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Posted by: angel, Thursday, July 21, 2011, 8:06pm
Has anyone with thyroid -hypo or hyper had the experience of talking to someone or reading something that just kinda caught them the wrong way (on that day). Prior to treatment had a change in personality or character or the way they act as observed by loved ones and friends. Have they chimed off on a board or letter to the editor. I am realizing after reading some literature on thyroid by Dr Ahem from the Texas Thyroid Institute. I may have some of that going on.

So first i better apologize, I am usually a very open and thoughtful person but some days are not as good as others. If I have offended I have not meant too. I am somewhat opinionated in some areas and some know that.

It could be why some people are afraid of me because I am somewhat abrasive at times, but not always. IF you push a button look out. I stay away from certain areas of this board because of those opinions and I know they are not looked upon favorably by others. Part of the reason I have not been on the board is because of my thyroid and chronic fatigue issues.

I do appreciate those who have been willing to converse and talk and discuss. Lola, Lloyd, MelissaJ, TJ (formerly Drive55), Eric and of Course Dr. D-there are many others but these pop straight to mind.

I am praying the doctor I will see in September will really be like my doctor who retired in june and hope she will help me.
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, July 21, 2011, 9:13pm; Reply: 1
Thyroid can make you crazy.. so can chronic fatigue..

Go and tell me if you have diabetes in your family .. then you might be gatherer and therfore in a stae of consistently ebing Hypoglycemic.. a nervous biundle of nerves, defencive or protective.. it might really explain you to your self.. IT made me do so and I feel much better..

If you read my thread on HCG homeopathics, then you can see how I feel today.. something I never did before..  guiltfree living is fab for me.. find yours..
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Thursday, July 21, 2011, 9:14pm; Reply: 2
That's one of the great things about message boards- you can type up your post, re-read it, and edit before posting, or even decide not to post if you don't think you can respond constructively. You can't do that when talking in person!
Posted by: angel, Thursday, July 21, 2011, 11:35pm; Reply: 3
Goldie- yes diabetes, BUT  other bigger issues have influence that the book could not take into account. Initially thought I was a nomad, but the book said I was gatherer, BUT SWAMI said Hunter with other things, My only other option is Explorer. But I think If I could it would be a trip to see Dr. D, or like I said bring the iFhi to Salt Lake City, UT and I'd volunteer to be on staff if nothing else. I have looked into the HCG, I am not ready for that-my hormones are already messed up enough. Need to get things stabilized first.

Ruthie-Sometimes no matter how much I edit.. some people will take offense, because I don't speak their ' particular language'. I know that. I accept that. I try to keep politics and religion low key. I grew up around a lot of historical sights back east (VA) and loved (and still love) learning all I can about our founders and their reasoning behind our founding documents. I know it was more than chance for our nation to come into being. Without getting into trouble i'll stop there. It is just sad when others chose to believe that which comes from a source other than the person they may be talking to. But remember certain things/principles/beliefs are perfect, but people aren't.
Posted by: TheGameChanger, Saturday, July 23, 2011, 12:33am; Reply: 4
As a former HYPER (Graves disease) I can totally relate. Even the chemicals I am exposed to in the food industry now have me thinking about some mood swings and headaches and "tightening of the throat" I went through after a full month of working at Wendy's.

What I can say is - I think whether HYPO or HYPER you realise how delicate your thyroid is and how tough a customer it can be when it starts dictating your outlook and reaction to life.

I am a reactive anyway (Explorer) but the best experience I can speak of is find all sources of chlorine and toxins and pollutants in you and around you and get away from them permanently!

I actually got healed of Graves by omitting Splenda (its processed through chlorine), a big city full of car exhaust fumes, and a houseful of people who would easily smoke a pack a day of cigaretts and didn't give a expletive deleted whether I recovered or not.

6 months later....after I moved out into the countryside of PA......BOOM.....I awoke one late winter day to my "thyroid lowering medicine" actually doing the reverse for was making me sick and zapping  all the energy out of me and pushing me towards depression! I guess my liver finally released the thyroid bothering toxins and my thyroid was responding!

My mother and my sister still have to take thyroid replacements but I am suspecting part of it is that they have a mouthful of mercury fillings. I have 2 small amalgym fillings 25 years old that have now turned black and I want them permanently out of my body. A sound-recording of my voice matched up to a disease database 2 years ago before I got the hyperthyroidism said that "I had a lot of titanium in my tissues"............................... :o Well if so, I know from where it came!
Posted by: Amazone I., Saturday, July 23, 2011, 4:47am; Reply: 5
due to stressful situations our hta-axis shall be balanced ;) ;D....
Posted by: angel, Saturday, July 23, 2011, 6:54pm; Reply: 6
Seraffa-Yes I know the filling issues I had a mouthful literally. I may have one tucked under a crown that is all the rest are White now. I had 4 of them taken out about two years ago. I was getting worse and worse and this was before the thyroid issues. Which do run in my family-my sister is Euthyroid (was hyper)-she had it removed.  My mother is hypo- she can onky take the 50's (6 of them to make her dose). I Take a compounded T4 50, It is helping but I know I go in cycles. My life has been a little tougher being affected by CFS and candida-which probably came from my mother.She always had yeast infections-I think alot of it was the way we ate honestly. We will be moving to the country here soon. I am looking forwrd to less stress and working on a farm. But we make take a side trip here soon to visit my husband and to pick up some venison-a diamond for us- from a friend that will fill a portion of the freezer but will not last long honestly. He is quite lucky, he gets to hunt  enough to fill a large chest freeser so he does not eat a lot of beef. He quiteliterally eats this stuff year round and we all love his summer sausage.

