this point. This is iGenex, after all. If they couldn't find it, I don't know of anyone who can. If I do have it, why wouldn't it show up? I contacted the cardiologist's clinic and requested them to prepare a copy of my records for me to pick up. In the meantime, I'm trying hard to avoid anything that will put my heart under a load, which is when it seemed to be leaking. It really makes me crazy.

What now?

Quoted from Goldie
It doesn't go anywhere for me. It gives me an error.

Posted by: Lin, Thursday, December 20, 2012, 2:23pm; Reply: 26
TJ, I've been going to a Holistic/Traditionally trained doctor who ran a CD57 test.  Apparently this number which should be 200+ is depressed in people that have been infected with Borrelia. And patient usually has EBV.  I've taken a few homeopathic treatments with her and still working on it.
She believes that the lyme tests may  not show positive in chronic cases (which she thinks I am) and that you have to build up the immune and work on the treatments and test periodically.
Having said that my lyme tests still come out negative.  
Posted by: TJ, Thursday, December 20, 2012, 11:22pm; Reply: 27
I picked up a CD with the scan results and images. It was eye-opening, and good to see it instead of just remembering it. I didn't remember it exactly right, of course. What was happening was that when I was resting (laying there doing nothing), all the bubbles stayed on the right side of my heart. But when I was straining/exerting myself, the bubbles slowly started appearing on the left side, and grew in density the longer I strained. Now I understand why I have such difficulty tolerating exertion/exercise.
Posted by: JJR, Friday, December 21, 2012, 6:39pm; Reply: 28
So did they say you have a hole or not?  I know my cousin had one and then got surgery for it and then started running marathons.  He always was active though as a kid.  I guess he took medicine for it when he was younger, before the surgery.  Not sure what.  
Posted by: TJ, Friday, December 21, 2012, 9:02pm; Reply: 29
He said I'd have to have an esophageal echocardiogram to be sure. I don't know how air bubbles could pass intact through the capillaries in the lungs, so I'm sure there's a hole.

Here's the problem: I wasn't mentally "all there" after the tests, so when the doctor came in to see me I couldn't convey to him what I'd been dealing with. I think he left thinking I just had migraines. After getting the images and looking at them myself, I feel confident that this is a much more serious problem than he thought, so last night I composed a letter describing what troubles I've been dealing with since my teens, and requesting him to reconsider. I dropped off the letter at his office this morning. It's so much easier to explain myself if I'm not being rushed. If he reads that letter, I don't see how he could justify not reviewing and reconsidering his diagnosis.

This is it! This is the big issue I've been looking for all these years! (woot) It's exhilarating to finally have an answer, but it's also despairing to think that I might not be able to have anything done about it. There's nothing I can do to fix this problem myself.
Posted by: Lin, Friday, December 21, 2012, 10:02pm; Reply: 30
The nice thing is now the problem is identified, you will at some point find a way to get it sorted out.
good luck.
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Saturday, December 22, 2012, 12:44am; Reply: 31
you never know for sure that it's not fixable or if it's there for a positive reason.

some say for example coeliac's have an advantage from being sensitive to wheat so that they stop using it before perhaps a less sensitive person is made ill in an even worse way the attacking the villi.

teeth can re mineralise. hopefully after all this trouble you can figure out how to improve you lot.

maybe that's the thing that makes B's have an issue with nitros oxide or whatever it is that Dr D say they have an issue with, late here and still catching up on sleep. good luck.
Posted by: TJ, Sunday, December 23, 2012, 11:30pm; Reply: 32
Turns out there is a way for the bubbles to pass through my lungs and back into my heart. It's called a pulmonary arteriovenous malformation (PAVM). It's a blood vessel malformation in which the arterial blood can flow straight into the veins without first passing through capillaries. Guess I spoke too soon. Perhaps I need to see a pulmonologist instead of a cardiologist to get me fixed. (think)
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Monday, December 24, 2012, 11:19am; Reply: 33
You are a bit of a ninja turtle ;)
Posted by: TJ, Monday, December 24, 2012, 6:35pm; Reply: 34
Quoted from PCUK-Positive
You are a bit of a ninja turtle ;)

Pulmonologist, not herpetologist!  :P
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 2:44am; Reply: 35
Middle aged mutant ninja turtle?
Posted by: C_Sharp, Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 3:24am; Reply: 36
Quoted from TJ

What now?

Quoted from Goldie

It doesn't go anywhere for me. It gives me an error.

