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Posted by: balletomane, Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 3:05pm
I've been having this pain under the right rib cage for a week. Today I finally got the X-ray results--no fracture. That was a relief! However, when I asked the doctor if it could have something to do with the liver or gallbladder, he said no. When I asked him where the gallbladder is located, he poked his finger on a spot right under the right rib cage, and guess what? It is exactly where I have been feeling tenderness and dull pain for the past week.

Initially, I thought this pain had something to do with an accident where I bumped the rib cage into a rock in the ocean. But I did not get any bad pain after the accident. One week later, I suddenly got this pain. Now, this happened during a period where I have been working very late hours and sometimes pulling all nighters. I have been extremely sleep deprived. I also have been experiencing manic-depressive episodes.

The doctor ruled out gallbladder attack as he said it has to come with a fever (due to inflammation).

Then I goggled gallbladder symptoms and found that gallbladder issues don't necessary have to come with a fever. Symptoms could include dull pain or tenderness under the right rib cage. I also read that gallbladder problems could be related to hypothyroidism, and one of the symptoms is depression.

Now, I don't have a lot of the other symptoms of hypothyroidism but I suspect that my thyroid/endocrine system is out of wrack due to the lack of sleep in the past 2-3 weeks.

Does anybody know anything about gallbladder issues? Since the MD doesn't have a clue and has dismissed any issues with my organs, I'd like to get some other opinions. If any of you have experienced the same kind of pain, I'd like to hear from you. Thanks!
Posted by: Dianne, Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 4:39pm; Reply: 1
The usual method is to have an ultrasound to see if you have stones. I no longer have a gallbladder and when I had attacks there was NEVER a fever. Don't know where he/she pulled that info from. Do you have trouble digesting fats?
I have had several attacks so I know what they feel like. Also the pain in the right rib area can be dull or sharp not always a full blown attack. One time a heavy box that I was lifting off a shelves came forward and hit me right smack in the front on my right rib. It precipitated a very unpleasant 10 hours gallbladder attack. The ultrasound revealed that it had moved it close to the bile duct. See if you can get an ultrasound and in the meantime limit or avoid fats and do some castor oil packs. There is lots of info I can give you but it would be easier to PM me. Good luck. :B
Posted by: balletomane, Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 4:50pm; Reply: 2
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, Dianne. I guess an ultrasound is the only way to find out for sure. The castor oil pack is a good idea. I'll give it a try. Thanks for the reminder. It seems that my accident was a precursor to this "attack". Well, I've never had any trouble digesting fat. In fact, as a Hunter I digest fat very well. That's why I'm puzzled. I'll PM you later when I have had a chance to clean up my mailbox. It's already full. Right now I'm drinking a juice made of beet, lemon and EVOO... see if that helps the bile to move along a little more easily. I just took a CLA forumula from NAP to see if that helps with fat digestion.... Just some of my own concocted solutions  :P
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 10:03pm; Reply: 3
Cutting back on fat isn't necessarily the best way to treat a weak gallbladder. The liver makes bile and the gallbladder stores it; if you suddenly cut back on fat consumption, the liver will still make bile and it will build up in the gallblader causing more pain. The best thing for the gallbladder is to consume around the same amount of fat daily, at around the same times of day- the exact amount of fat to eat will vary from person to person.

You might want to look into liver/gallbladder flushes/cleanses/detoxes. There are various "recipes" out there, some gentler and some more harsh. General liver-strenghtening herbs will help the gallbladder as well, since the two organs are so closely connected.

It's best to get an ultrasound of your liver and gallbladder before doing anything, especially if you can repeat the u/s after doing a flush or cleanse to see if it helped any. But if you can't get your doctor to order the ultrasound, you may want to do some kind of liver/gallbladder healing protocol on your own.
Posted by: balletomane, Thursday, September 1, 2011, 2:40am; Reply: 4
Thanks Dianne for the PM, and thanks, Ruthiegirl for your response.

Since the "good fats" that I have been consuming according to my SWAMI have made me feel good, I doubt if they are doing any harm to me, even with the gallbladder being a processor of fat. So you might be right, Ruthiegirl.

I just got a referral letter from my family doctor to do an ultrasound, all to be paid out of my own pocket as my insurance only covers one ultrasound a year, and I already used that for my fibroids  :-/. Anyway it's worth finding out.