Yes-AmaZone I-Stress is  huge factor-hence I do not do family camps with his family without my husband period, way too stressful. I am planning one just for me and the kids-Thoug may be more of cooking out in the back yard and sleeping a tent there.
Posted by: JJR, Saturday, July 23, 2011, 10:06pm; Reply: 7
Quoted from Amazone I.
due to stressful situations our hta-axis shall be balanced ;) ;D....

I thought it was HPA axis, or are you making some kind of funny?  Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Adrenal.

Dealing with health issues that are chronic can make you emotional.  I always did have a short trigger, and I'm getting better, but dealing with not feeling good can just be frustrating.  And I'm sure the thyroid, adrenals, yeast, etc all can affect the mood.

Posted by: Eric, Sunday, July 24, 2011, 3:56am; Reply: 8
Yup, I usually feel great (provided I'm not stressed out.. hah).  But as soon as my thyroid tips the slightest bit, I'm an entirely different person, and life is miserable!
Posted by: angel, Sunday, July 24, 2011, 5:49am; Reply: 9
And that is the point-Eric. Sometimes with all the stress of 5 kids (an 18 yo-really good kid, 17 yo who wants to 25 and making not smart choices, 15 to be  16 end of Aug-driving scaring me, then 11 yo just struglling period, and my sunshine not a care in the world will be 10 in Dec.), building a new home and getting new property to start a farm, husband deployed, in-laws who I don't deal well with, my health issues-coming to this board for some of my support and then something I see sets me off and my foot fits well in my mouth.

I do wish I was a better person, at this point If I could I would go to medical school. I want to help others and I don't want them to suffer the way I have. I don't want a student loan so we figure saving 2200 to 2400 month to make tuition for one year. So for now I wait and will repeat the older classes and take the others I need to. But I do a lot of reading on my own too. I love the sciency heavy stuff and then I translate for my husband.

Eric-I hope your pre-med stuff is going well. thanks
Posted by: cajun, Sunday, July 24, 2011, 10:43pm; Reply: 10
First off, please tell your husband THANK YOU!!!!!! May God Bless him!
Second, cudos to you for managing the most difficult/rewarding "job" in the world
(parenting) while dealing with health issues!
Third, please give yourself some slack and BREATHE! ;)
Posted by: SandrAruba, Monday, July 25, 2011, 12:29am; Reply: 11
Oh yeah, can totally relate. When I'm under too much stress I don't like the person I am. I will lash out at anyone who is closest at that point (usually my husband... poor thing, he so does not deserve it).

That's why I started the fatigue protocol as described on this site and I can say I can feel it starting to work. However I have to very careful not to jump back in the hectic life that I had. Keep my meds under control and my cortisol levels low, that helps me through the day.
Posted by: JJR, Monday, July 25, 2011, 1:28am; Reply: 12
Quoted from cajun
First off, please tell your husband THANK YOU!!!!!! May God Bless him!
Second, cudos to you for managing the most difficult/rewarding "job" in the world
(parenting) while dealing with health issues!
Third, please give yourself some slack and BREATHE! ;)

Yeah, you got enough on your plate to stress you out without even adding in the thyroid.
Posted by: angel, Monday, July 25, 2011, 4:07am; Reply: 13
The stress is why I cut back on some other things I was doing. That is why my relationship with God is first, Then my husband-we know if we are square thent he kids know they will be ok, third the kids. Then everything outside these inner most circle competes for my attention.  Work this ahs slipped huge, but it is commission work-so I really don't worry and my volunteering: Boy Scouts, VFW/military. I have cut way back because of my health and our soon to be farm life.  I went to visit the property today and that little piece of earth gives me peace and quiets my soul. I actually am looking forward to the work. It encourages me to get things in order both health wise and otherwise.

I wish I knew how to explain it pushes me forward to get my self strong physically. I am starting to weight train again at home, but slowly and steady. I don't want to move to quick and burn out. I need to keep it consistent and move carefully. I want to be where I was January 2005-feeling totally on top of the world and healthy as a (pardon the pun) 'horse' and lifting like mad woman. I want to prep as If I was going to compete, I probably will but only on bodybuilding .com. not professionally too much stress. I know I feel so much better when I am there.

Any way-my next competition then will the farm girl life.
Posted by: Minnie777, Monday, July 25, 2011, 11:32am; Reply: 14
My thyroid levels don't seem to have too much influence on my mood.
I have Hashimoto's, am hypo-thyroid and on fairly high dosages of t3 and t4, but the only thing that can really affect my ability to deal with life's annoyances is lack of sleep.  When I don't get enough sleep, I have a much harder time maintaining a positive attitude and am much more likely to be impatient with people.
Because of my disappearing thyroid, my levels go below optimal range occasionally and I usually know when that happens because of how my body feels, but it does not seem to affect me psychologically or emotionally.
Posted by: angel, Thursday, July 28, 2011, 12:17am; Reply: 15
Stress and lack of sleep-yes those do have play, but i also realize after delving into some other literature that the hormonal influence does have somethig with the emotional end. That is what is frustrating, I can look back at certain points in my life and tell exactly what was going and which side my thyroid was hi or low. It is pretty scary, That is all I'll say.

thank you everyone for sharing and your support thus far.
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