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Posted by: ian, Friday, July 27, 2012, 10:29pm
Hello everybody,
I'm on my first week of GTD. I've been looking around the message boards, but there is a few things I haven't found.
Would any one please give me a hand with this?

Most things in life are ruled by the 80/20 principle. (80% of my performance at work is given by 20% of the work I do… 80% of the time, I listen to 20% of my music… etc.. You get the point)

So, Is there a 80/20 here? I mean, which are the  20% of rules or foods that will deliver 80% of the benefits?
I ask this because I am very thorough with this diet, and I am finding it VERY difficult to follow to the letter.
So I will have to compromise, but I would like to do it the best way possible.

Posted by: Tom Martens, Friday, July 27, 2012, 10:46pm; Reply: 1
If you want to have a less restrictive but less personal diet then follow ERFYT.  

Lectins are lecitins so you can't run and put your head in the sand.  :)
Posted by: ABJoe, Friday, July 27, 2012, 11:14pm; Reply: 2
To get a clearer understanding of the 80/20 rule of success, you need to read Eat Right 4 Your Type and Live Right 4 Your Type.  They provide insights into some of the most beneficial foods to add and eliminate from your diet and why.
Posted by: ian, Friday, July 27, 2012, 11:29pm; Reply: 3
Will do that ABJoe... Thanks!
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, July 28, 2012, 5:47am; Reply: 4
I believe my 20 is contained in all my beneficials which swami gives me.... :)
Posted by: passionprincess, Saturday, July 28, 2012, 7:43am; Reply: 5
I try to balance whatever avoids I end up eating (whether on purpose or by accident or because I do not have a choice) by eating diamonds. I do not have SWAMI as of yet but I try to stick to the GTD as much as possible. I find that the more compliant I am, I do not have a need to eat avoids. The avoids do not taste as good as before I started the diet so I am constantly questioning why I even bothered to eat the avoid in the first place.
Posted by: AKArtlover, Saturday, July 28, 2012, 2:04pm; Reply: 6
It may well be in the compliance. With the possible exception of those who are very ill, Dr. D has said that most of the people who are getting the best results are not completely compliant. I forget the percentage, but somewhere between 70 and 85%? Help me out someone who recalls...

The problem is that a lot of the time, when we get to 'ill' we have spent a lot of time with a reversed ratio and the 80% of what we were eating are the things that were wrecking our health and addicted to.

He has also emphasized that this is about what you take in, and not about what you avoid.

That being said, I would rather my avoids be something like a vegetable than a toxic additive as my system isn't as robust as I would like yet. When you start learning about the reasons for certain avoids, it is much easier. I never care to eat pork again (never liked it much anyway), and I can live without oranges.

Remember, too, this is an individualized way of eating. No two people should have the exact same diet. In the beginning, though, aiming close to 100% is probably the easiest route as you sort out what works for you.
Stress can derail people, so relax.
Diamonds and superfoods are probably the 20% bang, but variety is so important in diet...
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Saturday, July 28, 2012, 2:13pm; Reply: 7
80% are secretors and 20% non secretors--

Another 80/20.  ;)
Posted by: paul clucas, Monday, July 30, 2012, 1:55am; Reply: 8
Another 80/20 mix is that about 20% of foods varieties act like medicines.  Couple that fact with 20% of food varieties that act like toxins.  You get

Medicines:      20%
Regular food:  60%
Toxins:           20%

This is not a precise science, but it is a general rule of thumb.
Posted by: Goldie, Monday, July 30, 2012, 1:05pm; Reply: 9
For me food is all I wish to eat.. I am all to tired of supplements and pills.  I do take one medicine a day for diabetes.. (and I take Trehalose Complex for my better mood).

IF I WAS NOT on BTD/Swami/GTD, I would be on more than one medicine an more number of pills, morning and evening and would be taking several others for other issues diabetes would be creating..

I like most foods on the Highly or Beneficials list so I have no issues with them.  I am happy to eat the same foods over and over as long as they are fresh cooked.. I like near non of the neutrals so leaving most of them off is natural for me.  That for me is 95%.  Where I could add some additional variety the those 2 categories, I might reach 100% beneficials, yet, so far it is not a priority ..

----- BY comparison If I was stuck in a old age home, I would be 99% non compliant what with all the breads and other dead foods. ----

The avoids, well, I have about 5 items I like, and will always cheat with.  The choices I make is the only in THE differences.. I can chose between cake instead of bread, (I eat less cake than bread.. or I can choose creamy things instead of other sugary fattening foods.)  I eat no white foods nor white sugar at home..  

Or it can be a sprinkle of Parmesan.  I can choose pizza or chocolate.. two stores are next to each other.. Pizza is the worst food a diabetic should eat at night.  Chocolate especially 90% dark is good for me..  

I chose to eat more fruit if I see it some place, (I am  see food eater) or I eat a piece of cheese instead of some worse avoid..

Breads are my worst enemy and percentage wise cost me more in ill health.  I most often can walk past that, yet I might have another fruit.

All together those choices make up for 5% or if I wanted I could count them according to the damage I do to my diabetes numbers, or count them as a number of damage to my intestines, or my health overall or gaining weight..

I have little issues with my cheating, it is just what I am able to do.. (lousy excuses) YET as long as I eat most foods that are 100% super/beneficials/compliant then I have reached a measure I can live with and be healthy ..

Where the cheating costs me more then 20% is in the ability to drop weight, to do that I have to be much more vigilant and not go places where I eat junk foods.  To me and for me any food prepackaged is junk-food. Period.  So- I stay away from ALL with the exception of ice cream.. YET there I refuse to buy it in any bigger form than in a single small scoop on a cone.  IF I buy it bigger I eat it.. not do-able, emotionally and physically.

My breakdown is:

Super benef foods as Medicinal quality healing ME = 75%...  ;D
Beneficials as regular food for me (fruit)=20%.  Inside my house always available, I aim for 100% always upon getting up in the morning..  8)
Cheating foods of either more fruits(sugar) or calorie rich cheese or other prepared foods are= avoids for me at =5% ... only be eaten when out of my house.

So for me a O meat eater, I am happy when I eat eggs, meat and vegetables at 3 meals, and 2 fruit in between.  This makes life simple and most times affordable, calorie and money makes no difference, and, when I am 'out' of the house, I feel less guilty when I cheat.  :'(

The only place I feel bad about my cheating -is in my desire to drop some more weight, and for that I have to be 100% compliant both with low sugar Beneficials and low glycemic lower calories all around.. :X  

I think I am rambling  :-/to explain ME ::) to me..  ;D  

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