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Posted by: leeyah87, Saturday, June 25, 2011, 9:39pm
Hi everyone!  I bought the Live Right for your Type book yesterday and read that I should be drinking green tea often.  I am planning on buying some today, but I know they are not all created equal, so I would love some recommendations on brands to try.  Thank you!
Posted by: O in Virginia, Saturday, June 25, 2011, 9:44pm; Reply: 1
I drink a cup Stash brand organic lemon & ginger green tea each morning.  I can find it at a couple of my local grocery stores.  Sometimes I have to hunt around for that particular one, but the brand seems fairly common.  I have a problem taking green tea on an empty stomach in the morning.  It makes my stomach a little queasy.  But I like this one (the lemon is actually lemongrass) with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of agave.  Very tasty - and no queasiness!  There are a zillion brands of green tea out there.  I hope you find one that you enjoy.  :)

And by the way, welcome, leeyah87!
Posted by: 14428 (Guest), Saturday, June 25, 2011, 9:54pm; Reply: 2
Make sure you read the label because there can be a lot of additives. I like the one that O in Virginia mentioned, that's one of my favorites, there is also Kombucha tea which I think is nice. I buy organic as well.
Posted by: Victoria, Saturday, June 25, 2011, 10:04pm; Reply: 3
My favorite green tea is genmaicha, which is blended with toasted brown rice.  There are a number of brands, generally in natural food stores . . Eden is a pretty good store brand.  The best one is through Dr. D's store, called Mr. Itaru's tea.

I also like Matcha, which is powdered green tea. Two Hills is a brand with a good Matcha.
Posted by: Chloe, Saturday, June 25, 2011, 10:35pm; Reply: 4
This is my favorite flavor from MIghty Tea. I love the taste and aroma of jasmine.

I also drink Stash green tea

And I like Haiku twig tea (but it's from Japan and now questionable to purchase)  I happened to have
bought 15 boxes before the nuclear incident.  Probably have 8 boxes left...but when that runs
out, I'm probably not going to buy it again.

I buy tea from Teavana stores which are located in many malls throughout the country and also

This one is my favorite.

And then I often buy any interesting green tea I haven't tried that is organic from the health food store.  Never found organic green tea to have additives.

I've tried Mr. Ituru's green tea.  I prefer the jasmine flavor over the toasted brown rice.  Just
me. :)
Posted by: 14922 (Guest), Sunday, June 26, 2011, 2:17am; Reply: 5
What about Pu-erh tea? I loooove the taste but I'm not sure if it's an approved tea as it's fermented and aged and much different than regular green teas.

Does anyone know if it's ok to drink?
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, June 26, 2011, 2:21am; Reply: 6
if not tested, consider it neutral unless susceptible
Posted by: Kristin, Sunday, June 26, 2011, 3:50am; Reply: 7
Quoted from 14922
What about Pu-erh tea? I loooove the taste but I'm not sure if it's an approved tea as it's fermented and aged and much different than regular green teas.

Does anyone know if it's ok to drink?

I would think only raw Pu-erh would classify as what we call green tea, and even then probably questionable.  :-/  The types of Pu-Erh I am familiar with are heavily fermented and aged for many years.

Posted by: ruthiegirl, Sunday, June 26, 2011, 7:49pm; Reply: 8
That "aged green tea" sounds more like a black tea, from a nutritional standpoint.  I'd personally avoid it since black tea is an avoid for me.

I personally drink two different kinds of green tea. Usually I drink the "temple of heaven" loose green tea from Fairway Market. It's the least expensive green tea I can find! I'd rather be able to afford to drink it in larger quantities, and this is still tastier than any of the bagged green teas I've found anywhere. I also buy Carrington brand green tea bags, for those times when a bag is more convenient. It's not very strong or flavorful, but it's very economical and I like to keep it in the house.

What I like about the Carrington brand (besides it being $1 a box at my local supermarket) is how it's just pure tea. I can get camomile, peppermint, or green tea and not worry about random additives like I do with Celestial Seasonings. I also like how it's minimally packaged, and I don't have extra wrappings around each tea bag to dispose of.
Posted by: grey rabbit, Sunday, June 26, 2011, 9:50pm; Reply: 9
I like Stash green tea, it is easy to find at the local grocery store. It is important to use very hot, but not boiling, water for green tea. Boiling water will make it taste bitter. I let my tea bag steep for about 3 -5 minutes and I save the bag for a second cup. The second cup is still tasty and has little-to-no caffeine. I have a Chinese friend who's mother always threw out the first pot of green tea (saving the leaves) so there would be less caffeine.
Posted by: Joy, Sunday, June 26, 2011, 11:56pm; Reply: 10

I also drink Matcha tea (powdered green tea)  It is a very good quality.  Like GR said green tea should not be made with boiling water just hot water.  

This particular powdered tea can also be had cold with ice.

Hope you enjoy whatever green tea you choose.

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