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Posted by: Green Root, Monday, April 12, 2010, 7:40pm
Hi guys, I recently bought the GenoType Diet book. This is my first post and I have too many things to write... Now I have tried to calculate whether I'm Hunter or not. I'll tell later in this post also about that.

I'm very keen to read if you have good guesses about why Hunter should avoid - only during washout time, which I would like to test - organic products like extra virgin coconut oil, amaranth, avocado, carrot(!), cauliflower, eggplant, lettuce (green leaf!) and collard greens, pimento (is it some king of sweet pepper or fiery?), spinach, tomato, cherry, fig(!), pomegranate, chives, parsley(!), red wine and maple syrup. Especially I want to know what salad leafs are good if green leaf should be avoided so long as 3 months! For now, I mostly use lollo rosso, oak leaf salad, ice salad (not iceberg?), romaine salad and many herbs. I also would like to have alkaline food, in which dark green foods are very important. K-vitamin is also important to O types because the blood is not so thick? And is red pepper (sweet) ok?

What I don't yet know for sure, is taster status and my blood. I suspect I'm O type because both of my parents are O+. But I can't be sure about rhesus factor because minus factor is recessive. Some day I test it. Besides, I don't know whether I'm secretor or not.

I have been mostly without wheat nearly 8 months and my fingerprint ridges seem to be quite worn (cold winter didn't fasten the normalization of the ridges). Suits good to Hunter, but on the other hand, I have 8 whorls and 2 ulnar loops which are on the middle and pinky finger of my left hand.

It seems like my ring finger is longer in my left hand, but in the right hand index/pointer finger and ring finger are quite the same. When I was in elementary school, the ring finger of my right hand was hurt when playing football. Maybe because of that it's not that long?

I also haven't had any obesity problems, I'm quite long and thin including not so narrow opening between the upper legs. Torso is longer than legs, and I suspect upper and lower legs are nearly the same height. My face isn't very oval, head shape is mostly mesocephalic. I'm not sure whether my incisors are shovel-shaped enough, but if they weren't, would they be straight?

I also am left-handed.

I have eaten quite much soy during my life because my O type parents are half vegetarians. Of course I eat fish and eggs, but I have tried organic lamb couple of times during two last months. It has been quite ok. I was (from August to November) three months without gluten grains (I ate pure oat), soy, beans, cabbage and sauerkraut, mushrooms, apple, banana, kiwi, grape, raisin, plum and prune. After that I returned most of them to my diet, but I have been still without wheat, grape (except juice), raisin and kiwi. I find it a little hard to leave all soy off, I like it that much. Tofu is easier to use than meat...

My problems lie mostly within proper working of colons. I have quite "sensitive stomach" especially sometimes after short nights, stress and/or too much of eating. That's the thing I would like to get rid of. But I think the most important thing is my self-control when eating. I should be more able to stop in time and diminish sugar containing delicacies like chocolate...

Is it good to eat superfoods although they weren't able to buy organic?
Posted by: Lloyd, Monday, April 12, 2010, 8:20pm; Reply: 1

There are different reasons for the different foods. Just being organic does not make a food healthy!

The washout times are for generally healthy people without weight problems. Poor health or weight issues would suggest avoiding black dot foods at that time, even if a washout had been done previously.

Do the best you can with your food sources. You can look up online which foods have more pesticides and so on, making your own decisions about buying organic. It is best to get organic if it is available and fits your budget.

Others will be along with other comments.
Posted by: Lola, Monday, April 12, 2010, 8:25pm; Reply: 2
Quoted Text
My problems lie mostly within proper working of colons. I have quite "sensitive stomach" especially sometimes after short nights, stress and/or too much of eating. That's the thing I would like to get rid of.

first thing you ll notice is the anti inflammatory action in your system.
a good thing, I bet!
Posted by: Munchkin76, Monday, April 12, 2010, 9:50pm; Reply: 3
Hiya Green Root

Welcome to the forum!!

Both Lola and Lloyd have offered good advice so far!

My intuition/instinct says to me that you might be an Explorer - don't know specifically why, but it's an impression I get from what you've written thus far.

