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Posted by: Debra, Saturday, June 16, 2012, 11:49pm
Just found out I'm nonnie A and it kind of explains everything, super-sensitivity to so many things. I remember parents putting stuff of my cereals at age 2 cos I was constipated! And I feel like I'm kind of floating, not really here, most of the time, like a leaf in the wind.
Anyway, coupla years ago I developed nasty red sores on toes one day, then noticed fingers going red and burning up and skin splitting on fingers, nasty sores and split nails, then hard skin patches, all coming and going variously in cycles.
Eventually put it down to sugar. used to eat fruit every am thinking it was healthiest thing but I would look so pale in the mirror after. So any type of sugar sets me off, even fruit and things like beets and carrots.
Have always craved sugar (and salt) and eaten far too much sweet stuff thro my entire life (52 now) until realised sugar had caused this condition. Now I know I'm nonnie, makes more sense. Docs don't really know what it is but lupus is nearest they can come up with. Wondered if any other nonnies have similar experience (heart also affected! horrible pulsing in ears, altho better after 6 months of starting to follow BTD).

Looking forward to following nonnie diet now and making further improvements in my condition. Have to do everything so slowly cos of mega sensitivity, I get so easily spooked by detox - then I feel so terrible want to kill myself! Lol.. but you get wise to yourself as you get older, eh?  ;)
Posted by: Victoria, Sunday, June 17, 2012, 12:44am; Reply: 1
Hi Debra,
Stick tight with your food list.  We nonnies don't have the lee-way that secretors *seem* to have.  :)

For a type A with Lupus, Dr. D recommends 3 protocols:

Immune Support
Anti-Inflammation Support
Chronic Illness Recovery

You don't have to overload yourself with supplements.  He says to pick one or two that are first on the list.  You can take a couple from each protocol, or rotate between the protocols every few weeks.  However it works best for you.  :)
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