Link is to modify a post made by Goldie. Unless you have privilege to edit Goldie's (that is you are Goldie) the link is going to give you an error.

Here is a link to the post without a request to edit it.

Ribbit's post is actually the post before this:
Posted by: TJ, Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 6:24am; Reply: 37
Quoted from ruthiegirl
Middle aged mutant ninja turtle?
I'm not sure what he was talking about, but I had to have a witty comeback... Will somebody explain the ninja turtle thing to me? I used to watch the cartoon when I was a kid but I just don't get it.

Thanks for the link, Kent.
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 5:16pm; Reply: 38
I think he was joking that you're a "mutant" because of the heart/lung/whatever defect. I think the ninja turtles were normal turtles that fell into radioactive or toxic waste as babies and turned into superheroes, and were then raised  by a ninja master. I don't think anybody is suggesting that you were dropped into a vat of toxic waste as a baby, though.
Posted by: TJ, Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 5:44pm; Reply: 39
Well that's a relief! ;) For the record, it was "retromutagen ooze".
Posted by: TJ, Friday, December 28, 2012, 1:03am; Reply: 40
The doctor isn't going to do anything about it. :'(
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Friday, December 28, 2012, 3:09am; Reply: 41
What CAN be done about it? Can he refer you to another doctor for treatment? Or is this one of those things that can't  be treated at all?
Posted by: TJ, Friday, December 28, 2012, 6:45am; Reply: 42
More tests to determine if it's in my heart, lung, or elsewhere. His MA was stone-walling me. I'm going to have to find my own second opinion. >:(

Ps: I just ordered a pulse oximeter to do some testing of my own. My blood oxygen is always normal (>90%) when I'm at the Dr. office sitting in a chair, but what happen to it when I exercise?
Posted by: TJ, Friday, December 28, 2012, 11:33pm; Reply: 43
I just got a call from the cardiologist himself today. Very surprising. He was understanding, but reasserted that these findings didn't represent a problem. Maybe I just want an answer too badly to see things clearly. I just want to know why the heck I'm like this.
Posted by: ABJoe, Saturday, December 29, 2012, 3:34am; Reply: 44
Quoted from TJ
I just got a call from the cardiologist himself today. Very surprising. He was understanding, but reasserted that these findings didn't represent a problem. Maybe I just want an answer too badly to see things clearly. I just want to know why the heck I'm like this.

I can understand this desire.  I wanted so badly to be able to find out what the problem was.  It was really tough going to Dr. after Dr. and hearing that "this" wasn't a problem, but still not getting an answer.  I have to assume that God had other plans for me.  It was good to get "non-problems ruled out, though.  I kept looking and was introduced to this diet - still got the Secretor test to rule out another possibility.  It can be a series of frustrations, but keep with it.  
The real problem wasn't revealed to me until I had done a tremendous amount of healing.
Posted by: TJ, Saturday, December 29, 2012, 6:30am; Reply: 45
Quoted from ABJoe
The real problem wasn't revealed to me until I had done a tremendous amount of healing.
I guess I'm back to peeling off a layer at a time.

I wonder what I'll learn when my oximeter shows up? If I really do find my oxygen levels plummeting during exercise, that will definitely need to be investigated.
Posted by: ABJoe, Saturday, December 29, 2012, 5:17pm; Reply: 46
Quoted from TJ
I wonder what I'll learn when my oximeter shows up? If I really do find my oxygen levels plummeting during exercise, that will definitely need to be investigated.

I'm sure it will provide more learning opportunities.  Every investigation for me has lead to more learning and discovery.  I keep learning little parts of the vast information that I don't know.
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 12:41am; Reply: 47
Everyone's O2 sat drops with exercise.  A pulse oximeter is just a rough gauge of O2 saturation in the blood, blood gas is much more accurate.  Not sure what you are looking for here?
But doing some exercise like yoga would build tolerance and over all health of your cells.
Posted by: TJ, Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 5:53am; Reply: 48
I'm looking for a pattern. I want to see if there is a consistent, dramatic decrease in blood oxygen during exercise. What I've read suggests that the decrease during exercise should be very mild. So far I'm seeing 90s to high 80s during exercise, which seems unremarkable to me. If I get down into the 70s consistently I will start looking for a second opinion.

