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Posted by: TheGameChanger, Friday, March 9, 2012, 5:22am
I wish to report something, and people can take it as they will, along with whatever the D'Adamo encyclopedia says.

I had a milder case of Mastoiditis in my inner ear the past week; but nonetheless, an infection is an infection, and being close to the brain it was at first precipitated by a couple days worth of migranes, followed by the customary abcess behind the ear ( I believe it to be the same old lymph node every time, located only behind one of my ears), and as the thing kept draining liquid into my throat every so often, there was mild pain in a nerve along my jawbone.

Since I have been on the BTD for several months now, but not quite a full year, I was shocked to see this happen;hoever, this was the same week that loads of people came into the clinics I work in wearing flu masks. So - in effect, I did not get the flu, but instead, got the salutary tradeoff of the season: a bacterial infection that had taken up housekeeping in my inner ear.

I followed a "safe" course of action by popping Olive Leaf, Cranberry, and some milk thistle to keep moving any infectious bits out of my liver, and I thought it was working. I suppose being an Explorer I thought it would go away faster, but, really it didn't. Undaunted and used to healing "relatively quickly" I did not entertain going to the clinic to be seen for this, but, did not like the feeling of intermittent pressure in my ear nor the graphic idea of the inner earbones being inflamed and "microscopically eaten away" by said infection.

Surprisingly enough it was at a Church celebratory dinner on Sunday that I decided to have a glass of white wine (wine= good, alcohol = bad) for an A Explorer Nonnie, and woke up the next morning to good results. The abcess had finally deflated (for the most part) and migrated to another part of my ear as a large acne pimple. I'm certainly glad that small amounts of alcohol can play a role in killing bacteria.

The next discovery was today. I had nothing at my disposal to eat for lunch at work than banana chips toasted in coconut oil (bacteria-killer= good, oil itself = AVOID for an A Explorer Nonnie)......and was shocked tonight to reach behind my ear and suddenly find the flattened abcess site spontaneously opened up, and gently bleeding itself out to heal also.

I think I'm a believer now in Avoids being used in small amounts (as in homeopathy) for healing when the situation calls for it.

Posted by: Lola, Friday, March 9, 2012, 5:50am; Reply: 1
great job!
keep us posted on your individualized findings......note, to each their own

Phenotypic Plasticity, Protein Misfolding and Hormesis
Dr D is a proponent
Quoted Text
Dr D
In life, it's not just what you are eating, but what's eating you. :)
and an awful lot of them like eating blood group antigens.

have you read enough on trehalose?
Posted by: Goldie, Friday, March 9, 2012, 1:27pm; Reply: 2
I am coming along for the testing ride with you.. it is possible.. that a LITTLE avoid might be ok..

but I think it also can be the opposite..  I have been doing 1 apple a day with cinnamon.. apple is for me a big avoid and I am most definitly feeling water retention.. BUT I am doing it for a specific purpose- sadly enough the combo with this avoid has a good effect, that of me not thinking of food as on obsession any more for the last  2 weeks. I am doing it to effectively 'cure' my diabetes.. testing testing..

BUT I will also explore more like getting on apple essence pill instead.... but the opening of your glands is a good thing.. I would rather you had bathed the ear site with the wine.. haha

Rubbing your ears every night might help to do other things good for sleep and the like,, try it..

was there a traumatic revisiting of childhood experiences coming along with the opening?  

all the best..
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