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Posted by: BHealthy, Sunday, September 9, 2012, 10:20pm
Goji berries, gooseberries, jackfruit, and mango are all superfoods for me.

I prefer to eat them dried as the fresh ones available locally are neither organic nor tasty. And some, like the goji berries, aren't available fresh at all.

The dried fruits I buy are all organic and dehydrated at low temperatures with no sugar, preservatives, or other additives.  They are drier than the fruits sold in supermarkets and keep for eons without developing either mold or a white film.

I store them in our basement which is cool (low 60's year round).

Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Sunday, September 9, 2012, 11:04pm; Reply: 1
They sound lovely, assuming you have no absorption issue they should be fin ein small quantities.

remember they are concentrated fruit so the sugar is concentrated.

one dried fruit eqauls a grape for example, how many grapes would you eat ro should you eat normally, perhaps a small handful which would be many 8 grapes for example. some people would happily eat 100 raisins perhaps more which would not be so good I think.

If perhaps you need to lose weigh (not suggesting you do of course ;) then as an O, perhaps less again.
Posted by: san j, Sunday, September 9, 2012, 11:31pm; Reply: 2
In answer to your question ("Is Dried Fruit OK?"):
Posted by: Cristina, Monday, September 10, 2012, 1:08am; Reply: 3
Yes, of course ... it is the nasties they use to preserve them that are worrying, but you got it covered! Can be eaten dry or re-hydrate and become bulkier, therefore eating less ... ;)
Posted by: Victoria, Monday, September 10, 2012, 2:13am; Reply: 4
I would just keep an eye on Dr. D's recommended portions because of the amount of sugar you could be consuming if you regularly get carried away with eating a large volume of dried fruit.   ;)
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Monday, September 10, 2012, 12:58pm; Reply: 5
In come cases, like with grapes and raisins, there are separate entries for dried and fresh fruits. In those cases, follow the more specific food listed. But in most cases, there is no separate rating for dried fruits. When that's the case, assume the dried and fresh have the same rating, as long as there are no additives in the dried fruit.

As others have said, watch out for portion sizes. It's far easier to over-eat dried fruit than it is to over-eat fresh fruit.
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