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Posted by: AKArtlover, Thursday, September 6, 2012, 7:33pm
Can someone remind me why black tea is an avoid? I am going to indulge a very strong feeling that I need some. Green tea isn't going well with me lately. Off and on. I did read it inhibited the production of lipase and I was having problems digesting fat. I'm not pointing to the green tea as the cause of that, but that I suddenly became turned off by it around the time fats became a bigger issue.

Posted by: C_Sharp, Thursday, September 6, 2012, 7:36pm; Reply: 1
This does not directly answer your question.

But on my SWAMI black tea is a superfood and it occurs in most of my genoharmonic combinations.
Posted by: Lloyd, Thursday, September 6, 2012, 7:41pm; Reply: 2
This won't answer your question either:
Posted by: cajun, Thursday, September 6, 2012, 7:57pm; Reply: 3
I asked this exact question earlier this year and Paul Clucas posted that it has something to do with "cooking" the tea. Similar to burning/charring meat is not healthy either. ??)
I admit the one avoid on my swami that I indulge in almost daily tea! :o
I also drink many others that are supers for, gingeroot, chamomile, lavender tulsi. Sometimes I use one tea bag of each black and green together in one cup! I also have coffee as a super and drink it about 3 times a week...but each morning..after the lemon water...I have one cup of my Irish Breakfast tea ( Barry's from Cork, Ireland) with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a teaspoon of local buckwheat honey. mmmmmmmmm, good! ;D
I have learned to listen a little better to my body. My swami is wonderful, but I need to listen to how it feels/reacts. Example: I love cheese, my only super cheese is it..but also love all the neutral cheeses on my swami..cannot eat them or I will suffer! ;) so....
I eat mostly supers, some neutrals, a few black dots(mostly fruits) because this is how I feel good. :)
Posted by: Serenity, Thursday, September 6, 2012, 9:13pm; Reply: 4
I had chosen "caffeine sensitive" on my  swami then realised I was not.  After that was unlocked i got black tea as a genoharmonic blend or neutral on its own.  :D
Posted by: Easy E, Friday, September 7, 2012, 12:16am; Reply: 5
I love black tea, but i am caffeine sensitive, so i drink it only on occassion :'(
Posted by: AKArtlover, Friday, September 7, 2012, 1:31am; Reply: 6
Interesting. Perhaps I needed something out of it and it is an alternative source for the green or perhaps one of the things in itself. I think I may be throwing off some dead cells in my urine (which isn't bad). I have also been using a lot of digestive enzymes so I am not so concerned with that from a quick lookup and secretory insufficiency if I am understanding what that means. Seemed to handle the caffination just fine, unlike the coffee incident awhile back.  Thanks all! Just curious. :K)
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