I would definitely get my blood tested to ensure that you are an O to be sure!  Having said that, if you were a Hunter soy products might not react too well with your system - at least they don't in my case (heartburn en masse).  Likewise with oats!  You might want to think about investing in Swami - for me it's made a real difference and created a huge distinction between the 'off the shelf' book version of the Hunter diet and the 'Hunter diet' it's given me.  For example, several of the foods you mentioned as black dots for Hunters (by the book) I've regained in my Swami - these changes make total sense for me and I'm so glad I made the leap.

I've just re-read what I've written and I'm not entirely sure that I'm being that helpful - sorry - something about your story inspired me to respond.  Please do let us know how you get on and if you have any further specific questions, I'll definitely try to answer them.

Andy  :D
Posted by: DenverFoodie, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 3:24am; Reply: 4
Quoted from Green Root
My problems lie mostly within proper working of colons. I have quite "sensitive stomach" especially sometimes after short nights, stress and/or too much of eating. That's the thing I would like to get rid of. But I think the most important thing is my self-control when eating. I should be more able to stop in time and diminish sugar containing delicacies like chocolate...

Is it good to eat superfoods although they weren't able to buy organic?

"Sensitive Stomach" sounds like an "O" to me.  Don't get caught in "shoulding" all over yourself.  BTD/GTD is about "choice" not about "should".
Posted by: Green Root, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 10:05am; Reply: 5
Many thanks of your replies and welcomes! :)

Lola, did you mean something like this: when I start eating right for my type, anti inflammatory action will begin in my system and it's good although in the beginning it causes things that feel bad?

Andy, before I bought the book, I also thought about the possibility to be an Explorer (although Explorers can usually eat more grains?). If I knew my rhesus factor and secretor status, it would help a little. Anyway, I'm not so muscular (mesomorphic), my head isn't broad (brachycephalic), I have whorls in my both index fingers (but the pattern area isn't in the very same place of finger). I also think I'm not that sensitive to caffeine... Strength-testing my genotype gave quite high points with Teacher although it would demand a mutation, because my parents have O type blood. Hunter gained good points, too, but Explorer has too many unsure details.

I've also thought buying SWAMI, too, but there surely are so many good things to investigate... Ordering the software, secretor test and finger print test (is the latter necessary if I see my fingerprints good enough to be sure about patterns and low ridges without buying the test?) to Finland isn't particularly affordable, especially if the post is stuck in the customs.

By the way, is SWAMI working also in Mac OS X 10.6.2 or only in Windows? Sorry I didn't find the information so that I had to ask it here. Is it made totally impossible to use same program with other persons someday? How would it become a little cheapier, for example with coupon codes or more orderings...

DenverFoodie, I hope my mention about sensitive stomach wasn't misleading. Namely, I usually don't suffer from stomach aches or other aches. Except too much some parfumes, my head don't like it.

Very good you wrote about "shoulding", I know that's true :)

Let's return in conversation. Thank you very much in addition!
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 4:09pm; Reply: 6
there will always be a detox stage, depending on your grade of toxicity, yes
Posted by: Munchkin76, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 4:33pm; Reply: 7
As Lola says, there's a detox period initially for everyone once you start eating right for your type  ;)

I'd definitely get the blood type test and secretor tests done - perhaps at the same time/same sample.  It makes such a difference to have all the facts!

I did my fingerprints with an ink pad (from a stationary shop) and some paper - worked fine for me!  There's another thread here with some great links (compliments of Lola/Symbi) that really make it simple to work out what your patterns are once you've got them on paper.

Let us know how you come out.

Welcome again.

Andy  ;D
Posted by: Green Root, Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 6:53pm; Reply: 8
Ok, it sometimes can be a little difficult to know whether colon problems are detox, problem caused by wrong habits or something else (like bacteria or parasites).

I honestly think I have no difficulties to recognize my fingerprint patterns although I have no paper or ink pad to check them. I'm 99 per cent sure that ulnar loops are in my middle and pinky finger of left (dominating) hand. All other patterns are whorls.

But what's true is that blood type and secretor tests (maybe the taster test, too) would be useful to get done. Improbable Rh- would nearly turn the ship from Hunter to Explorer if I'm secretor, which I suspect. Dr. D listed somewhere in his forum the details asked in SWAMI test. There are so many, how many details you people have left blank?

