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Posted by: ruthiegirl, Friday, April 6, 2012, 4:42pm
I want to make some paneer for Passover. I bought plenty of milk and lemons, and a new dairy strainer and bowl.

I remember the basic technique: heat milk, add lemon juice, wait a few minutes for it to curdle, strain. But I can't find the details.

How much lemon juice to how much paneer?

Do I add the lemon juice before or after heating, or does it matter?

How hot do I want to heat the milk?  I don't have a cooking thermometer for Passover, so I need some basic descriptions as well- should the milk be steaming? Should it be hot enough to hurt if I stick my finger in it? (For quark cheese I know it should be warm like a bathtub and no hotter, but I don't want to wait for quark to culture and anyway I didn't buy any buttermilk.)

Posted by: Lola, Friday, April 6, 2012, 4:53pm; Reply: 1

first step is turn off before it boils over
add the juice once cooled a bit

for a ltr of milk, add a half cup of fresh lemon juice, more or less

let drain once it stops curdling and the liquid has cooled off totally
Posted by: 14442 (Guest), Friday, April 6, 2012, 5:13pm; Reply: 2
I love Sag Paneer, hope it turns out good.
Posted by: honeybee, Saturday, April 7, 2012, 3:37am; Reply: 3
i dont have my recipe with me, but I remember thinking it was a waste of some milk as it does not yield much - until I tried it!! Delicious stuff.

Oh and I watched how to's on youtube too.
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