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Posted by: leeyah87, Monday, June 27, 2011, 8:09pm
My husband and I just started following the BTD about 2 weeks ago.  I am Type A and he is Type B.  We had been following the food charts in the "Eat Right for you Type" book, but we recently bought the "Live Right for your Type" book and have discovered the concept of "secretor status".  Right now, we do not know our secretor status, but we plan to.  My question is: is it enough to know your blood type and secretor status?  I've been hearing a lot about something called the "Swami diet" on the boards.  The BTD is so new and confusing to us that I can't imagine diving into investigating this Swami concept until we feel comfortable following the BTD.  For the time being, we are assuming we are both secretors until we find out for sure.  I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences with the BTD/secretor status versus the Swami diet.  Thank you!
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Monday, June 27, 2011, 8:20pm; Reply: 1
Knowing secretor status is important. Unlike knowing your cholesterol numbers or other lab values ( which change over the years) this one gives you information that will impact your health for the rest of your life.

It is your genotype, who you are.
Posted by: leeyah87, Monday, June 27, 2011, 8:36pm; Reply: 2
Quoted from Andrea AWsec
Knowing secretor status is important. Unlike knowing your cholesterol numbers or other lab values ( which change over the years) this one gives you information that will impact your health for the rest of your life.

It is your genotype, who you are.

Hi!  Thank you for your response.  My husband and I are planning on finding out our secretor status, but my questions was how the BTD diet/secretor status compares to following the Swami diet?

Posted by: Lloyd, Monday, June 27, 2011, 8:37pm; Reply: 3
Do what you are comfortable with.

That is most important because it means you will willingly be compliant. Which is better than following a 'more advanced' diet and getting discouraged to the point you quit.

At some point if you decide to make the change to something a little more advanced you will be ready for it because you want to do it.
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Monday, June 27, 2011, 8:38pm; Reply: 4
The more individual you get the better, SWAMI is just an individualized version of the BTD/GTD.

It really depends on your health issues.

It is not so complicated :)

The more SWAMI knows about you the better.
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Monday, June 27, 2011, 8:50pm; Reply: 5
IMO, you're fine just following the diets in the book for now. There's a LOT of information in the books and on this board and website, and it can definitely be overwhelming.

Many of us on this board followed BTD for years, before GTD (genotype diet) and SWAMI (personalized computer-generated diet) were available. They're excellent diets, worlds better than any of the "one size fits all" dietary advice out there. But, as there are only 4 blood types and 2 secretor values, making 8 different "blood type diet" diets, and way more than 8 people out there, there's certainly room for making things even more individualized.

Once you've been on BTD for a while, you can assess how you're doing. Maybe you'll feel absolutely wonderful and see no reason to change things.  Maybe BTD isn't working all that well for you, or you have some medical issues that just aren't going away. Maybe you're feeling great, but there are some subtle problems that BTD alone isn't clearing up. If that's the case, you can look into SWAMI at that time.

Right now, focus on starting BTD, easing into the changes gradually if necessary.
Posted by: brinyskysail, Monday, June 27, 2011, 8:53pm; Reply: 6
Personally I would say swami is best because it is idividualized just for you, which generally means better results/health.  It also gives you a wider variety of food choices.  If you are dealing with a major health problem I would suggest starting with swami, but most people start by following either BTD or GTD and then "advance" to swami so if adjusting to the general lifestyle of eating right for your type is all you can handle right now then don't even worry about swami.  If, later, you decide that you want to go more in depth, you can always look into it.  No sense in rushing (unless, as I said, you are dealing with a major health concern).
Posted by: Wholefoodie, Monday, June 27, 2011, 9:04pm; Reply: 7
Quoted Text
I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences with the BTD/secretor status versus the Swami diet.

I started on the Blood Type diet without knowing my secretor status and did very well. Shortly after, I learned I was a secretor. As a secretor following the BTD, I was doing great. My personality leans towards a desire to optimize and curiousity got the better of me so I adapted the Genotype diet. Again, I was doing fine, but knowing there was yet another way to optomize, I ordered a Swami (almost 2 years ago), and I am doing great!

So the bottom line is I was doing great on all of the above, although now I feel confident that I am optimizing my results. I think it depends on how you are feeling and how far you would like to go.