I do have some tincture for liver cleanse that I bought more than a year, maybe two, ago. Do you think it would still be good after such a long time? I haven't stored it in the fridge. The contents are: organic milk thistle, organic burdock root, barberry bark, organic fennel, organic ginger, organic goldenseal root, organic bupleurum root, water and organic alcohol.

Last night after drinking the beet/lemon/olive oil juice I felt very good in my guts and the slight acid reflux I had went away too. I also did a castor oil pack but this morning woke up with a sharp pain instead of a dull pain in the area. I did feel less bloated though.

What puzzles me is that this condition suddenly flares up and I've been doing BTD and SWAMI for almost 2 years now. So I don't think it has anything to do with the way I eat. Rather, the lack of sleep/stress probably is the main contributor  :'(.
Posted by: Possum, Thursday, September 1, 2011, 10:05am; Reply: 5
Hope you get to the bottom of it & feel better soon??!! ::)
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, September 1, 2011, 12:54pm; Reply: 6
Quoted Text
The doctor ruled out gallbladder attack as he said it has to come with a fever (due to inflammation).

NOT SO.. !!!!!!

I had a gallbladder issue that lasted a week, and then went away.. no temp.. !!

BUT HE MAY be right.. it is not your gallbladder unless you have gas pockets under the upper ribs that prevent you from breathing.. that is a key!

you might have bruised your self.. it could be a  referred pain from the fall. do acupuncture..  

BUT balletomany.. I am concerned on a good day, for your mental health and really start getting concerned about it when you work so hard.. is there no happy medium somehow..  
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Thursday, September 1, 2011, 8:33pm; Reply: 7
The body can do strange things- you've been on SWAMI a long time, no changes in your diet, but your body suddenly decides it's time to heal the old gallbladder, and you get some gallbladder symptoms.

Alcohol tinctures should last for several years, even at room temperature. That's the whole point of the alcohol in them. At worst, they might start to weaken a bit, but they won't turn into toxic substances. You'll just need a slightly higher dose (and the most "dangerous" part is that the different herbal components may lose potency at different rates, changing the balance of herbs in the mixture.) I doubt it would lose potency after only 2 years though.

You might want to double-check that all of those herbs are OK for Os.
Posted by: balletomane, Friday, September 2, 2011, 7:22am; Reply: 8
Possum: thanks. I do have good news: Ultrasound images show that my liver and gallbladder are completely normal! Yippppeeee! No need to worry about it now. So I am narrowing down the problem to either muscular injury or the nervous. Probably a bruise quite deep down, but hopefully nothing that will last a long time.

Ruthiegirl: I opened up that bottle of tincture (it turned out to be still sealed) and took some last night in my tea. I felt pretty good afterwards. But it's a good idea to check all the ingredients against my SWAMI. Thanks for the reminder. It's probably a good idea to take that from time to time for my liver health, provided that the ingredients are OK.

Goldie: You're right about the mental aspect that my late-night job has ensued. I must try to find a happy medium somehow. It would be easier if I didn't have to make a living, LOL, but I am the breadwiner at home so there I go.
Posted by: Dianne, Friday, September 2, 2011, 1:22pm; Reply: 9
Truly good news. Great to be able to have the ultrasound so quickly! :)
Posted by: balletomane, Friday, September 2, 2011, 1:38pm; Reply: 10
Thank you so much for all your advice, Dianne! :)

I'm so glad that I could find out so quickly. ;D
Posted by: ABJoe, Friday, September 2, 2011, 3:09pm; Reply: 11
Quoted from balletomane
Ultrasound images show that my liver and gallbladder are completely normal! Yippppeeee! No need to worry about it now.

This means that there is no clinical problem, but there can be pains due to sub-clinical issues...  You may have had some pain due to passing some toxin, etc...  These pains usually go away with a bit of attention to foods that specifically help those organs.
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Friday, September 2, 2011, 3:19pm; Reply: 12
I'm glad your ultrasound showed nothing "majorly wrong" with your liver and gallbladder. But your pain could still have been from your gallbladder- just a much more minor problem that doesn't show up in the ultrasound.
Posted by: JJR, Friday, September 2, 2011, 3:50pm; Reply: 13
My doctor says the best thing for a clogged gall bladder is Artichoke leaf extract.  I have been on it in the past.  If you can muscle test and get yourself some, it could very well help!  
Posted by: David, Monday, September 5, 2011, 7:21am; Reply: 14
I have eaten dairy for decades and have heard lectures where it was mentioned that dairy was the primary culprit in many gallbladder problems.

