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Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 9:38am
Hi Just checking something and wondered if this is relevant

O' are not good with Olives which is fine, but okay with EV Olive Oil.

If you have a salicylate problem and can'T take Olives, should eating olive oil have the same effect or is it changed in the processing method,

And finally taking all that into consideration does the salicylate content have any bearing if used on the skin.

Please note this is not actually related to my blood type, I love EV olive oil both internally and externally and it works wonders for my skin - this relates to a friend who has salicylate issues who does not, as yet follow the type diet. I do not even know, at this stage what her blood group is. just trying to help

If it does have an issue on skin is it only on broken skin perhaps?

So many questions so little time....
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 9:40am; Reply: 1
Also is it possible that my Extra virgin Olive oil has anything in it that shouldn't be there? I wish i could test it in some way, must look into that next lol
Posted by: Possum, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 9:53am; Reply: 2
I would've thought it'd be the other way round - evo is much better to use than the other...
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 10:10am; Reply: 3
LOL God I'm having a hillarius day today - EVO (Extra Virgin Olive OIL) Sorry possum bit dim today.
Posted by: Possum, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 10:22am; Reply: 4
Nah - took me a while.. you forget after some time that it is still slightly new to some ppl
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 11:54am; Reply: 5
2 cents of a guess.. I think olive oil if it is good (enough be instead of super) for all blood types which I think it is, it might e ok as it might be the fruit part that could be on issue.. but my question>> why is that on issue when the person might be poisoning them selves with avoids?? thus give the EVO no chance to show its difference??

and how are you using it on your skin??  

My grandmother used to use cologne to clean her skin and I wonder if that was a good idea? she had good skin..
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 12:16pm; Reply: 6
On my skin -

I just rub it in as a moisturiser, so to speak, when in the garden, raw, it's a bit greasy but who cares I also used it as a hair oil - that part needs a bit of work cause it’s too heavy and I had to use more soap to get it off lol - trials and errors but all good fun.

I use it on Emily face instead of Vaseline - stops the itching at night (dust issue I think) working on that now - until I find a better way.

Had an issue this morning actually Goldie – Emily got some pineapple juice first thing, she usually has it after food – caused her face to start again. It’s a super beneficial so going to bear with it but only after food
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 12:25pm; Reply: 7
Might want to try coconut oil on her.
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 12:41pm; Reply: 8
A slight problem with the coconut oil in that technically We don't know whether Emily’s is a secretor or not, even though it's likely that she is not and coconut oil would be only neutral for her on the normal diet and then only if she is a Nonnie.

I know it's about what you eat but I feel more comfortable using stuff on the outside that is okay on the inside, it's just me, I’m like that. think of me as an obsessive compulsive little caveman and you will understand.

Any way her results are due back from America in a few weeks so then I’ll know.

having said all that though olive is super beneficial so why sue a neutral? unless variety is the spice of life lol or maybe it is better suited.

Come to think of it we used to all use coconut oil as kids in Spain. I wonder if the good doctor has a strong view on the inside outside thing? Must have a look if there any previous comments.
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 12:43pm; Reply: 9
Just checked and Coconut is an neutral (allow frequently) for emily on the allergy diet. again if she is a nonnie but avoid if she is not.
Posted by: battle dwarf, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 5:38pm; Reply: 10
i think the differance with olives was somthing to do with natral molds on the skin, but i could be wrong.
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 5:41pm; Reply: 11
Quoted Text
think of me as an obsessive compulsive little caveman and you will understand.

THAT is the voice of society.. downgrading anyone they don't agree with..

I have one new one for YOU!!!  call me on it..

So pineapple.. in the AM .. sugar in the am?? I think you need to consider that she is prone to diabetes in her older life.. so all that sugar in the am is not the way to go..makes her hungry.. turns on the brain..

I think you are still confused with what YOU where thought a person should eat.. not what is good for them.. this even cuts for the portitones listed in the does not say eat all items listed.. haha  

NOW bear with me just a moment.. I mean you no harm.. but I being 62 years older then the little one - I just changed to a new way of managing MY self.

Now this is what I learned:

1.. I was hungry because I started eating any sort of sugar early in the AM.. then I was off to be hungry..all day! .............. ..........

