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Posted by: san j, Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 4:32am
Memory LOSS is a frequent topic of discussion around here. I can't remember where I read...Why did I start this thread? Oh yeah...
Only kidding.

Only one member of my family (not a B) that I know of ever suffered from a memory-affecting problem late in life (and it was very late in life.  A number of people have posted that they are having some memory deficits.

Would you like to share feats of memory? Instead of a thread on Memory Deficits, I thought a thread honoring Memory Exploits would be fun for a change.

- - - - - - -

I'll start, because of something that happened today.
There are certainly different types of memory. I work with words a great deal - writing, editing, composing creative pieces - and my memory is constantly put to the test and constantly passing the tests.

This morning I woke up with a few ideas and phrases in my head. I scribbled them on a small piece of paper and added to them throughout the morning.
Then, many hours later, away from the paper, I wanted to look at those ideas and phrases but didn't have the paper. So I rewrote them from memory, seeing how many of them I could remember.

What frequently happens in cases like this, for me, is that I then improve upon those ideas and phrases. Something about having written them, even semi-consciously, it seems, embeds them in memory.

As an editor, I have to admit that what is first scribbled is usually just a germ of an idea, or even a really BAD idea, and cannot stand very well, for long, on its own. Much revision is usually required. But I do seem to be extraordinarily able to recall those waking thoughts, verbatim--- This morning there were a couple dozen lines; I remembered all of them. Plus, I added another dozen or more, later. Much of the early a.m. stuff was trite, but at least the juices were flowing. I say: Express your ideas, even if they're bad ones. If you keep examining them, you'll be inspired to improve upon them. Revision is like practicing a musical instrument - It leads to improvement.

Tell us your little Memory Feat, too.

- - - - -

Maybe this thread will stimulate your memory.
Posted by: Beachgirl, Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 4:39am; Reply: 1
My friends always tell me that I have a great memory...I tell them I have a memory stuffed full of useless facts.   ;)  I can recall minute details of whens & wheres & what people were wearing & dates of vacations, parties & things people said...  Friends will often come to me with questions, such as, "Do you remember when I....?"  (took that trip, went to the doctor, got into that accident, etc.) and I can usually pinpoint it for them.  However, I need a day planner to remember all the things that need to get done on a daily or weekly basis.  Go figure!
Posted by: jayneeo, Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 5:42am; Reply: 2
I remember people. I've come to understand that that's just me....they don't necessarily remember me back....sometimes I just keep it to myself that we worked at the same school 30 yrs ago so as not to cause any embarrassment... ;) ....I'm odd enough to be memorable but maybe I just don't look odd...? 8) (trust me, I am)
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 6:30am; Reply: 3
The MOTION of writing from side to side settles words in our mind.   The focusing on different spaces, triangulation on anything makes you remember better. The choosing where to write words makes it a piece of memory. Smell and sound all trigger better memory.  Writing anything one day is always something we can improve on when it is lost or erased. Somehow the memory of doing the recording makes it a memory, that then takes in other factors which help to improve whatever often in much fewer words...

I have a clear memory of a piece of a corner from a newspaper where I had scribbled words to get me out of a school day to participate in another important event...  I wonder if I remember it because of the fact that I was proud to be the only sibling that accomplished that exception.. 60 years ago... or I wonder... if the power of taking action created that lifelong desire to make a difference. I like words.


Posted by: Maria Giovanna, Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 9:14am; Reply: 4
Up to 25 years old I could remember  telephone numbers ,addresses and names as a book, without much notes or writing. I did it for a plus or to keep records. I was pretty quick to grasp physics and maths concepts, I amazed  my male mates at school once ...
Now I must take note as sleeping late and not enough hit really everyone I guess, especially in short term memory.
I have a great memory to play music by heart, but  this is a professional development I guess since a teenager. we need to retain such a lot of details on a performance and a piece, that it's easy to have it learnt by heart.
I am a great observer and remember the words and the actions of the people I care nearly merciless ! LOL

Posted by: paul clucas, Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 1:13am; Reply: 5
My wife likes to challenge our children.  Once, when he was about five, she asked our son how many trees there were in the "Hundred Acre Wood."  He thought about it for a few seconds and said twenty-seven.  He then directed us to the two page spread illustration in the Winnie-the-Pooh book, and we counted twenty seven trees.

I am willing to bet the farm that he is an Explorer.
Posted by: NewHampshireGirl, Thursday, November 10, 2011, 4:50pm; Reply: 6
Quoted from paul clucas
My wife likes to challenge our children.  Once, when he was about five, she asked our son how many trees there were in the "Hundred Acre Wood."  He thought about it for a few seconds and said twenty-seven.  He then directed us to the two page spread illustration in the Winnie-the-Pooh book, and we counted twenty seven trees.

I am willing to bet the farm that he is an Explorer.

I love his mind!!  I never ceased to be amazed when my children were growing up the way their minds worked.  I've always been thankful to be lucky enough to have children and to interact with them all these years......yes, even now as adults.  :)
Posted by: Jane, Thursday, November 10, 2011, 5:04pm; Reply: 7
I used to have this freaky memory for phone numbers.  I just knew them and didn't even have to think about it.  I think now with everything on a cell and in computers I've lost some of that ability.  I also have been told that I remember details of people, place, events, etc.  However, sometimes in just trying to remember the right word, etc. it takes me a while.  I had a boss who used to kiddingly say that her brain was full and that she had to forget something to stuff anything else in there.  

With a mom who suffered with Alzheimer's, I'm diligent about doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, KenKen, etc.  It's satisfying to look at a hard crossword puzzle (Sunday ones, e.g.) and think that you don't know even a quarter of it, then work your way through and finish it!
Posted by: deblynn3, Thursday, November 10, 2011, 6:31pm; Reply: 8
I remember events not the dates, etc. I remember what was said how they felt at the time where they were, how they looked. I'm the one who can find things.(I believe this might be practice as I'm always loosing things  ::) )  I can retrace the whole day.  I seem to remember phone numbers, but can't remember my own SS number.  :o  I can remember words, I just can't get them to come out of my mouth right. It really drives me crazy to hear a word in my head but can't get it to come out.  I remember in pictures.  We had a family test on this once. We'd call out a thing say "cat" and everyone had to say what they mentally saw.  BD and I say a cat. Mine was the black cat from a Germany wine bottle my mom use to get.  My husband saw the word "CAT"  He can spell by the way. BD and I can't.
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