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Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Sunday, April 24, 2011, 11:12am
NOt sure how acurate this is but in my research regarding "Emily's left cheek" ;) Casein is becomingthe major irritant whilst others seem to have a reduced effect.

"Casein can be found in two main types: edible and technical. Edible casein is widely used in both medicine and food, both for nutritional value and as a binder. Technical casein is used in an enormous range of products, including paints, cosmetics, and many types of adhesives. A not-insubstantial number of people have a casein allergy and may find themselves experiencing negative reactions both to casein-containing food products and to products such as nail polish that contain casein."

Many foods that are advertised as “non-dairy” or “dairy-free” still contain casein.

Also a real life example here

"A new doctor explained to Doug that he should start viewing casein as if it were poison to his body, and not let himself eat any foods with casein.  That was the motivation he needed to give up all milk completely."

"The turning point for us was when we stopped thinking of all the foods with milk that he can’t have, and we started to focus on the foods he can have."

ALSO nice food wiothout milk....

more info on casiem in processed meats

"Dairy-based reactions to meat

A second common overlap between processed non-dairy foods and dairy components involves the processing of meat itself. Lactose - one of the key sugars that is found in cow's milk - is often included in processed meats for flavor, and just as occurs with soy products, sodium caseinate is often added as an emulsifier. Frankfurters, Vienna sausages, luncheon meats, chicken sausages and pates all fall victim to such practices. Caseinate is added to ham brine for improved slicing ability.

The research literature on adverse reactions to dairy-containing meats includes a case of near fatal anaphylaxis for a child served chicken soup in a hospital that included sodium caseinate. The bottom line: meat allergy may be dairy allergy in disguise, and meat servings in a single meal can include up to 60 milligrams of casein. "

Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Sunday, April 24, 2011, 11:40am; Reply: 1
Practical tips - how to test for dairy food reactions

For a two-week period, eliminate the following:

casein-containing foods
lactose-containing foods
all pure dairy products (including cow's milk, cow's milk yogurt, cow's milk cheese, and cow's milk ice cream)
processed foods containing milk solids, casein, sodium caseinate, caseinate, or lactose.
After the two-week period, begin to reintroducing dairy-containing foods into your meal plan. Start with organic low-fat cow's milk, organic skim cow's milk, or organic nonfat cow's milk, and just try about 4 ounces total at two different times during the day.

On the following two days, go back to your dairy-free meal plan, and wait and see if you experience any of the reactions you noticed before you removed dairy (the two day rule). If not, introduce another dairy-containing food that you would like to keep in your meal plan, for example, organic cow's milk yogurt. Stick with the highest quality and least complicated product when you conduct your test - for example, try 4 ounces of a plain, nonfat organic yogurt rather than a flavored product or a product containing fruit on the bottom. Follow the the two-day rule again. If you still experience no problematic reaction, you may want to go on and experiment with a non-dairy food that contains dairy protein, like a soymilk cheese that contains casein.

The process is time-consuming, and it takes a lot of patience! But it is still the best way to decide if dairy is a problem for you or not.
Posted by: Maria Giovanna, Sunday, April 24, 2011, 12:45pm; Reply: 2
As I  do not drink milk for nose and sinus issues (also eye allergy is 99 % better so ) can I do this reintroducing yoghurt on your opinion or a fresh cheese like mozzarella ?
Happy Easter John to you and your family !
Posted by: Goldie, Sunday, April 24, 2011, 12:56pm; Reply: 3
For me the swami guidlines are enough.. after 30 years offf dairy, I can now have some without issues, other then the stuffy nose.. but at least I have no pain.

For Em I am just happy you are cautious, as it will take a long time to heal her gut again after it has been exposed to stuff she ought not have.. The intestinal issues are not always visible so soon.. the accumulation of issues cause harm that is hidden for a long time.. also now when I eat of limit foods for me I get the chin rubing or scratching, or behind the ear itch.. even if only so slight that no one wopuld notice, it still is there warning me, red flagging foods that I should have stayed away from.. the symptoms are much more suptle as you heal.. so yes patience and if something did show up as avoid.. then by all means learn it once and for all.

going along with the above however - with what you wrote- its interesting.. Along those ideas it will make me research QUARK some more- it is not sour milk, it is not cream cheese and it is not yogurt, nor farmer cheese-- and I think it could be made easy enough.. Swami said I could have it, but they seem to only make it in europe by KRAFT of all company's.. so ,aby there is this difference there you are talking about..

BUT P/C.. do you really eat processed foods ever?  I can no longer - glue and all.. -- maybe if I got a heart attack I 'might' eat a hot dog????  

Thanks for pointing out the differences above..  maybe again getting sups from DPN is the only way to stay safe.. !  and just maybe SWAMI food lists take such differences into considerations ..  who knows what all the gremlins consider back in Connecticut ..   Stay well..
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Monday, April 25, 2011, 4:12pm; Reply: 4
Happy easter right back at you oxo

we don't eat much or possibly any processed foods at all really. sweets would be the exception. potato crisps, chocolate.

Emily is able to eat slightly more fruit now but zero milk products with casein in them. or anything related i any way.

everything else is made in our kitchen. of apart from a little wine but that is only really used for cooking these days lol.

the occasional cordial,
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, April 26, 2011, 3:15pm; Reply: 5
drink on- my friend.. Em has survived both her milk intake and you .. a good thing.. it's her O personality that will push and pull her to best of all worlds.she even chose a parent who cared and listened and learned.. smart girl she is. .as for: dairy.. no thanks.. (unlees you might try quark since that is on my swami and not available here.. but don't even think of pushing it.. she does not need milk, nor dairy.. exept in the occasional icecream.. haha .. I love your progress.and your teaching others along the way.. so good.. have fun//
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Thursday, May 5, 2011, 11:26pm; Reply: 6
two things to read

"Of all the avenues so far researched, the link between behavioural problems and allergy is the most established and worthy of pursuit in any child displaying hyperactive behaviour or unexplained mood swings."
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Friday, May 6, 2011, 12:07am; Reply: 7
taking things just a tad too far me thinks lol maybe not
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