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Posted by: DoS, Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 6:09am
I was reading this article, and something occurred to me. Here is my response (been edited some since I replied on there). It isn't very 'naturalpathic', but I'm not opposed to looking towards other directions for certain illness.

"This is confusing because it implies viruses are naturally happy with a certain level of food, but the reality of what we know about them (or that I know) is closer to bacteria. They are opportunistic in nature, always seeking to eat and multiply. That is what they do... just in different ways.

Could it be these more robust versions of viruses don't naturally reproduce as fast, so we don't typically see them as much? But if you stress the immune system you allow them to propagate consistently for a longer period of time?

When I read this, my thought was 'cure for HIV?' I was being optimistic thinking about the possibility of displacement. But actually the possibility for something more like super-HIV could occur from we what know. I guess testing on how HIV responds to competition, in evolution, could be interesting. Is it possible for a virus to evolve so well that by creating such a strong outer-layer it could actually slow down how fast it replicates (inserts itself into cells and eats), and perhaps squelch the ability to interact with a lot of the regular food buffet it is use too? See, if you introduced competition that had to be fed with introduced food, but it forced/allowed changes in the HIV, you could selectively stop the evolution changes by not feeding the introduced virus at the most opportune time.

I suppose the idea might just be a way to kill the host quicker, but I'll stick with optimism.  

What if the person who was cured with the bone marrow transplant wasn't cured because of the re-energized immune system with fresh not-so-taxed marrow, but rather because of the gap in immunity that allowed evolution of the HIV to turn into something that was giving heritable qualities associated not with speed and evasion but something else?"
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 3:54pm; Reply: 1
Right on.. Viruses and bacteria all have a life cycle and reproduction cycle.. internal worms, humans, dogs, cats, pets and outside animals all have a life cycle and some respond to moon cycles.  I for one believe that all cancer is some over growth that can be influenced by LOW electro-magnetic WAVES // on a molecular level.. remove the comfort ZONE for such cretin's and assist the body in healing it SELF.

I know that some viruses and micro-organism and intestinal worms can be affected by some drops (pm me for details)  in dramatic ways, to where someone could see hundreds of worms in the stool.   Shocking, and yet medicine has nearly forgotten about the need to check for such infestations..   We de-worm animals twice a year.. I leave the rest to your own thinking.

I used to think that pillow protectors were for the pillow.. I now understand that it is to keep the pillow clean from human critters... going so far as exchanging even the pillows every few years.. certainly putting pillows in fresh air daily is good Swiss custom.. the sun makes the pillows cleaner..

Washing sheets and under garments alone is good and kitchen towels alone also.. makes sense.. when you think about it.. ( I like hot water still)


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