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Posted by: san j, Saturday, February 4, 2012, 7:37pm
What the heck is this strain of flu?
People sick for weeks.
Others tell me they went into bronchitis after the usual head-cold symptoms, which is the norm.

Just got off the phone with a friend in England whose husband has it. Eight days of fever...
I googled around, don't have a handle on it.
Chime in if you know a thing or two about it.
Posted by: Joyce, Saturday, February 4, 2012, 8:27pm; Reply: 1
OH [BT A-]who never gets ill is still coughing after being ill on Christmas Day.

Lots of folks thinking they are better have a relapse or go down with something else  :-/ - me included. Initial fever for 4/5 days despite elderberry, colloidal silver sprays and oregano oil to clear sinuses.

An acquaintance has had fluid? round her heart [mentioned the word myopathy also], others with ear, sinus and chest infections, swollen glands etc.... oh and stomach/gut issues also.

Something released from a lab  ??)  Damage to immune systems  ??) plus hardly anyone stays at home with these bugs so by the time the bugs have done a tour of the world they've mutated ready to hit us all again.
Posted by: O in Virginia, Saturday, February 4, 2012, 10:20pm; Reply: 2
My husband has been sick lately, and he still has a little cough and congestion.  It is much better than it was but it seems to linger, and he still gets tired in the afternoons, which is not like him.  I'd love to know the blood types of those suffering from this.  He is Type A.  Another friend of mine has had this lingering cough for several weeks now, after being really knocked down flat on her back for a while.  She is functional now but still coughing up phlegm.  Another friend who is an MRI tech says there have been a lot of cases of pneumonia coming into the hospital where she works.  I asked her whether they were very old people or infants and young children -- perhaps people whose immune systems weren't as strong -- and she said it was all ages and states of health.  Her most recent patient was a healthy, athletic 14 year old boy.   :-/
Posted by: D.L., Saturday, February 4, 2012, 10:35pm; Reply: 3
I got it in early Dec. and am still coughing up little bits of thick yellow flem. I wasn't as sick as the previous December, though,  when I had a flu or virus so bad I had severe head pain and nausea with it, which seems to have damaged my mitral valve. I couldn't even get out of bed for two weeks with that one.
Posted by: Christopher1, Saturday, February 4, 2012, 10:40pm; Reply: 4
Funny you wrote this post san j. People here have it too. It all happened about a week ago. Five people hit with this strange bug the very same morning. All I had was a sore throat. I'd like to think that the BTD fought that bug off quickly.
Posted by: Christopher1, Saturday, February 4, 2012, 10:41pm; Reply: 5
Does the BTD + viral protocol protect against very deadly viruses?
Posted by: Dianne, Saturday, February 4, 2012, 11:15pm; Reply: 6
Both my brother-in-law & I have had it since the summer. It keeps mutating! Sometimes fine, sometimes not...the doctor told him that this is a 6 to 7 month virus. He finally choose to go on an asthma puffer with steroids for 3 weeks last autumn but is still not clear. The upper bronchials are what has been affected for us. Our lungs check out as clear. I feel 'asthmatic' but this Explorer has not resorted to a puffer but must admit that I have been tempted! (Then we both got the head cold going around in December and I am using a nasal syringe with salt for that).

Sometimes I break out into a sweat still for no reason but not as often. I can function more but my throat & esophagus & upper bronchials are still producing mucous mostly 24/7. Definitely feel throat is inflammed, but not a sore throat. Strange these viruses are, can't compare them to the ones I've had growing up.

Also with so much mould around with such a mild winter, that has not helped.
I've taken all the things that are suppose to help and I'm sure they have helped but not to the degree that they have in the past. I am now going into the eight month with this and so is he. ??) Not looking forward to spring allergies this year as my immune system is so challenged.
Posted by: Marc121, Sunday, February 5, 2012, 3:04am; Reply: 7
My cousin is have his severe flu that started last Tuesday. His 18 years old
Posted by: Joyce, Sunday, February 5, 2012, 10:48am; Reply: 8
Just modified my first post as OH is BT A- but certainly doesn't ERFT.
A friend at the other end of the UK, also BT A and says she's a vegetarian, but is actually a starchitarian has suffered for months with similar.

Last winter I only got a very minor 24 hour bug which seemed to respond as expected to elderberry..... this is very different, but I'm also living in a much more populated area now, which I haven't done in the previous 40 years.... and am also about to move house [locally this time] for the third time in 12 months, so maybe a stress related lack of immune efficiency ??)

Most people round here are calling it a 'cold' rather than flu, but it's the strangest 'cold' I've ever had and not quite flu either as only bedridden for one day.

It has had the effect of reminding me to be more compliant  ;)
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