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Posted by: Jollyz, Thursday, February 23, 2012, 10:54pm
HELP! As you can see, I'm a B, non-secretor, Explorer.  I just started an intense group work out routine called PopPhysique (pilates/ballet barre).  I tend to get tired and lose all my gas when I start doing this type of exercise for a long period of time.  Yesterday was my first session - exhausted at the end but feel really GOOD today.  What does Dr. D, or any of you excercise experts, suggest to keep a "B" energized and also to help recover ?
1. Is caloric intake important?   More animal protein? Iron?  

If there is a previous thread I can refer to that would be great, too.  As long as it points me in a "B" direction.  I recently thought I was doing good going with a supplement that helps "O"s - only to find out its a nasty avoid for me.  
Posted by: Lola, Friday, February 24, 2012, 1:11am; Reply: 1
Posted by: RedLilac, Friday, February 24, 2012, 3:50pm; Reply: 2
The more you exercise the less tired you will become.  Don’t eat heavy before exercising.  I munch on Lavor Nori seaweed to gain energy when I’m slumping.  I always have water to hydrate myself during exercise.  I’m not familiar with your style of Pilates.  I take Pilates, yoga, ball, light weights & deep water aerobics.  I avoid step and vigorous aerobics, but that is just me.  I also walk lots.

If you are a B Explorer then I highly recommend doing Swami.  Explorer lumps all the leftovers together.  My B son does well on Nomad without Swami, but Explorer didn’t work for me.  My Swami successfully merged BTD & GTD for me.  I’m glad I did it.
Posted by: Jollyz, Friday, February 24, 2012, 6:50pm; Reply: 3
Thank you, very much, Lola.  I've printed out the information and will keep it nearby to keep me informed and focused.  
And thanks, Red, for the tip.  I have done SWAMI - it has combined Explorer with B blood type and I have my food lists.  I do love to walk and will continue - but feel I need something to get a sweat up.  The exercise I'm starting is just an hour of steady pilates moves, ballet barre, ball, light weights, push ups, stretching, leg, glut and ab work; seems to work every muscle.  I have a good sweat 15-20 minutes into it, and its in a group so I think we "B's" like that - I do.  I'm thinking back in time now - I believe I hit a wall because I was very anemic back then and didn't realize it.  Do you have rest days in between your more "intense" workouts? I'm just doing a day on, day off, type of thing as I get back into it...must remember: Nori seaweed..... ;D
Posted by: RedLilac, Saturday, February 25, 2012, 2:24pm; Reply: 4
Your class sounds like one of mine.  It is called Hard Core.  It combines Pilates, Yoga, ball & light weights.  I go to it on Saturday mornings.  My other 2 classes I attend on Monday & Wednesday nights.  I get my vigorous exercise dancing on Saturday night.  In-between I may walk but not organized.  I like classes.  I paid for them so I feel I’m losing out if I don’t attend or do a make-up.  Other class members support one another.  There is comradely.
Posted by: Jollyz, Saturday, February 25, 2012, 4:44pm; Reply: 5
Sounds like a good schedule ~ and paying for them and scheduling them (with a fee if I miss!) keeps me steady.  I did look at the links Lola placed and they explained the pain and burn when you start exercising, also suggested supplements; so I took some creatine, vitamin C and maganese about 40 minutes before class last night and I was well able to get through the class, in fact it was over "too soon". This time I could speak afterward - not so exhausted, and this morning, not as sore.    Dancing, you mentioned, is another thing I LOVE. It would be good to find a good place for that nearby.  
Posted by: RedLilac, Sunday, February 26, 2012, 3:56pm; Reply: 6
On Facebook I connected with people I went to HS with.  At this stage of our lives with the children grown, we once again have the freedom & time to go out.  So we go to local places with live oldies bands and dance the night away.
Posted by: Jollyz, Monday, February 27, 2012, 5:25pm; Reply: 7
I think this is the best exercise - something spiritually fulfilling about it as well.  I'll have to make time for this. Keep on dancing, Red!
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