I once heard an amazing lecture by a well known Chiropractic Nutritionist who lectures all across the world mention that beets are a gallbladder cleanser. He eats a High protein Hunter type diet with a lot of meat and said he eats beets every chance he gets.

Some time after that I noticed a nagging and ongoing pain in the gallbladder area. Remembering that comment, I went to the grocery store for beets. I was amazed to discover they did not have any in the produce department. I came home with a few cans and for a few weeks ate 1/2 can of beets a day. I found myself looking forward to them, they were delicious! The nagging pain receded from the very first meal.

GTD book shows beets as Diamond, Beneficial or Neutral for all types.
Posted by: weroflu, Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 8:20pm; Reply: 15
<<What puzzles me is that this condition suddenly flares up and I've been doing BTD and SWAMI for almost 2 years now. So I don't think it has anything to do with the way I eat.>>

similar story here, though i did the diet for much longer. not a single doctor or any of the crazy alternative people i went to mentioned anything about gallstones. unfortunately this includes dr. d, when it seems that this was a primary issue for me.

i can't say whether the btd was stimluting the gall bladder in a good way or it was causing it to clog up, but i had no choice but to do the liver flushes. once i was through with many of them, the btd diet was not the right diet for me. strange story.

your doctor sounds at best misinformed. the bells should go off loudly whenever someone presents with pain in that area.

lots of good dietary advice from other posters including the olive oil, beets, artichoke. any bitter food will stimulate the gall bladder. look into the herb phylanthus niuri in combination with the cold pressed olive oil. turmeric helps to emulsify fats and dissolve stones as does lemon juice which should  help the situation, more water, maybe more salt in the diet. sodium is an alkaline mineral and impotant for bile formation. cayenne and licorice are both cholagogues (bile stimulants). the membrane fluidizer drink with lecithin should also help.

from what i gather meat and gallstones are peas in a pod, so you may have some soul searching to do.
Posted by: balletomane, Thursday, September 15, 2011, 3:14am; Reply: 16
Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. Very good advice and warnings. I'm glad to say that the pain is gone and now in hindsight I'm pretty sure it was due to the muscle sprain or bruise at the spot where I hit the rib, one week prior to the pain. However, I should still take precaution and I will remember these suggestions!

I did try beet during the ordeal and it made me feel pretty good. Beet is a Neutral for me on my SWAMI though. I also love cayenne and used to take it every day in my food but since I discovered that it's a black dot, I am using it less. Tumeric is wonderful. I use either the powder or the actual root for cooking, almost every day. I also take Scienca.

Regarding meat... hmmm, I'm following the portion on SWAMI exactly and usually I feel fine. It is a subject that I think about from time to time because I also wonder if it is not so good for my fibroids??) But my digestion system feels good when I have had meat  ;)

I didn't know dairy would cause gallbladder problems. I admit I was eating a little bit more cheese than usual during that time--compliant cheese, by the way, but maybe I went a tad over the board with the portion. I have since cut down a lot on the cheese and generally eating less as I get more sleep and feel less stressed. Sleep was the No. 1 that kicked off my recovery  :)
Posted by: 312 (Guest), Thursday, September 15, 2011, 5:09pm; Reply: 17
Hi Balletomane,
I am curious about scienca for helping shrink fibroids.  Somewhere I read about turmeric being helpful in that area. I have only recently started cooking more with it, but may try the Scienca.  Glad to hear your pain is gone!
Posted by: balletomane, Friday, September 16, 2011, 1:48am; Reply: 18
Thanks Paula! Scienca is anti-inflammatory. I've heard about so many positive things about tumeric, including its ability to detox the liver... and I've read that recently doctors have started to prescribe tumeric for fibroids. Well, Indians are very smart to be including it in their diet since thousands of years ago  :)!
Posted by: honeybee, Friday, September 16, 2011, 2:08am; Reply: 19
I had a tendon bleed last month, bought some $$ turmeric / cumerone caps -
I have kept up taking the turmeric twice a day as wonder if it may help shrink an ovarian cyst, being a fantastic sup anyhow, it can not do any harm...
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