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Posted by: Kevinwp, Saturday, September 1, 2012, 3:45pm

Hello, I am a type A secretor. I have had Diarrhea for the last couple of days. What food categories should I eat/not eat and what supplements should I take?


Gastro-D Complex?


Genoma Security?

Thank you, Kevin
Posted by: Patty H, Saturday, September 1, 2012, 3:48pm; Reply: 1
White or brown rice and bananas are both good for diarrhea and I assume both are good for an A.  Make sure to drink plenty of water to combat dehydration.

Do you know why you have had diarrhea for two days?
Posted by: Kevinwp, Saturday, September 1, 2012, 4:38pm; Reply: 2
Also is harmonia deluxe and proberry liquid ok to take?
Posted by: Kevinwp, Saturday, September 1, 2012, 4:44pm; Reply: 3
I have no Idea how I got the Dirrhea. I also have had a slight rash on my arms and legs from being very itchy at night. Maybe I some how I got food poisoning. I remember hearing these strange sounds in my stomach a day or two before having the Diarrhea. Bananas are an avoid for type A. I wonder what would make a good substitue?

Posted by: ABJoe, Saturday, September 1, 2012, 4:57pm; Reply: 4
According to the Encyclopedia, there are 4 distinct mechanisms capable of producing diarrhea: increased permeability, increased secretion, inflammation, and decreased absorption time.

Recommended protocols are: Antibacterial and Intestinal Health Protocols.
Posted by: Kevinwp, Saturday, September 1, 2012, 7:28pm; Reply: 5
I checked out the protocals. I'm takeing the Genoma security which is antibacterial. I'm thinking there must be a diet that is ideal for Dirrhea. Any one know what fruits or vegetables should be eaten? For example I know that Carrot Juice makes the stools less watery. I also know that Bananas are good in genral for bulking up the stool but are an avoid for type A. Is lemon juice ok? I ordered some Carob extract.
Posted by: Kevinwp, Saturday, September 1, 2012, 10:22pm; Reply: 6
Up date: My last stool was Diarrhea free. My Diet today or since my last Diarrhea has been Quinoa, Recharge(the natural version of Gatorade), Water, Ginger, and Carrot juice. I am also taeking the blood type A multi vitamin and mineral + genoma security + fish & flax oil + type A probiotics. Imagine if I didn't know about the blood type diet how much worse I would be.
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 1:29am; Reply: 7
I'm glad you are better!
If it gets bad, it may be good not to eat anything, as eating would stimulate the system. Slowly sipping a tiny amount of water occasionally might help.
Most of us can survive very nicely skipping a day of eating!
Posted by: Kevinwp, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 5:15pm; Reply: 8

The Diarrhea is back again. This morning I had it again. Exactly what should I be eating/drinking? This is what I'm eating/drinking:

Carrot Juice
Chicken Broth
Recharge (natural gatorade)

Should I add any meat or fish?
I feel weak, dizzy, and tired

What Supplements should I be takeing? These are the supplements that I am takeing:

Type A Polyvite/Phytocal/& Polyflora
Fish Oil & Flax Oil
Proberry Drink
Genoma Security

Should I take:

Gastro-D Complex

Thank you, Kevin
Posted by: Kevinwp, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 5:19pm; Reply: 9
One more question can I have Soy Milk?
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 6:13pm; Reply: 10
Kevin-- get a fiber supplement from the pharmacy. No harm in it and it will help.

Depends on the type of soy milk, many have carrageen in them that is an avoid for everyone.

Look for one that is just soy beans and water.

Is it undigested food? or digested food?

What helped me was-- Collinsonia, but I need more information.

A's get loads of mucous in the stool--- I would love to see you get a SWAMI and know your secretor status.
Posted by: DoS, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 7:01pm; Reply: 11
The diarrhea may not be a bad thing. It might be your system clearing out a serious bacterial imbalance. Stay hydrated, keep doing what you are doing.

It doesn't sound like IBS unless you just never eat these foods prior. What was your diet like prior?

You wouldn't be the first person to report dramatic shifts in digestion. Usually though within an not all too long time things even out.
Posted by: Kevinwp, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 7:57pm; Reply: 12
I am a secretor and I have been following the blood type diet religiously for years. My pror diet was mostly vegitarian and I felt mostly good most of the time. I think this might of  been started from food poisoning. Should digestive enzymes fix the problem since the food will get digested instead of going through me?
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 8:24pm; Reply: 13
No digestive enzymes probably won't help. I have been following the BTD/SWAMi for years as well-- Visited the clinic at the University of Bridgeport and they gave me some Collinsonia-- it has helped a great deal with my digestive tract.

Sorry for the intrusion but what does the diarrhea look like?

Any chance you are close and if this persists i can run a breath hydrogen on you, I am in NY.

The clinic at University of Bridgeport can do it too.

if it persists let me know-- happy to help.

A fiber product will help-- for the short term. I have heard Dr. D suggest it.
Posted by: Drea, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 9:02pm; Reply: 14
Quoted from Kevinwp

The Diarrhea is back again. This morning I had it again. Exactly what should I be eating/drinking? This is what I'm eating/drinking:

Carrot Juice
Chicken Broth
Recharge (natural gatorade)

The sports drink jumps out at me. I looked up the ingredients and I would ask the company what the "natural flavors" are made from...corn?