2 Then I thought the listing of fruit meant I should eat them ALL....... it does not say so any place!!!!!

3    When I tried to eat 'healthy' I bought into the business of eating breakfast.. once I do - I am hungrier all day..

4   by dinner time I have nudged in and out of the frig, ate the avoids and the sugars for sure and I still wish for more.. no end..

SO HERE I AM.. for the third DAY on a whole new consideration..

It started with Papa D'Adamo (books) where he said in one of them.. for some people fruit/banana is once a month!!!!

Then I asked here why am I imagining hunger all day:

and the replay came :

eat differently..

Victorias daughter does it that way as a student..she figured it out > maybe because she is still YOUNG.. and not entrenched in what she is thought by commercials!

So she eats broth with veggies (green leaves for me) with her subs in the AM..

I have done the same thing.. Tea for the caffeine for me. broth form a Knorr cube.(soon will make fresh my own- my grand ma made a pot every Saturday and it had all the good stuff from meat and vegges.. for the whole week.. haha smart grandma..

Then by lunch if I am starving I have some left over broth for quick satisfaction..

.. then I cook meat, green veg leaves, other veg, all souted in a drop of water.. in a frying pan.. then I add a couple of strips of top round to the same pot and cook til done .. add spices .. all delisch..

in the afternoon I will have another tea after lunch doing dishes.. move around some more.. as I wish to stay awake..

and if I am hungry bu 3-4 I can have some broth and if need be add on egg..

by 5 I start making pretty much the same as lunch just twice as much.. and eat til I am fulll  (victorias daughter eats later like 7-8 one more whole meal to saty up late studying)  

If I need anything I can do some more broth.. (home made would have less salt and a lot more nutrients from meat bones and the stuff in veggies.. all cooked into the broth..)  and on egg if I need..  

SO YOU SEE: I gave up ALL sugars!! no fruit- once ot twice a month when I am out of the house - no sugar in fruit juices, including for now NO berries.. and no sugar .... AND would you believe???? I feel great!!!!!!

so what should you take away from this??

Try this for 4 days and see if she will have allergy free days.. I dare you.. or invite you.. dramatic yes.. but what if it works???????  

no matter what you think... for now I am doing it this my NEW way.. most important it allows me to snack in the evening --- if need by on another whole meal.. since I skipped the 'calories' from the foods I did not eat= nuts sugar foods, no goodies, avoids cheats== if i needed to I can eat more meat or eggs because IF I stay up later- to digest the food and wait to eat the next days full meal again until noon then I have acomodated my needs and have 'elimminated' a whole bunch of trouble..    

Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 6:50pm; Reply: 12
I love your posts Goldie, so don't you are get defensive on me lol

After the reaction this morning to pineapple, we changed everything pretty much but not quite as you have said - we are going to try and keep the fruit in but after she has had breakfast including a meat and even then after a mid morning snack which was always a soup. if we get any reaction at all , the fruit is  going to come out completely for a week or two anyway - so you may well get your experiment yet :)

I am going to try and paste my menu in her in a mo - if breaches some copy right someone please feel free to delete, I mean no harm. I’ll do a very basic one any way.

note this is this week menu only we at the end of last week we dropped all the neutral foods or most of them, including eggs and any bread type thing which were minimal anyway. So don’t go panicking on me that she is not getting all the right foods – this is the allergy diet and it only has a few weeks to go then we can move onwards and upwards from there.
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 7:05pm; Reply: 13

Posted by: battle dwarf, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 7:13pm; Reply: 14
sounds good to me. i like my kumbacha tea with mango or rasberry juice as i really don't eat fruit. if i buy it i end up thowing most of it away. it goes bad too fast an i only really used it as a snack anyhow. it also has all the microbs i lost from yogurt and cuts my hunger for a good deal of the day.
for instance i had fish for breakfast and a bottle of mango kumbacha. if i had fish alone for any meal in an hour i would be hungry. it never seems to stick. but with the kumbacha i will be happy untill my break at work. i have turky with mushrooms and onions in a goat,fetta and goat brie suase set up for today and brown rice cakes to fill the corners. tomarrow i am thinking kaboobs or simaler on the grill with veggies that i will pick up tonight. squash at lest.
Posted by: battle dwarf, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 7:14pm; Reply: 15
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 10:12pm; Reply: 16
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 12:25am; Reply: 17
Quoted Text
broth form a Knorr cube

glad your cubes don t come wheat laden like the ones down south of the border!! :)
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 11:55pm; Reply: 18
FAO GOLDIE, and others  

Emily clearly reacted to the fruit today. so Fruit is off the menu for the rest of the week. we will then put it back very very slowly and not regularly for a while. and watch

We had been giving Emily soup in the mid morning super and Beneficial’s only - I'm not sure it has had the desired effect and would love some thoughts on a few thoughts I’m having.

