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Posted by: 16818 (Guest), Saturday, December 17, 2011, 4:35am
I've been incorporating this into my diet for the past few months. It was recommended to me to help reduce manic episodes. It does seem to have a nice calming effect on me. I don't crave it, so I suspect it is not an avoid for me.

I try to remember to take the 2 500mg capsules daily but I also enjoy adding quinoa/maca blend(Kiwigen Golden) to banana smoothies. I ratio type b/ab protein blend powder 2:1 with the maca drink powder.

from the label
serving size 17g
fat 1g
sodium 6mg
carbohydrate 13g
fiber 1g
protein 2g

Anyone else have a good experience with this marvelous food? I'm almost out so I'm wondering whether I should get the same brand or if there might be something better with less sugar I could try.
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