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Posted by: Beth, Monday, October 8, 2012, 2:36pm
Hi all,
Does anyone know if California poppy (a natural opiate) is okay for an O blood type to take.
It is great to take before bed time to sleep. I am thinking it is okay because O's need to increase their dopamine and an opiate increases dopamine.
"Live Right 4 Your Blood Type" page 36 talks about O's and MOA but can not understand it very well if anyone can clarify will be very much appreciated.
Posted by: ABJoe, Monday, October 8, 2012, 4:15pm; Reply: 1
There is additional discussion about MAO / dopamine and Type O on pages 131-132.  This may help some...  

Although I don't know the answer to the question, I see two sentences that stand out in relation to your question.  
1) Page 37, Individuals with low platelet MAO also .... are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs.

2) Page 132; There is a danger of increasing dopamine to levels of psychosis.

Obviously, both of these are presented here without the context of the surrounding paragraphs, the conditions of which may or may not be present within the realm of your question.
Posted by: Christopher1, Monday, October 8, 2012, 9:58pm; Reply: 2
Valerian, magnolia, melatonin - those are the ones Dr. D recommends for O's.

I've heard fantastic things about California poppy though. Never tried it.
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