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Posted by: angel, Sunday, December 18, 2011, 6:25am
I pulled up the old thread from 2007.

I talked to my doctor she confirmed that I ahd a past Epstein-Barr Virus. She explained that I still carry the virus and when I times of extreme stress. It 'Re-ativiates' hance again froim the 5th doctor I must reduce my stress level. She also said I will go in cycles good and bad days. Colonoscopy IBS with not gluten allowed & again reduce my stress. DEXA scan Stable take mroe vitamin D. Endocrinologist a wonderful man with abedside manner to die for- Compunded T4 and compounded T3 and doing much better.

Any suggestions for coping? beyond restricted yeast and carbs, plus gluten-free, corn-free, and White potato-free.
I am still reeling form the information I am learning Now to tackle the VA for the my time in the GULF.
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, December 18, 2011, 7:21am; Reply: 1
follow your guidelines
rh negatives are more prone
as well as B types

follow the antiviral and the immune enhancing protocols for support
Posted by: Goldie, Sunday, December 18, 2011, 6:01pm; Reply: 2
Stressed = desserts... what matters is how you look at any situation.. see the 2 words interchanged read backward and respond to both intentions.. stress is what you make of it.  its like the man who drove down the road in a  brand new car.. a kid through rocks at him and caused damage to the car.. the man stopped, turned around to tell the parents and the child off..

After he was back to where the child was still more rocks held in his hands - he stepped out ready for a scene.. only to hear the boy say quietly: "Sorry sir my brother fell off the roof, can you help?.."

So somewhere find the means to de-stress.  find the person or the faith to share the hurt and anguished fear, and then let go in some way, not easy, but possible if you see stress as a choice..

If your life depends on it then act as if that matters.. it's not only food or health, but the whole body that matters..

Posted by: Melissa_J, Monday, December 19, 2011, 5:25am; Reply: 3
NMT, Neuro-Modulation Therapy, helped me with my mono fatigue.  It was the first thing that came up on her tests and the first thing she treated. After the treatment, and a couple days of my immune system finally eradicating it, then I no longer needed 9+ hours of sleep every night like I had needed ever since I had mono.  
Posted by: ilmuller, Monday, December 19, 2011, 6:59am; Reply: 4
This is my experience: I am O+

February 2011 I was diagnosed with Citomegaluvirus and Epstein Barr - my imune system was down (I thought I would die!). April I decided to cut of my diet not only gluten : all grains including Buckwheet, sugar, milk - but kept heavy cream and butter. Made my own magic bread (linsseed) and in every meal I had protein (eggs, beef, duck, chicken or fish) with plenty of veggies(the ones allowed for Os). Most of the time I have 2,5 times more veggies than protein. Each meal I take some fat with (1 TB Oliven oil or Ghee (in german Butterschmalz or even Goose fat).  :B 3 Months later my cholest :Berol dropped from 297 to 215!!!!! :D
I lost  8 kgs and each day I am getting better. I could not walk 200 meters in february... During the whole time I did not exercise.... I had a extrem fatigue. I am still not 100% but I am in my way. I meditate 2x a day (sometimes more) - and it is incredible how it does wonders! Oh... I do not take high blood pressure medications anymore (maybe that trigged the whole together with the carbohidrates). The only thing I am taking is for hashimoto (L-Thyroxin 75mg)... which I hope one day I could/can skip). I eat Christmas cookies these days.... and  the pain in my legs came back (strange feeling). So resuming: no milk, no grains, 1 fruit a day, lot of veggies, some protein and some fat.... a lot of water....  Wish you all the best. Ingrid
Posted by: Lola, Monday, December 19, 2011, 8:11am; Reply: 5
stay as compliant as possible
Posted by: angel, Thursday, December 22, 2011, 6:13am; Reply: 6
Yes time to go back to my modified Bodybuilding diet-Heavy on the protein, veggies and fruit, some fat and a very little grain. something chocolate and sweet occasionally.

Do wish I could attend a conference with Dr D, but alas until the farm is paid for I think not.
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