Where I can find more information about helpful foods? In the GTD book Dr. D tells about diet Dos and Dont's, but I would like to know better for example what foods are rich in butyrate (are there other than ghee?) and what foods include tissue-protecting antioxidants blocking rapid aging? For instance, I have dark brown hair, I'm 27 years old and it seems I have more and more grey hairs - although I think that isn't so big thing yet.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 1:13am; Reply: 9
Quoted Text
Where I can find more information about helpful foods? In the GTD book Dr. D tells about diet Dos and Dont's, but I would like to know better for example what foods are rich in butyrate (are there other than ghee?) and what foods include tissue-protecting antioxidants blocking rapid aging?

swami has all that in detail.
Posted by: Green Root, Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 4:45pm; Reply: 10
Surely... the leap just seems huge. To buy such an expensive program just for yourself... I nearly think to visit Tom Greenwood in Britain, so I would see beautiful Canterbury with some churches with same occasion ;D

But if you visit clinic to get SWAMI results, how many thinks are good to know before it? If you know all necessary details, the measurement will run faster, or is the whole thing possible without knowledge of your secretor status, for instance?

I'm yet not sure what to do. Many people are good to listen to their bodies, they just know what to eat and what not to eat without any helpful programs.

One phase is now more accurate. After reading the thread "B+ Nomad or Explorer? Can't decide!" I'm quite sure my ring fingers are longer in both hands.

Can't wait to prove to make ghee at home... Just waiting to get organic butter.
Posted by: jayneeo, Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 4:50pm; Reply: 11
ghee will be a big help with healing the colon.
Posted by: Green Root, Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 8:28pm; Reply: 12
What alkaline and dark green foods do you eat if green leaf lettuce, spinach and even parsley are out of diet? How to get them enough?

-kale, not yet available in stores, not organic usually :( should grow myself ;D
-escarole, are there any other Hunter superfoods like that (found in stores)?
-cilantro/coriander and other herbs, fresh and dried

I'm not sure if this is right forum...

How do these foods differ from each other?

cilantro vs. coriander
asparagus vs. asparagus pea
(sweet) red pepper vs. pimento (I think both are paprika in Finnish)
fava bean vs. broad bean, fava (the same food?)

Moreover, is it possible to get duck of good quality? I think organic is very rare here in Finland unless it is wild sometimes...? Luckily organic lamb is found sometimes some places. My wife may be warrior, so it's probably good to her eat vegetarian food and so easy for me do that, too...

It's interesting that chickpea / garbanzo bean is superfood for Hunters but in BTD it's seldom anything but avoid.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 8:51pm; Reply: 13
reasons behind food values and differences......more complex than you think....
all has a reason
Posted by: Green Root, Thursday, April 15, 2010, 12:39pm; Reply: 14
Of course. This all is really extremely complex, but all has a reason. I agree.

If I make ghee, must the butter be without salt?
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, April 15, 2010, 5:03pm; Reply: 15
preferably, yes.....natural is best
Posted by: Lola, Monday, April 19, 2010, 2:35pm; Reply: 16
here s another testimonial from a fellow O
Quoted Text
I had colon cancer (sigmoid resection) in '86 and have been a polyp factory ever since. My last colonoscopy in Oct '09 revealed 9 polyps- the most ever, so i knew i was heading in the wrong direction.
Found the first book in the library and started the type O diet.
6 months to the day (4-16-10) I was reinspected and zero polyps were revealed.
I am so jazzed that i am walking on clouds.

thank you so much Dr D'Adamo.

Now i will keep at it and hopefully will be able to extend the time of squeaky cleaness from 6 months to a year.
Keep up the great work!
Posted by: Green Root, Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 8:21pm; Reply: 17
Well, not maybe the right thread but here you see best my first texts in this forum.

Now that I am sure I am O Rh+

torso is longer than legs
I think I have measured relatively good that
  lower legs are at least equal to upper legs
ring fingers are longer than index fingers (in the right hand not very clearly)
I'm near to ectomorph and also the other details point more to Hunter than Gatherer...

I will be surprised if I find myself to be something else more than Hunter. Of course I'm at least a little Explorer, too, because I am left-handed but actually many other details do not point to that way.

