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Posted by: Luana, Thursday, June 3, 2010, 10:18pm
I got diagnosed with Asthma today because I have had to use a puffer the past week with all this hot humid weather.  Last year the same thing but it started later in the summer.  

I have been very faithful this year to the BTD and even took the online questionnaire about which diet to follow and I'm following the right one.  I have stopped eating gluten grains since the winter and very little flour products.  

I am underweight, so I have to be careful.  What's up with this diet not working for me with my lungs anyway?  I have not had a cold in five years so I must be doing something right.

Anyone with a similar situation. I see my homeopathic doctor tomorrow for the 4th time.  He's not a fan of BTD however, and has be off dairy completely.  Is there anything great about being a B non-secretor?  Besides dealing with asthma in the pollution/humidity and a large eczema patch on my leg, I feel great.

Posted by: Lola, Thursday, June 3, 2010, 10:43pm; Reply: 1

apply the online protocol as well
Posted by: Ribbit, Thursday, June 3, 2010, 11:43pm; Reply: 2
Rub some coconut oil into your leg and see if that helps any.
Posted by: Sharon, Thursday, June 3, 2010, 11:57pm; Reply: 3
luanna, Are you not eating dairy?
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Thursday, June 3, 2010, 11:59pm; Reply: 4
Are you taking a blood type specific probiotic? B's have a load of gut flora that they need to keep healthy.

Healthy gut.... healthy body.. healthy lungs.
Posted by: Chandon, Friday, June 4, 2010, 12:46am; Reply: 5
Are you eating fish? I know that when my sister went on the BTD some eczema or psoriasis on her leg disappeared. She thinks it might be because she was eating more fish, like salmon.

My allergies and asthma were quite under control on the BTD; in recent years, the more I strayed from the BTD, the worse my asthma would be. When I thought I was a Teacher, I ended up with my asthma worsening, but doing my SWAMI correctly and finding out I'm an Explorer has led to my breathing being much improved.

For me, my liver comes into play. I'm taking Redoxa (good for the lungs and the liver) and the Explorer Catalyst and they are likely helping me when it comes to asthma.
Posted by: Luana, Thursday, June 17, 2010, 9:05pm; Reply: 6
Yes, I am eating fish.  I even took cod liver oil all winter.  It's a seasonal allergy.  The humidity and pollution are just too hard on my lungs.  I am taking NAC when I can but funds are limited.

As for the flora, my homeopathic doctor told me to stop taking it all because I didn't need to keep taking it all the time.  I'm starting back on it because the homeopathic remedies I've been prescribed are doing squat.

I just hate cortico-steroids so the sooner I'm off them the better I'll feel.

Lola, I'll check that link out.  I am taking Harmonia powder now but I have to be careful with supplements since I have IBS and I am sensitive to herbs as well.  I may try Mullein eventually on its own.  I'm still under my homeopathic doctor's care but not for long if the money keeps going to him without results.

Thanks everyone for your input.

Posted by: Luana, Thursday, June 17, 2010, 9:34pm; Reply: 7
Oh yes, by the way, Sharon I am avoiding dairy for the time being.  I cut out yogurt and feta which I love just to get me through this season :/
Posted by: Victoria, Thursday, June 17, 2010, 9:52pm; Reply: 8
I'm wondering if you might be an Explorer.  They are very sensitive to allergies and get much less dairy allotted on their diet.  Could be worth looking into if the BTD diet doesn't seem to be helping with the asthma.
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, June 17, 2010, 11:16pm; Reply: 9
asthma is most often jittery lungs.. so if anything is bothering the lungs and heart as with humidity or other factors they may get over re-active.. as  I had to return from my trip because I could not be in the 'heat' and 'humidity'.. my leg got so bad that I was afraid of forming a blood clot.. it went away as soon as I came home..

many things can be a cause for jittery lungs including wrong foods... before BTD GENO we might have been much worse of -a long time ago- but  BTD helps us to cope ..  

look into the protocols for health fixes.
Posted by: Luana, Friday, June 18, 2010, 1:22pm; Reply: 10

I do have the Genotype book but have not done the measuring yet.  I will keep that in mind.  My ND called me yesterday and wants me to go back on sulphur this time at 30CH after reviewing my file.  He has cured more sensitive people than me so we shall see!

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