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Posted by: CarolMakena13, Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 10:25pm
Okay folks need some help here.

I've been on the blood type diet for two years now, good results. I'm A rh-, non secretor.

The one outstanding issue is my iron level. Still too low. Still suffering fatigue and exhaustion. Ferritin level is 15 (reference range 10-291).

Now, here is my dilemma.  I have a naturopath (who recommended BTD) but a GP who knows NOTHING about thyroid issues.

The naturopath is convinced it is a thyroid issue.

The GP of course wants to put me on anti-depressants.

GP did a test she said was for thyroid -- thyrotopin (sensitive TSH) is in bracks on the cbc results, of which I have a copy. Is this test a T4 or a T3 test?

I am going to try to get these two to work together and/or get a referral to an endrocrinologist. Obviously my GP is not knowledgeable but doesn't want to admit it.

I am also perimenopausal and was told frankly by my GP that "we don't get trained in this in medical school" which is why I started seeing the naturopath.

I am on supplements: some homeopathic stuff, Q10, restorative thyroid RX (which may need to be increased).

Any advice or people have about tests or other approaches to take...I'm just tired of being so tired!  ??) ??)
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 10:47pm; Reply: 1
take a look at Dr D s health series, to help you jump start your plan in the right direction

follow protocols and food listings therein
try the fatigue book or the menopause one.....all address anti-inflammatory action
I d also advice you find out your secretor status to target all adequately
Posted by: 17852 (Guest), Sunday, April 1, 2012, 6:34pm; Reply: 2
so the first & last time I gave blood was June 2011.
I went to give blood for the second time last October, but I couldn’t because they discovered my iron levels were too low.
Now it turns out I may not be able to give it again tomorrow because of this chesty expletive deleted cough.
Beyond annoyed; anyone know how to get rid of a cough in around 20 hours?
iron deficiency
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, April 1, 2012, 7:05pm; Reply: 3

so in a nut shell, you still do not know your blood type, right?
Posted by: C_Sharp, Sunday, April 1, 2012, 7:06pm; Reply: 4
There are a variety of over the counter products to suppress coughs. I do not recommend using them to qualify for donating blood. It does not look like taking them would increase one's eligibility to donate blood.  Taking antibiotics will disqualify you.

Red Cross guidelines on blood donation:

Allergy, Stuffy Nose, Itchy Eyes, Dry Cough

Accept as long as person feels well, no fever, and no problems breathing through mouth


Wait 2 days after taking antibiotics for an infection.
Accept persons taking antibiotics to prevent an infection, for example, following dental procedures or for acne.
Those with a temperature above 99F may not donate until the fever is passed.

Cold, Flu, Sore Throat

Wait if you have a fever or a productive cough.
Wait if you feel unwell on the day of donation.
Wait 2 days after you have completed antibiotic treatment for sinus, throat or lung infection.

Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Blood Count

Each donor's hemoglobin is measured at the blood collection site before donation is allowed. The level required for blood donation is set by the Food and Drug Administration for all blood collections in the United States. It is common for donors, especially women, to have hemoglobin levels too low to donate. This is sometimes due to iron deficiency, but may also be normal for the person. If you are disqualified as a donor because of a low blood count, you may return and try again at any time.
Accept those with a hemoglobin at or above 12.5 g/dL.
Accept those with a hematocrit at or above 38%.


In almost all cases, medications do not disqualify a person as a blood donor. The person's eligibility is based on the reason that the medication was prescribed. As long as the condition is under control and the person is healthy, blood donation is usually permitted. There are just a few selected drugs that are potentially toxic if given to a patient through transfusion; persons on these medications have waiting periods before donating:
Wait 3 years from the last dose of Soriatane (acitretin).
Wait 4 weeks after taking Accutane (isoretinoin) Proscar (finasteride),Propecia (finasteride), methotrexate
Persons who have ever taken Tegison (etretinate) are not eligible to donate blood.
Wait 3 months after taking Arava (leflunomide).
Wait 5 days after taking coumadin.
Wait 36 hours after taking aspirin, Plavix (clopidogrel) or Ticlid (ticlopidine)if you are going to donate plateletpheresis.
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