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Posted by: Beachgirl, Saturday, August 18, 2012, 8:06am
It's been a while since I've been on here.... I've been dealing with more stress in the last four months than in my entire life combined.  As a result, my weight dropped down to 93 lbs. (I'm 5' 3 1/2"), my blood pressure is extremely low, causing me to become very dizzy at times & my Dr. just told me I need to supplement with at least 800mg of calcium a day because my body has begun to eat my muscle due to the weight loss.  I'm just curious as to what is the best form of calcium to take and if I need to take it with another supp to boost effectiveness?  I have been steadily increasing my calories & have even eliminated exercise as to avoid burning unnecessary calories.  I will resume working out once my weight climbs back up.  I am currently hovering around 95 lbs. & would like to be at least 105 lbs. again.  I have even resorted to baking (with compliant flours) multiple times per week as I'm sure I can use the extra calories, carbs & fat.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
Posted by: Tom Martens, Saturday, August 18, 2012, 1:36pm; Reply: 1

Increasing your red meat will help with the calcium absorption.

Don't stop exercising, you want to build muscle!

O's typically don't do well with too many carbs.
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, August 18, 2012, 4:19pm; Reply: 2
get your ecosystem healed......replenish your gut flora
up those greens!!! and compliant nuts
check out all the digestive aids available, for you to begin absorbing your nutrients

a few formulas come to mind
gastro D
genoma security

but above all, love yourself and learn to lower your cortisol levels

how often do you do the liver cleanse? castor oil pack?
use a rebounder, dry body brushing, light stretching, walk your troubles away.....use magnesium oil after you shower, add lavender essential oil to your body oil .....all this soothes your parasympathetic system
Posted by: Beachgirl, Saturday, August 18, 2012, 4:56pm; Reply: 3
Thanks, Lola.  I am trying.  I have upped my compliant nut intake significantly...also upped avocado & any other fatty beneficiary. I went from feeling the best I ever felt about 4 or 5 months ago, to being in horrible physical shape.  It's awful.  It's hard to take care of yourself when you're worrying about your kids & everything else.   :'(
Posted by: Victoria, Saturday, August 18, 2012, 5:41pm; Reply: 4
I personally love the combination of the Phytocal, which Tom provided the link to, because of the supportive nutrients that each blood type needs in different amounts,
ClearCal which gives a higher dose of the ideal form of calcium by itself.
Posted by: Beachgirl, Saturday, August 18, 2012, 8:13pm; Reply: 5
Oops, I didn't even see that you replied, Tom.  The only reason I've upped my carbs is because I'm trying to increase my overall calorie intake.  They are still compliant carbs & flours.  I'm still eating compliantly, just not eating enough and what I do consume tends to go through me.  I want to build muscle back, but I'm so afraid of expending too many calories that I'll end up losing more weight.

Victoria, I will check into Phytocal & ClearCal.  Thank you all for the links & info... I just want to feel healthy again.
Posted by: Victoria, Saturday, August 18, 2012, 9:21pm; Reply: 6
What kind and how much fats, oils and ghee are you eating, BG?
Posted by: cajun, Sunday, August 19, 2012, 3:35am; Reply: 7
I mentioned you about 6 weeks ago on a thread re; asthma. Missed you!
I am soooo sorry to hear about your stress and hope you are remembering to be good to yourself so you can be there for your family!
I remember you had a busy life and were hoping to find a different job.
You are a walker and swimmer, too, right? Keep hydrated in the ridiculous heat we've had, lately. The dry brushing and lavender are highly recommended by me also, as I use them for stress relief.
I am keeping you in my thoughts and sending hope for brighter days ahead! ;)
Posted by: Beachgirl, Sunday, August 19, 2012, 7:47pm; Reply: 8
Victoria, I eat almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts, avocado, olive oil, ghee, almond butter...all per my SWAMI, except I eat them in larger servings as I'm trying to gain back what I lost.  I will literally eat handfulls of nuts a day, an entire avocado (or two) per day, any time I cook or saute I use olive oil & ghee liberally.  Portion size is entirely out the window...I eat as much as I can all day long.

Hi Cajun!  I've been trying to take care of myself, but my life & family are falling apart.  It started in April with 2 very tragic deaths in our family & everything has snowballed since.  I am working full-time & trying to find the balance between needing the money & needing to be here for my kids.  On the plus side, my seasonal allergies have been the best they've ever been in the 19 years I've lived here, so the compliancy has helped for that.  My husband was trying to tell me I need to go off SWAMI & eat fast food burgers, fries & ice cream until I gain the weight back.  I told him he was crazy.  I won't undo all the hard work that's been done.  I know it'll take longer, but I just keep upping my calories each day in hopes of gaining more.  I know I should start up with the walking & swimming again at least for stress reduction.  The kids go back to school next week, so maybe I'll start back up then.
Posted by: Drea, Sunday, August 19, 2012, 7:53pm; Reply: 9
Beachgirl, I'm sending you a BIG virtual {{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}.
Posted by: Victoria, Monday, August 20, 2012, 1:53am; Reply: 10
If you mentioned this, I didn't see it. . . what kind of protein are you eating?

Are you eating red meat?


How much?
Posted by: Beachgirl, Monday, August 20, 2012, 4:47pm; Reply: 11
Thanks, Drea!  :)

Victoria, I do eat red meat usually at least 3x per week, sometimes up to 5 times & sometimes multiple times per day.  I try to do grass-fed/ organic as much as possible & if I can't afford it, I at least go for the "natural" stuff from TJs that has no hormones or antibiotics.  I eat everything from steaks to burgers to stew meat for roasts.  I consume fish very, very rarely.  I honestly do not like it & the only way I've been able to tolerate the taste is if it's breaded, fried & smothered in tartar sauce so it doesn't taste like fish.  Not really helpful, when 90% of the ingredients involved are avoids.  I've tried all kinds of fish, even the stuff that everyone swears is not "fishy", but it still tastes overpowering to me.  :-/
Posted by: Victoria, Monday, August 20, 2012, 8:00pm; Reply: 12
Quoted from Beachgirl

Victoria, I do eat red meat usually at least 3x per week, sometimes up to 5 times & sometimes multiple times per day.  

Just checking to see if you're getting enough protein.  :)
Posted by: Easy E, Friday, August 24, 2012, 9:24pm; Reply: 13
Explorers do well with calcium dglucarate (something like that).  Think it helps for helping detox abilities.  Does anyone else use this or know what it is?
Posted by: Brett650, Sunday, September 2, 2012, 7:46am; Reply: 14
Forum member Suzanne has some interesting recent blogs about calcium supplements:

Suzanne stresses the importance of taking magnesium along with the calcium. She says the ratio (calcium:magnesium) should be 2:1 or even 1:1.

Dr. D'Adamo's "Phytocal A" or "Phytocal O" supplements have a calcium:magnesium ratio of 5:1, actually less magnesium than Suzanne suggests. "Phytocal AB" has about 3:1 ratio and "Phytocal B" has a 2:1 ratio.
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