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Posted by: tessieUK, Friday, December 10, 2010, 10:21pm
I recently joined a gym and started a program of weights and resistance work. I've been going about 3 weeks and had noticed some changes in my body already. On Tuesday I had a type of massage appointment (Bowen therapy) I hadn't been for a while and the therapist commented like, 'gosh I can see lot more musculature in your legs.' :) Ima stop boasting now and get to the point haha. I have been going hard in the training sessions, but basically I put the quick results down to BTD-it makes sense as we're giving our bodies the perfect protein sources and amount for building muscle right?

I would like to hear fom any other BT dieters who are into weights/resistance exercise and how your results compare to non BT compliant friends/ your pre-BT results...? Also are Os better suited for body building than other types??

Any responses appreciated.
Posted by: Wholefoodie, Friday, December 10, 2010, 11:22pm; Reply: 1
I have been weight training and resitance training (and lots of cardio!) consistently for about 3.5 years. I have been on the BTD for 2 years. I built up great muscle tone even before the BTD and I credit that to my "O" genes. Now that I added considerable protein, I am staying completely toned and can do some maintenance (like lighter hand weights) instead of always working so hard on the machines.

My type A friends in the gym do not seem to have the same tone (at least in my age group).

Also, my older son, type O, and his friend, type A, have been working out together for years. Neither of them are on the BTD. There is quite a difference in the size of their muscles, my son's being much larger. Even without compliance (we're working on it!), O's seem to get muscular with exercise.

Side note: when I wasn't exercising, I had no definition or and very little strength in my muscles.
Posted by: Cristina, Friday, December 10, 2010, 11:23pm; Reply: 2
I have been on this 'muscle mass' building journey as well.  Experimented with many different types of exercises, but what seems to be working the best for me is:

warming up with gentle neighborhood or beach walk or slow treadmill

do resistance training every other day for about 20-30 minutes or until I finish all my reps

Do cardio tread work with the aim of staying in the fat burning zone for about 20 or 30 minutes ... this is hard to achieve because my over enthusiastic nature wants to push it up and I find myself treading in the fitness zones quite a bit ...

Finish the session with a cool down

Every other day, when I do not do resistance training, my efforts go onto sharing the fat burning with the fitness, 50/50 ...

I use my scales to chart my body composition progress and my body fat percentages are down while my body mass has moved a few notches up ... and my hydrating percentage is also looking much healthier ...

I do plan my sessions around my food intake this way:

If I have had a carb dinner the night before, then I do not need to eat before I exersice, there is still enough fuel in my body to get me through my hour sessions, otherwise, I eat some light, like a piece of fruit

Within 15 minutes of finishing my sessions I have some protein meal... usually whatever I am having for breaky ... Essene bread with peanut butter, or egg omellet, or protein drink for my type ...

I do keep a bottle of water handy during my exercise sessions, drinking well before, during and after the session ...

All my sessions make work out a good sweat ...

I do include body brushing before one of my showers during the day ... sometimes straight after an exercise sessions, depending on how ready I am with breaky because I do not want to miss my 15 -30 minutes protein intake window after exercising ... this has something to do with feeding the muscles, or stopping the body from getting good food from your muscles ... apparently if they cannot find the good protein that is where they will take it from ... well, maybe not literally, but they will take whatever it is they need from our muscle mass ...

Regarding the scales, I am very happy with my body composition progress ... sometimes this improvement translates in weight loss, but that means nothing if the body composition figures are not showing the right trend .... I am not looking at correct figures either, but accuracy (always measuring the same thing, given similar conditions) and trends (fat percent up or down, body mass up or down, hydration up or down ... )

I do use a heart rate monitor to monitor fat burning or fitness and resting zones for me ...

I give my body the right food and try to keep it away from stress as much as I can by including relaxation, meditation time in my daily routine and helping with supps as I feel I need them ...

I do have a home pulley system gym and treadmill ... housework, garden work, playing with doggie are my leasure activities

Good on you in joining gym and taking action to do the right thing for yourself ...  ;) :)

Good on you
Posted by: tessieUK, Friday, December 10, 2010, 11:40pm; Reply: 3
WholeFoodie: That is interesting about Os and muscle, thanks

Cristina: Wow you sound really dedicated to your exercise regime. I have just been doing twice a week, looking to up it to 3 times. I know that your body burns carbs during exercise, so is it a good idea to have a carb meal before? Then protein one after? Im not sure I could manage to make the protein feeding window coz I like to go in the sauna for my post workout treat :). Maybe I could just take a hard boiled egg to eat right after. . . (probably not in the sauna-there might be complaints hehe.)  
Posted by: Cristina, Saturday, December 11, 2010, 2:45am; Reply: 4
Experiment with it ... match it to how you feel, how your body is reacting ... my digestion has been great, my BMs perfect, my energy getting better (provided I do not overdo it on the exercise end) and feel very motivated ... Take those things into account, evaluate and re-adjust ... I do it all the time ... what worked yesterday, does not at the moment but may just as well work ok again tomorrow ... make sure you take the worrying out of the equation ...  ;D :)
Posted by: grey rabbit, Saturday, December 11, 2010, 3:19am; Reply: 5
I take a much more relaxed position than Cristina! I average a resistance session about three times a week. If I don't make it to the gym (or sometimes even if I do) I go for a fast paced walk, anywhere from 2 to 5 miles.

I've been following the BTD for 10+ years and this year switched to swamix. I've been gong to a gym for about the same amount of time.

My O daughter goes to the gym with me, she is mesomorph and much more muscular than I, but I look pretty darn good for an ectomorph. BTD/GT/or swami, all very good for nice trim bods :).
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