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Posted by: 17535 (Guest), Sunday, January 29, 2012, 11:59pm
Hello everyone,
I hope you can help me with my question regarding Essene bread -

I've always thought it's a 100% ground-wet-sprouted-WHEAT bread. I knew you could sprout whatever you like if you wish, but by definition, and in the food values lists - it's from sprouted wheat alone.

Now, After seeing some recipes for Manna from different grains, I got confused -

What's the definition of this bread by Dr. D'Adamo in all his books and softwares?
Is it 100% sprouted WHEAT bread?
Or is it 100% SPROUTED bread - from WHATEVER grains or pseudo-grains (like quinua) (or even from sprouted legumes, nuts and seeds)? (- In this case, I understand it's probably from allowed ingredients)

If you know, that would really be helpful.

I appreciate any insight into this.

here are a couple of links to TYPEBASE for further confusion :)   :


Thank you very much!
Posted by: C_Sharp, Monday, January 30, 2012, 12:13am; Reply: 1
100 % Sprouted is to get away from trademarked names.

Essene is a heavy bread. Loafs have no yeast, are baked a long time at low temperature. The loaves feel like bricks. They are just mashed up sprouts formed into a loaf and shoved into the oven. May be from a single sprouted grain or a mixture.

The important thing about Ezekiel is that it is a mixture of sprouted grains and beans.  It is leavened, so the loafs are lighter and feel more like a loaf of whole grain bread.  The most common leavening agent is yeast, but some recipes use other agents.  Usually the sprouted grains and beans are dried out and ground into flour before making Ezekiel bread (this is not done in Essene bread).

Posted by: 17535 (Guest), Monday, January 30, 2012, 1:07am; Reply: 2
Thank you very much for the details - that's really helpful.

The thing is, I want to make this bread again (the Essene one), and I got confused about what grains to sprout and grind for it -

Wheat is an Avoid in my Swami, while sprouted wheat is a neutral, and Manna bread is a diamond - So is this diamond bread made from sprouted wheat, or from other allowable grains?

In the same manner, my friend has Manna as a 'neutral' in his Swami, while sprouted wheat as a black dot - Is his neutral bread made of sprouted wheat, or from sprouted other and/or allowable grains?

Sorry for the details. It's just a very practical question for me to understand, since I want my homemade sprouted bread to become my only bread if possible - and so does my friend. I don't want to make mistakes here.

Thanks again
Posted by: C_Sharp, Monday, January 30, 2012, 1:48am; Reply: 3
I had assumed the essene bread rating was for essene bread made from wheat.

But really there is not much to manna bread other than ground up sprouted grain.

It is cooked a long time at low temperature. It is possible there is some transformation during that time.

But if sprouted wheat rated low for me, I would make manna bread by sprouting a grain that rated more highly.

Posted by: 17535 (Guest), Monday, January 30, 2012, 2:18am; Reply: 4
Thank you very much for your answer!
You really helped me out.
Posted by: Lola, Monday, January 30, 2012, 4:55am; Reply: 5
try this here....use linseed if on your list or simply substitute any given grain flour or mix thereof, I like sprouting my grains and all and grind into flour
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