The net result is that Emily has gone from being adorable to being really withdrawn and moody the last two days especially today, she did perk up a bit when I took her to her swimming lesson in the early evening but all is not quite right in Emily Ville. Now this could be because of many things, she may even just be tired.

She has just started back to Nursery after two weeks off. Three are two girls that she seems wary (just silly stuff that I notice like she said they keep sticking their tongues out at Emily and saying they are not her friend – we all know how important that is at 4) but it seems to affect her so I'll address that issue anyway with the teacher on Friday, she is on a trip tomorrow and her mum is going to go with them on the trip (one of the girls parents never seem to be bothered with her so I kind of feel for the girl, but Emily is My first priority (Amber is on the ball).

It could be the extra fruit we have given her, because everything had been going so well and relaxing our guard a few days earlier.

Maybe too much olive oil on her face in the sunshine. Although it was a tiny amount and only for 2 days, but you never know (perhaps a combination)

BUT I think it may also be related to the Soup, Broccoli and spinach getting to her system too quickly. From tomorrow we’ll ease of the soup a bit and reintroduce the normal vegetables (not souped)

It could also be an outside thing like paint or felt tip pens which she has just recently got really into.

The weather has been a bit warmer, and possibly the polo shirt that she has to wear at school (which is 35 % Cotton and 65 polyester) We bought new ones this afternoon that are 100 % Cotton, I’m a bit annoyed actually hat the school ones with the LOGO that cost a fortune are only 35% Cotton – Again you live and learn, or not as the case may be.

I have a busy night ahead of me checking all my notes on the food and now doing sub notes on outside things like environment etc. But have had great feed back from you guys regarding the clothing – that’s helped, or at least will help over the next little while.

The soups are all home made with absolutely no additives, no broths no stock, but perhaps the nature of cooking for longer has some effect like increasing salicylate rating or glycaemia rating, this is now guessing no science yet, I shall be researching that.

any other thoughts.

God help anyone trying to do this that isn't an analytical maniac like me.

Also Lola recommended some multivitamin  can’t find the thread, if you wouldn’t mind doing that again – a very mild child one nothing to radical at this stage. And I’ll order that from the k supplier.

Thanks again and...

GOT RESULTS of swab test just now! Emily is a NONNIE by the way. like we knew that but it confirms it - she was certainly acting like one today lol
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, April 15, 2010, 5:09am; Reply: 19
how are you making the broth?
hope you re not adding these bullion cubes Goldie is using.....

those, as far as I know are full of additives.

here s more on what to look for when choosing vitamins
read the whole article
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Thursday, April 15, 2010, 1:55pm; Reply: 20
I'm looking for a bit more discussion on Children and vitamin pills really. pro and cons a bit more in depth.

Stopped using stock cubes and bullions etc 6 months ago. we do use a little red wine occasionally but Emily’s is all cooked separately.
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Thursday, April 15, 2010, 3:15pm; Reply: 21
She could be reacting to the change in routine of being back in nursury school, or she could be reacting physically to something in the school environment, or a combination of the two.

Lots of kids react badly to artificial colors, flavors, and fragrances- whether consumed, asorbed through the skin, or breathed in. Getting a bit of paint or marker on her hands could be setting her off. Smelling markers or the residues of whatever commerical cleaning products they use at school can also be affecting her negatively.

Is she having any kind of snack at school? Is it something you provide or does the school provide it? Any chance she's sharing with friends or otherwise getting ahold of foods at school that she shouldn't be eating?

Truly, though, it's quite possible that all of her problems are due to her routine being off, and possibly not getting quite enough sleep on school days. Little kids are very sensitive to changes in sleep routines, and it could be as simple as "give her another week to get back on schedule and she'll be fine."
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, April 15, 2010, 6:27pm; Reply: 22
let food give her all the nutrients she needs for now
Posted by: C_Sharp, Friday, April 16, 2010, 11:11pm; Reply: 23
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