From reading the boards, it seems non-secretors and explorer genotypes (and they can be any blood type) have more reason to optomize but anyone can benefit from increased knowledge.

Your health will dictate as well. If you are not getting the results you desire (or if you're just curious, like me), optomize. Swami is a very cool tool! A blueprint for living based on all of your personal info, physical measurements, etc. So now I am on the "Lisa" diet.

One more thing: it worked better for me to adapt to these diets in stages. First, I understood the BTD before looking into genotype and then later moved to Swami, all in the course of about 9 months. Others may want to cut to the chase and get right to Swami, especially if they have health concerns. It is all so individual.

Posted by: ABJoe, Monday, June 27, 2011, 9:51pm; Reply: 8
As has been stated, BTD and Secretor status or GTD are both great tools for health.

Both my daughter and I were having issues that we felt would benefit by a more personalized diet.  When we did all of the data input, we got different enough diets that it was definitely worth the effort, etc.

There are several reasons to get the SWAMI diet right away.  
1) You only have to adapt to one diet, at least until SWAMI is updated and there are subtle changes - but these should be relatively small.  
2) You get the benefit of the most individualized plan immediately.
3) You start the maximum healing possible right away.

I still recommend reading as many of the books and the website as possible no matter which plan you follow as the information guides you toward better health and reinforces the practices.

Posted by: leeyah87, Monday, June 27, 2011, 10:20pm; Reply: 9
If I buy the Swami Express software, will I be able to use it for me AND my husband?  Or do we need two separate copies of the software?
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Monday, June 27, 2011, 10:51pm; Reply: 10
Two separate, it is on on-line program not something you load onto your computer. You have it for a lifetime quite a bargain.
Posted by: MissyRuth, Sunday, July 17, 2011, 1:45am; Reply: 11
Yo Leeyah87,

You said, "I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and experiences with the BTD/secretor status versus the Swami diet."

There really aren't two things that are in competition - there is only finding out your blood type and secretor status and then following the Blood Type Diet.  

If you want to get really detailed recommendations that go a bit further beyond your blood type and secretor status, you can buy the SWAMI online program, enter all your info (which includes your genotype which is found via fingerprints and body measurements and stuff, and some other details) and it will churn out more refined choices like foods you should or shouldn't eat based on the additional info you've added.  

I'd just focus on your blood type, then add in the test for secretor status if you want to, and then find your genotype if that interests you, and then if you are gung-ho about the diet and the results you are getting and want SUPER detailed recommendations, go ahead and purchase the online software.  

Don't be overwhelmed by all the picky little stuff you will read on here - it's enough to drive any newbie away!  Take it slow and start simply with general changes . . . they are tough enough to make anyway.  I'm a blood type O +.  That in itself means I have to give up ALL sugar, diary, and wheat.  Are you freaking kidding me?  That's my entire diet.  So I'm not about to stress out about knowing each little detail when I have to make some major general changes first.  Then I'll refine.  I made the mistake of freaking out at first and buying the Swami and paying for the secretor test and I hadn't even gone one day of trying the diet itself!!  So now I am starting from scratch and just trying to NOT eat dairy, wheat and sugar, and let me tell you, that will take time, and I'm gonna go at my own pace.  ;)  

Just be chill and sweat the small stuff later.  That's my vibe over here.  LOL!

Posted by: Dianne, Monday, July 18, 2011, 2:18am; Reply: 12
Hi Leeyah!
I am glad that I followed the suggestions of those who advised me to get SWAMI Xpress when I asked for their advice. I have yet to find out my secretor status, I will do so in September and am choosing to eat as a non-secretor until then.
The GenoTypeDiet book was recommended by a friend, I found that I resonated with two of the types but chose the one that my number came out higher as. Still not feeling 100% percent on the Gatherer diet but when I put in all of my information, it spun me out as an Explorer which my friend thought I was! I am feeling such an improvement in my health with the foods generated for me from SWAMI. My husband and I are both intense Saggitarians and we like to jump in with both feet and we have not regretted it. He is feeling much benefit as well. After having compromised health for so many years, we just wanted to fast forward ourselves and are glad we did! :D
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