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Posted by: EatToLive, Sunday, September 16, 2012, 8:28pm
I understand that it's the lectins as well as the mold that is a problem with eating peanuts, but I watched a documentary film on peanuts, and there are so many different kinds! The peanuts grown in the U.S. are very different than the RAW Wild Jungle peanuts grown outside of the U.S.

So my question for the Swami Gurus is..... Do RAW Wild Jungle peanuts have the same lectins and mold problems that our U.S. peanuts have? Or are they in a whole different category?

Dr. D says that the Swami program analyzes 800 different foods, and I would like to know if RAW Wild Jungle Peanuts have been evaluated?
Posted by: C_Sharp, Sunday, September 16, 2012, 8:38pm; Reply: 1
RAW Wild Jungle peanuts have not be evaluated in any of the D'Adamo systems.

The mold problem on peanuts is not confined to peanuts. Mold occurs on other nuts as well.  While some claim raw jungle peanuts are mold free. I have seen no good explaination of why that would be. Individual tests have shown a particular sample to be low in mold.

Basically if the food is so good for you it is probably going to be a great substrate for growing mold on.
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Monday, September 17, 2012, 11:41am; Reply: 2
peanuts have a strong lectin-- for A's it is anticarcinogenic.

For O's it may have an opposite effect.

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