I'm just now trying to get back into exercising again, so I am very out of shape. In the past, once I've recovered to a point that I feel like exercising again, I can go for as little as a couple weeks up to a few months before I feel like exercise has become a detriment rather than a benefit, even with mild exertion. If it was more consistent it wouldn't be so frustrating! Sometimes the low amount of exertion I can do without making myself feel worse for it makes exercise pointless, but I don't know how long I need to rest before I can try again. I also don't know how it affects me having a week off work to rest. I also don't know how much the paper dust in my office area was contributing to the problem. I brought in an air purifier just before the Christmas break and I noticed some modest improvements: I was thinking clearer, I didn't feel as much need for a nap during my shift, and I actually had a little energy left after getting home from work.

There are just too many variables.
Posted by: TJ, Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 5:58am; Reply: 49
To further complicate matters, my Prozac dosage effects my energy levels greatly. When I'm feeling run-down or having difficultly sleeping well, I take a little more. It forces me to slow down, which is good, but it continues to make me feel sluggish even after I've rested up, so it's hard to tell how much to take at a certain time. I was taking more than usual in the weeks leading up to my break and during the break. I've cut back again now. I wish I had gauges to tell me about the state of my body!
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 6:51pm; Reply: 50
Also remember that not every "abnormality found in a lab test or physical exam" is necessarily problematic. For example, I have a heart murmur. It was diagnosed about 15 years ago, but I'm not sure if I've had it longer than that and nobody noticed it, or if that's when it showed up. But I've had some follow-up tests for my heart and the conclusion is that my heart is fine. Yes, the murmur is still there. No, it's not "normal" in the sense that the doctors have a clinical name for the sound my heart makes.  But it's not actually causing any health problems at this time.

I do keep in mind that I have this "abnormality" in my heart, just as I keep in mind my family history of heart disease. Before starting any new drug or supplement, if it warns that it could cause heart or blood vessel damage I won't take it. I'm equally cautious with any drugs that might hurt my liver. But I don't live in fear or worry about the heart murmur on a day-to-day basis.
Posted by: TJ, Thursday, January 3, 2013, 3:28am; Reply: 51
Thanks Ruthie. I think I needed to be reminded of that.

Today I have been revisiting the idea of going grain-free again. The last time I was grain-free was around the time I moved here to Utah in Feb. 2011. I stayed with it for a few months, and was able to get around on foot, bike, bus, and train while I was doing so. I thought that I had stayed on it long enough to heal up (which I had) enough that they would be safe now (which I'm now questioning. In hindsight, I noticed that I started getting worse again after starting back on grains, but correlation isn't causation. Maybe in a few weeks I will be better and maybe this time I'll stay grain-free for good.
Posted by: C_Sharp, Thursday, January 3, 2013, 4:50am; Reply: 52
I am not sure, if you have looked at the most recent DNP newsletter.

But in it Dr. D. recommends a book on depression by Dr. Peter Bongiorno, How Come They’re Happy and I’m Not the Complete Natural Program for Healing Depression for Good?

Dr. Bongiorno also has an earlier book that was not mentioned in the article: Healing Depression
Posted by: TJ, Thursday, January 3, 2013, 5:08am; Reply: 53
Thanks for the reference, C#.  :)
Posted by: Ribbit, Tuesday, January 15, 2013, 8:57pm; Reply: 54
TJ, a Lyme negative doesn't mean you don't have Lyme.  It means on that particular day, the test didn't pick enough up to flag it.  "Indeterminant" means it wasn't enough to be flagged, but it was there.  From what I've read repeatedly, sometimes you have to have a test done again and again and again (and sometimes be put on antibiotics in order to MAKE the bacteria flare up) to finally get a positive.  To me, it's not worth all that money and stress to try to get a positive result.  I realize a lot of your symptoms do line up with Lyme, but of course it doesn't necessarily mean you've got it.  To tell you the truth, I was hoping your tests would be a little more helpful than that.  I'm sorry.  I KNOW how frustrating it is.

Rob doesn't have a diagnosis, but he's herxing on the Cowden protocol.  After a couple of months on the same dosage, he's finally got the nerve to try to increase the drops. :-/
Posted by: TJ, Wednesday, January 16, 2013, 3:17pm; Reply: 55
Ribbit, I'm carrying on as though I have Lyme. I'm still on the Buhner protocol. Perhaps getting those results was a good thing, because if I'd gotten a positive I would have asked for antibiotics.

In the meantime, I've discovered that fish oil has significant antidepressant properties!
Posted by: Ribbit, Thursday, January 17, 2013, 1:34am; Reply: 56
You're right about fish oils.
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