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Posted by: Loops, Sunday, January 29, 2012, 11:42am

so I just got my Swami and notice that parmesan cheese is a diamond for me.  I have been dairy free for at least a couple of years after finding out I was casein intolerant (after eating way too much cheese on a low carb diet for several years).  So now I am wondering whether or not I should try to eat it.  I bought some yesterday but I don't want to unnecessarily undo all the work I had cutting it out.

I was very addicted to cheese and suffered the most awful withdrawal trying to give it up. I am not joking about the withdrawal either.  It was really bad.

What should I do?  I am also nearly 7 weeks pregnant right now so am wondering if I will need to eat dairy if possible for more calcium.

Thanks Loops
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Sunday, January 29, 2012, 12:18pm; Reply: 1
Thinking about it logically as opposed to scientifically. I would suggest that there is no rush to include it, unless someone can give another reason.

if you do decide to have a small amount every now and again, keep it small, keep the rest in the freezer like we do it keeps for a long time so there is no requirement to use it up quickly.

The intolerance may have something to do with glutamate. do yo get a reaction to eating ripe tomatoes, or ripe anything for that matter?

eat plenty but keep you diet free from any additives especially aspartame. i'm sure you already avoid diet drinks.

if you do eat the cheese keep other forms of casein and indeed msg, aspartame to a minimum. Google hidden msg. so be careful of milk, wheat, corn, soya. stick with you're beneficial's and be extra careful reading the label of food, home cooked is best for baby. but take into account that you are an individual. as your gut improves you will be able to eat some of the foods you were intolerant to. but you can wait a few to nine months;)
Posted by: Loops, Sunday, January 29, 2012, 1:44pm; Reply: 2
no I don't have a problem with tomatoes, or msg stuff really as far as I can remember.  It really is just the casein.  But I have no idea what would happen now if I ate it.  It has been so long.  I read up about it and it appears that the opioid peptides in cheese are very addictive.  I was always struggling with water retention and weight gain eating dairy.
Posted by: Lloyd, Sunday, January 29, 2012, 1:47pm; Reply: 3
Quoted from Loops

What should I do?  I am also nearly 7 weeks pregnant right now so am wondering if I will need to eat dairy if possible for more calcium.

Thanks Loops

The most obvious beneficial attribute of the parmesean is short chain fatty acids. Butyrate, caprylate. The primary dietary source for these is dairy and coconut.

Calcium is widely available in many foods.

Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Sunday, January 29, 2012, 1:54pm; Reply: 4
Broccolli is great for calcium. but keeping a neutral ph diet helps too.

@ Lloyd - what about Ghee?
Posted by: Lloyd, Sunday, January 29, 2012, 1:57pm; Reply: 5
Quoted from PCUK-Positive

@ Lloyd - what about Ghee?

Yes, good choice for the fatty acids.

Posted by: 14442 (Guest), Sunday, January 29, 2012, 4:56pm; Reply: 6
I have had some problems with dairy and have definitely undone the hard work  ;D.  It's just a process.  I would try one small serving a week of parmesan to see if you tolerate it- the drier the better.  Whole Foods makes parmesan crisps that I've tolerated well, much better than actual grated cheese.
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Sunday, January 29, 2012, 5:04pm; Reply: 7
I put mine in a basil pesto just a slither, but i use a full teaspoon of ghee with my egg each morning.
Posted by: Canadj, Monday, January 30, 2012, 12:09am; Reply: 8
Dairy is a poor source of calcium.

You can read these to get a primer:

I was shocked, but it makes sense.  Milk drinking is associated with advanced culture and Africans, South Americans, Asians who don't drink milk were initially viewed by the British as backward.  Lactose intolerance was seen as an illness and holding them back.  Like it's our fault.

If you want more calcium, stick to the dark veg. like broccoli, spinach, seaweed, etc.  Preventing calcium loss is more important than calcium consumption.
Posted by: Spring, Monday, January 30, 2012, 2:20am; Reply: 9
There are more fractures in the United States than ever among women, and they gobble up more calcium than anywhere else in the world. Doesn't add up, does it? Something is desperately wrong. But back to the parmesan: I checked lactose intolerance in SWAMI and parmesan is still a diamond for me. (Of course, the casein is another story. But I don't do well with it either!) I have to take lactase to tolerate anything dairy, but that is fine with me. I just don't eat a whole lot of it. Maybe a little twice a week. And casein does seem to be addictive. To the extreme in some cases. I was taking a casein protein supplement (one big tablet a day) and suddenly realized that it had become an addiction. I was not taking very much to start with, thankfully, so it wasn't hard to throw it out. The cheeses I can have now don't seem to be a problem. It isn't as if I sit around dreaming about cheese or anything!
      But if I were seven months pregnant with a strong history of addiction I wouldn't touch the stuff with a ten foot pole until some time in the future!(smile)
Posted by: Loops, Monday, January 30, 2012, 11:42am; Reply: 10
I am 7 WEEKS pregnant not months. :)
Posted by: Spring, Monday, January 30, 2012, 3:41pm; Reply: 11
Quoted from Loops
I am 7 WEEKS pregnant not months. :)

Sorry about that Loops! But I'm glad I was wrong! (smile) Your situation was scaring me to death!
Posted by: Loops, Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 12:40pm; Reply: 12
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 5:35pm; Reply: 13
If you're not tolerating casein right now, then skip the cheeses. I think you need to focus on healing your gut right now, along with making sure you get enough nutrition for yourself and your growing baby. Until you've done more gut healing, don't experiment with foods that caused you problems in the past.

Ghee should be fine; it's free of lactose, casein, and whey, and it's a concentrated source of butryic acid, the "good part" of dairy in terms of gut healing.

Get your calcium from greens and bones. Bones contain everything you need to build and maintain strong bones, in the right proportions. Canned fish (such as sardines or salmon) eaten with the bones (mash them right in if you can't stand the texture) and/or drink lots of bone broth. If your pregnancy is anything like mine were, fish may not be an option right now (it completely nauseated me in early pg!) but bone broths should be easy to digest.
Posted by: Loops, Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 4:23pm; Reply: 14
hmmm.  Interestingly fish is one of the things I seem to want right now, and meat not so much.

Ok, so another question.  I have decided to try to eat some diamond cheese.  I am SERIOUSLY craving cheese right now, despite taking calcium.  I can make some bone broth but really this is not going to be practical all the time for me.  I haven't tested out cheese yet, so I don't know whether or not I will tolerate it this time round.

Anyway, what I need to know, is Reggianito the same as parmesan?  Wikipedia et al seem to think so.  Parmesan is a diamond on my Swami.  Anybody know for sure?  Cheese is one of the only foods that sound good to me right now.  Going by my cravings only, I would definitely start eating it.  I guess if I do and then don't feel so good I will know.  I actually get quite a lot of portions of cheese as well on my Swami.


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