If I order SWAMI, I just wonder if it's worth ordering secretor test and genotyping kit. I don't need fingerprint testing, taster status I find a little useless in my situation (I try to provoke you to tell me why it isn't :D) and of course I think I'm secretor. My guess about Rh factor was right :) (both of my parents are O Rh+, so very probable)
Posted by: Sharon, Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 9:13pm; Reply: 18
Foods have different ratios and properties of vitamins, minerals, purines, carbohydrates, molds, lectins, proteins, sugars, acidity, oxalates, alkalinity. This system uses this information about different foods and evaluates the usefulness of a food for an individual or specific disease through Blood Type, Genotype, or Swami. It's a very complex but simple system.
Posted by: medavida, Saturday, May 8, 2010, 11:22pm; Reply: 19
Hi Green Root,

  I just found out the rest of my infomation last fall ( I have been on this journey for 10 years), when I was trying to type my self my first thought was I must be a hunter, and I was guessing a non secretor, but when I did all my measurments I found that I was a gatherer, which didn't make sense, but there was no way I was a hunter acording to the book.....however I did make an appointment with a BTD practioner, and she confirmed that I was a hunter after all even though I have elements of gatherer and explorer as well, I guess there are some that don't fit the list in the book.  And Swami is amazing, my list is very specific to my needs and health problems, I have definit improvments in my health.  (and I still cheat once and a while).  It is worth the cost.  I wasted much money on the wrong things which did not help me, I finally decided that I was going to have the correct information before I spent any more money on suppliments etc.

  If you are a hunter, geting enough of the right protien is very important, soy could really mess up your thyroid.  

  As for ordering the secretor kit....if you can get a lewis test done in Finland, do that instead, I know that they do it in Stockholm.  As far as I have understood a Lewis (a-b-) is a non secretor, a lewis (a-b+) is a secretor, Lewis (a+b-) I think is non secretor and I am guessing that lewis (a+b+) is secretor (not sure about the last two).

As for taster test, can you taste the bitterness in chocholate, coffe, broccoli?  If not, you are non taster, if you can taste it but not be overwhelmed (you can eat dark chocholate) you are taster, but if its' overwhelming you are supper taster.  How your thyroid functions, low, high or normal will influence your taster status.

  I did the finger print test at home with inc and papper, I was able to identify all but one correctly. I have unlar loops on all my fingers exept on radial and an arch on my intex fingers....oh right, the arch wasn't an arch but an ulnar loop.

As for these if you havn't found it already
cilantro vs. coriander   =  Are the same sort of, cilantro herb is grown from the coriander seed, I know in sweden they call the herb Koriander, not so in North america
asparagus vs. asparagus  pea  =  diffrent
(sweet) red pepper vs. pimento (I think both are paprika in Finnish)  =similar
fava bean vs. broad bean, fava (the same food?) =  I don't know

I think most European countries has a higer standards on how they raise their live stock and grow food, so if you can't find organic duck, just find out what it is they feed the animal and if it is hormon and pesticide free.  Also how it lives.

  I am having fun with all of this, although I can sometimes get bored with my food choices.  :)
Posted by: Green Root, Monday, May 10, 2010, 7:34am; Reply: 20
Thank you both! :) A nice, long, fundamental message medavida!

I decided to order same time SWAMI, Secretor test and Genotyping kit. The latter is fairly cheap (and other persons can use the things, too), but Secretor test I wanted because

-Red Cross doesn't test Lewis antigens in my hometown - you have to live near some of five big towns / cities.
-Lewis antigen testing in some hospital doesn't attract me. It is possible that testing it costs, too...
-you mentioned that Hunters have problems with their thyroids if they eat soy, but in BTD secretors can have it small amounts, though Dr. D'Adamo has mentioned about thyroid problems with O type also before GTD book.

I have understood that Lewis (a-b-) is unsure result, (a+b+) very rare unless impossible and the others the same way you wrote.

But about protein: I try to eat once a week organic lamb, a couple times a week different kind of fish, organic chicken eggs, some cheeses and butter (near ghee) and quite much good (and a little not so good) vegetable proteins (usually soaked overnight): almonds, walnuts, macadamias, pecans, flaxseed, sesame, chia, pumpkin and hemp seeds, carob as sweetener (has it remarkable amounts of protein?) and sometimes also beans (green string, black, adzuki, fava and rarely black-eyed).

Not so good proteins I sometimes eat are soy, