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Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 7:27am
I am coming to the conclusion that a fat waistline is a big issue..

I developed the same over years, and had all sort of excuses, then more recently I am thinking that IF WE gatherers and others prone to diabetes .. should not look to treat diabetes later, but OUR intestinal health 40 years before. or starting TODAY..

For those like I, who basically have cast iron stomachs: that might just be so! but also: that might be the opposite because we have cast iron stomachs!!  

Here is my reasoning:  because we may not 'feel' the digestion issues due to having enough (too much) stomach acid, we may not realize that we need to 'neutralize' the foods over much more time in the upper chamber of our stomach before it allows the food to go to the next space down the line.. by doing that we may be in a constant state of 'feeling' hungry (hypoglycemia) further down the intestines, and thus feel the need to eat to 'feel' normal and balanced.  

I would like to propose that: we with cast iron stomachs should seriously look towards prevention of keeping foods to long in the upper chamber(stomach) and instead take some supplement that would help to digest the foods faster, so the foods can move down faster.  I think if we did that years before middle age we might help the body from not getting waistline / belly fat...

AM I saying here what others are saying when they talk about probiotics?? could I just be using different reasoning to get to the same point?  I never 'needed' any stomach stuff -- or did I and just never made the right connection?? -- as I was built with cast iron-- doh -- but in reality I was kidding myself?? -- because I did not 'feel' it in the upper stomach area-- and just thought I am gaining weight- so what else is new.. -- but in reality gaining weight might be the REAL first symptom of needing probiotics?  to fill the intestines with food, rather then the stomach??/(and thus feel less jittery /hungry /miserable?

Could we prevent getting 'fat' years earlier by taking probiotics in advance of fat settling in, at the first sign of the scale moving up?  should we see fat accumulating early on, as a sign of needing better digestion..

IS the pancreas working overtime???? when it is needed to help digest foods way before diabetes sets in, COULD it be- that it eventually is over whelmed and then diabetes sets in?  COULD it be helped to 'survive' longer if we took probiotics form age 20 ???

I am really questioning the mechanism that could be used to prevent diabetes before weight gain in the middle.. prevent it from the start, by moving things faster out of the stomach, and the intestines, by having the probiotics do most of the work, and not the pancreas?  
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 12:42pm; Reply: 1
I think it pretty easy (in theory)

cut down your fibre, ensure you don't overdo the drinking water.

eat for your blood type and if necessary

reduce fruit.

and for a while don't eat any treat (needs another name) perhaps (sugar drugs)

less grain.

we all kid ourselves, more or less.
Posted by: Mother, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 12:56pm; Reply: 2
that is the exact formula that controls ( and stabalized past) my blood sugar. and that's the plan I'm sticking to
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 2:31pm; Reply: 3
well these answers are ok for people that are 55 but ought notbe the answer for kids who at twenty are designated to become gatherers..

MY proposition is fr O's that have super digestive tracks..   that will use evey oz of food and hang on to it... MY proposition is that we hang on to it not because we are gatherers, but because in order to get the food past through to the lower intestines, WE must FIRST neutralize the stomch acid which is NOT the same as digesting food.. that "neutralizing" process comes after the food is broken down, and may well take much more time then in other types.. THUS the longer period of time feeling hungry.

The consideration that those of us who have cut out, cut down, and realigned our way of life, learned with age, is one way to deal with the eventuality of diabetes.. but that is like shutting the barn door after the horses are gone..

I propose that it is not enough!  I suggest that possibly 40 years earlier--- if we had taken the right kind of preventative.. what I called probiotic, we might be able to keep the pancreas HEALTHY in the first place.

I know what I did to push diabetes out for 20 years, but that is just not enough to look at..      

WHAT I am proposing is to find the right 'thing' to protect the pancreas from the inside out.before it is called to neutralize the food in our stomachs..  thus never to need the 'process' of diabetes as means to on end discussion..

the very idea of changing the conversation here is what I am after in this thread.. like lets say 'eating' some food that would 'neutralize' the stomach ACID after it is not needed any more.without bothering to call on the pancreas ... like while eating.. then maybe we could pass the food on faster..

this is not only about behavior.. it is not only about consequences, but thinking way beyond my lifetime,  it is about CHANGING the genetic destiny!!  if a probiotic at age 2 or 20 would be a thing to do, then that would be the thing to think about..

IT MIGHT be eating one 'food' before every meal, or one pill, during or what ever, but there has to be a way for o's with short legs to be able to find out what, when, how!.. maybe a srinkle of cocoa powder or some such thing..

THIS IS NOT about gaining weight is about never gaining upper stomach fat..diabetes causing nerves to break down..  

IT is not about big sister telling someone to eat right, or less sweets, or whatever .. it is about prevention of all that..  and creating a new way of looking at diabetes 2 .. sorry to be so specific about the process of on idea who's time has come.  what probiotic is the cure/prevention 'forever' for gahterers, where the statistics are so clear!  

I for one will start to sprinkle cocoa powder on all meals, like salt, or pepper, and see if it will cut down on hunger.. thus make food less of on issue.. for emotional issues, but rather for enjoyment until 3/4 full.. walking away from a plate when enough is enough..  

there is a reason why we like coffee.. it moves things along.. Now to find the think like it that is not harmful to O's but does the same thing..
Posted by: Maria Giovanna, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 5:24pm; Reply: 4
As an A  blood gorup with slow digestion and not enough stomac acid,  Goldie, I use ginger and green tea to move quickly food down and digest better, I cannot overdo on coffee. I am a thin gal with a worsening waist line alas too and I overdo with veggies may be. and worse with allowed sweet items...
Posted by: jayneeo, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 6:09pm; Reply: 5
Goldie, I like the inquiry method you are using! But....I do not know some of the pancreas that what it does? in order to move the food thru faster? really? why would the more acidic mass of food wait longer to pass thru? these and many other questions need answering...
Posted by: Patty H, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 6:38pm; Reply: 6
Goldie, high quality digestive enzymes are also available in health food stores.  I am not sure if Dr. D has what would be considered a purely digestive enzyme.  If he does, I am hoping Lola will post the link.

The problem is, HOW do you do what you propose and get people to begin earlier.  Unless it comes from a parent, kids don't worry about that stuff.  However, once the kids are of a certain age and they gain some freedom over their food choices, there is no guarantee that all of the healthy eating they did while under your care will continue.  I speak from experience here! :-/

An excellent example of how this can manifest follows:  we hosted a foreign exchange student in 2004 for an academic school year.  She was from Ukraine.  They had very limited food choices and ate a very simple diet consisting of a lot of cabbage soup.  Meat was not consumed daily, as it was often not available.  While meat is more readily available in Europe, I have found through my eight years of being involved with the kids from this foreign exchange program, that Europeans and Asians tend to eat much less meat  than Americans.  Anyway, she came here and gained almost 50 pounds!  The only ice cream in her country was chocolate and vanilla.  Imagine her delight when she found ice cream in so many different flavors.  Ice cream was just one of the many things she ate with abandon while she was here.  She literally became the "kid in the candy store!"   ;D  When she got home, her mother was so shocked to see her weight gain that she immediately took her to a doctor to find out if something was wrong.  Once she got back to her traditional family diet, she lost all the weight in time.  Just to be sure you understand, she did not eat this stuff at my house, she ate it at school and when she was out with her friends.  My husband and I have always served fairly healthy food/meals to our kids.

I know that my own two college kids tend to eat fast food because it is available and quick.  I have probably taken them to a fast food restaurant less than 12 times in all the years they were growing up and it was almost always because we were on the road travelling or some other kid had a party at one of the places.  Young people think they are invincible.  My two kids are in their twenties, and although I talk to them about diet and exercise, they look at me like I am crazy.

I have a sibling with type 2 diabetes.  I am sure he understood SOMETHING about poor eating habits and how it can wreak havoc on the body.  If he did not, I would hope at least his wife, who does most of the cooking in their family, knows.

The problem is, as I see it, that people don't pay attention when everything is fine.    Also, our society is much more conditioned to ask their doctor for a prescription to fix their problems.  Certainly my own siblings are like this and many other adults I know who are in my age bracket.

America is certainly experiencing an epidemic of over eating and type 2 diabetes, but I am not sure what we can do about it here.  Each person has to find their own pathway to health and wellness.  Do you have an idea as to how you would like to begin?
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 6:56pm; Reply: 7
Goldie- I don't think it's quite as simplistic as "give them probiotics starting at age 2 and then they won't get diabetes." It's not JUST about probiotics and it's not JUST about preventing diabetes; it's about overall diet and lifestyle to promote lifelong health.

I think that I avoided outright diabetes in myself by following the "diabetes diet" for the past 10 years. 2 thing happened to spur this: first, my Mom was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and then I developed "gestational diabetes" while pregnant with my son. These two things happened within 6 months of each other. I started on the "diabetes diet" while pg, and never really deviated from it, though I refined it numerous times along the way. I've maintained a consciousness that I need to keep my blood sugar stable; eat protein at each meal, and limit or avoid sweets.

My children are already on the BTD, and I hope to have my oldest on SWAMI within the year (if finances allow.) I plan to get all of them on SWAMI shortly after they finish growing. Besides BTD, I'm also conscious of their needs for steady blood sugar. I'm very strict with my son's diet because he's so young, but I allow my daughters much more freedom because of their ages. But they comprehend the need to eat right, the family history of diabetes, etc. I'd say they make good eating choices about 90% of the time, although they do "cheat" in social situations a few times a month. The  food I prepare for them is compliant and healthy and well balanced. And, since it's all BTD compliant, it's easier for their systems to digest- with or without probiotics.

I'm hoping that they're able to avoid the health issues I've suffered from, and reach their full health potential. I'm sorry I didn't start out on BTD/SWAMI before conceiving them,  but they're still starting on the healthy path very young, and should  be able to heal from any nutritional damage I inadvertantly inflicted on them when they were  babies and young children.

All 3 of my children have slimmed down in the past year, since starting them on BTD. I didn't even know that DS was "overweight" until I suddenly noticed how slim he'd gotten a few months after making a concerted effort to feed him plenty of fruits and veggies, rather than just giving him foods on the BTD list. He got a "hand-me-down" in a size 8 Slim that were too snug this autumn, now he's wearing them- with the waist taken in! Looking back, I think he's been "overweight for him" since he was about 6 years old and stopped fitting into "slim" pants. He's always been a "tall thin" child, from toddlerhood, his bio dad was tall and thin, and his feet are long and thin. It makes sense that he should have been wearing "slim" pants all along, but I didn't realize this wasn't a healthy weight and size for him. He looked "little kid cute and chubby" rather than "unhealthy chubby".

Making this discovery when he's 9 has probably saved him from a lifetime of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, both of which run in the family.
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 7:56pm; Reply: 8
Yes to all you all said.. but the propensity to get diabetes is what I am talking about .. and not about letting acid into the lower gatric track.. that would cause a whole lot of other damage..   BUT WE DO HAVE THE ACID. so how does it get neutralized before entering the lower tracks..????????????????

I might propose that we need to pay more attention to all who experience hypoglycemia.. I experience it as a feeling . creepy,like aunts inside.everywhere. I see it as a sign that something is going on that requires action.. like eating. or?????/?

I was skinny size 5 until 20.  then I got married and started to gain.  I also had one episode of diarrhea after which at age 20 I was told I would get diabetes.. no one comprehended that -- as no one on either side had it ... so why would I ... must have been a fluke.. ???? not.. the GENES told loud and clear that my father was going to be diabetic 20 years later.. and my bro all skinny as a bean pole ..also 30 years later as where my grand parents going to be 10 years later.. but no one knew that. they and I are all average hight-- all ate whatever..  

Now sis who was my moms double.. well rounded in all the right places, she could be a candidate???????????  NOT..  and they both use dynamite to go to the bathroom.  well... weight had nothing to do with it.. they use dynamite till ever.. and both are prone to cancer. mom had intestinal.. and all others --- sis had skin and possibilities of colon as seen in bear pows in her eyes.. discovered by accident...

so you see weight might be a factor but was not until later. at 42-8 I was still 123 pounds. --- THEN I gained and battled weight ever since.. all the way to 200.

what I did have was a belly all my live,, try as I might I never could get rid of it.. period.. today its my biggest part.. from the back I still look like a 10-12..

so its only part of what we do for kids..

hahahaha I took a friend from the US to Switzerland age 20 and she gained 30 pounds in 3 month. LIFE!! today she has a colostomy bag ... for collitis and size 3.

No, my rumination is all over the place here, but finding a thing that will stop the hypoglycemia will be one key.. there is no doubt in my mind.. once more-- cocoa powder could be such a key?  it serves many things not least of which the quieting of my intestines.

SO>>> who else has the 'sense' of being glycemic?? and what is done for it? or have collitis, or whatever in the intestines, interesting for me at least to ask the question..

why does cocoa powder do that for me?  I wonder..

Posted by: Patty H, Thursday, March 17, 2011, 8:38pm; Reply: 9
Quoted from Goldie
SO>>> who else has the 'sense' of being glycemic?? and what is done for it? or have collitis, or whatever in the intestines, interesting for me at least to ask the question..

why does cocoa powder do that for me?  I wonder..


Goldie, I definitely have tendencies toward hypoglycemia and have for a long time.  I was fortunate that I read both the BTD book and the Atkins Diet book many years ago.  Both said essentially the same things, while approaching them differently.  We eat too many refined carbs, which causes hypoglycemia.  I altered my first meal of the day years ago by adding protein.  No more bowl of cereal or just fruit.  I need PROTEIN!  Since I have stuck to this for at least the last ten years, my incidences of hypoglycemia have been minimized and if I feel hypoglycemic, I can usually figure out why.
Posted by: Goldie, Friday, March 18, 2011, 9:48am; Reply: 10
It has been a long time since I was 'feeling' the hypoglycemia as such.. but I remember well.. I too was doing Atkins for 20 years then BTD since near its inception 16 years .. so yes.. but now I am wondering if we could have a connection to why we get diabetes? .. like burning out our pancreas? trying to create neutrality before food passes out of the stomach to the intestines??

-----not from sugar alone.. something happens before or in spite of eating less.

I wonder if we could prevent it in young people or at least make it much better.. BTD will make the same difference as Atkins did.. save our life.. but  there must be more to this diabetes thing. why all the addictions to lets say coffee? is it the cream, the sugar, or the caffeine, or the harmful bean?  why  the need for it - as on addiction.. why when we could have had cocoa powder made in the same way. .and  it's not on avoid??

could therefore cocoa DO more good for balancing blood glucose ????

just asking..  

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