This body does not do well with corn, even though I'm an A.
Posted by: Kevinwp, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 9:35pm; Reply: 15
Collinsonia is for allergies, why do you think that would help Diarrhea? Why don't you think digestive enzymes would help? From my understanding my food is not being digested so the enzymes would digest my food allowing me to better absorb the nutrients. I thought that fiber would further loosen my stools instead of bulking them up.
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 9:39pm; Reply: 16
fiber will bulk your stools. A's suffer from loads of mucus   -- it disturbs the digestion.

Dr. D gave me three things-- Collinsonia, gastro D as my hydrogen was still a bit high, and polyflora A.. that is all.

I had undigested food, you still have not told me about the quality of your diarrhea :-/.

It is called catarrh read about it and see if it applies to you.

Posted by: Kevinwp, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 10:18pm; Reply: 17
I'm not sure how to descibe my stool. It is an orange/yello color
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 10:20pm; Reply: 18
Sounds like bile might just be self limiting.

Fiber-- ;)
Posted by: Lola, Monday, September 3, 2012, 4:06am; Reply: 19

Quoted Text
Dr Peter D'Adamo

On the surface, the link between one's blood type and a 'diet' seems just too exceptional to be viable. However this apparent 'extraordinaryness' is often the result of a lack of knowledge about the wider role for these molecules. Actually, when you delve deeply into the many physical manifestation of how blood type expression conditions our gut, it all becomes very unexceptional and very ordinary.
Posted by: DoS, Monday, September 3, 2012, 5:01am; Reply: 20
Drea, Warriors do bad with corn, so you are not singled out at all.

Kevin I'd stop drinking the Gator c**p. I think a lot of things would be better for you than that, that are avoids. Personally I'm curious about your liver and gallbladder.

How do you tolerate fatty foods? How would you rate your success as a vegetarian? Are you glowing and beautiful in nature, or pale with pimples or something?

Kevin how would a little Parmesan three times a week treat you?
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Monday, September 3, 2012, 1:28pm; Reply: 21
Kevin seems you need help now-- healing takes time.

Metamucil will help with the immediate symptoms.

Posted by: RedLilac, Monday, September 3, 2012, 3:07pm; Reply: 22
Instead of Gatorade drink water with electrolytes in it.  You can get it at your local HFS, WF, TJ & probably some local food stores.  Eat rice to firm up your stool.
Posted by: Kevinwp, Monday, September 3, 2012, 4:53pm; Reply: 23
I need to know what to eat and what supplements to take. If you look at the 7th reply you will see a list of foods and supplements I asked about. Thanks
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Monday, September 3, 2012, 9:28pm; Reply: 24
Those are healthy foods, but may irritate you if you have diarrhea.

Try to drink lukewarm water & if you get hungry, drink very watery juice & see if that controls the appetite. Fasting, or verry light eating(really drinking) will help this situation.

I learned about fasting 30 years ago when in my 30s. It has helped over the years. BTW, I have a ravenous appetite, & not eating is eaiser that eating lightly!
Posted by: Kevinwp, Monday, September 3, 2012, 11:20pm; Reply: 25
When I eat I then get diarrhea/loose stools right after or hours after depending on what I eat. When I just drink liquids then I get no Diarrhea but I also dont get hungry, I insted feel bloated, swollen, and gassy.

I did some more research and found that apple pectin is amphoteric which means it will both loosen or plug up your bowls depending on what needs to be done.

Dry blueberries have tannins and pectin.

Carob is good for Diarrhea as well.

What about HARMONIA DELUXE!!!! should I drink this? It would be a great source of nutrition!!!!
Posted by: wanthanee, Monday, September 3, 2012, 11:49pm; Reply: 26
:D Hi Kevin, last week my customer told me that he can't have the carrot juice. Every time he eat or drink carrot juice he always got sick. I still was wondering how come?  he can’t have.  ::)   ??) He is Type A.
Posted by: Kevinwp, Wednesday, September 5, 2012, 7:48pm; Reply: 27

Hello everyone, I spoke with Dr. Nash ND at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine and the results have been excellent. I have been prescribed Gastro D-Complex. The relief was immediate. Very good stuff. Once again Dr. D'Adamo ND and his team have changed my disease to ease.

Everyone should make an appointment at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine at least one time so that they can then later use phone consultations to have there problems solved if they can't make the trip. I used a phone consultation for my diarrhea which was actually caused by food poisoning. Only the ND Drs' really know which products we should use to treat the illnesses we are faced with. As customers we can only guess as to what supplements we should or should not be taking

There is a lot of misleading information out there. For example I was reading in the Prescription for Nutritional Healing that activated charcoal should be taken if you supsect food poisoning. I was then told by Dr. Nash ND that the activated charcoal should be used if you want to do a heavy metal cleanse and that it would strip minerals out of your system. I was also told that I want to put minerals back into my system and not to take it for my specific problem.
Posted by: Kevinwp, Saturday, September 8, 2012, 5:30pm; Reply: 28
Woke up today and had a loose stool.
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