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Posted by: Conor, Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 8:42pm
Quoted from Chloe
I give my husband Maca with DIM which is a formula by Whole World Botanicals which is specifically made for men. If I had to observe its effects, I would call it balancing and specifically helping to reduce stress.

Quoted from Maldo
I like maca - it gives a sense of well-being and I take it from time to time. I don't notice any problems with it.

Hi Chloe and Maldo, I hijacked your comments from an archived thread but am starting a new thread here rather than reactivating that one in that it was more about maca's estrogen normalizing effects, whereas I'm specifically interested in its adaptogenic usage by male GT1s, GT3s or type Os.

Chloe: is your husband still using maca regularly? If so, have your observations of its effects changed since your previous comments?

Maldo: if you're still supplementing with maca, is your experience with it still the same as you mentioned previously?

Also, anyone else please add a comment if you're currently using maca or are able to observe someone who is (e.g., a spouse). I'd appreciate hearing your observations. Thanks in advance.
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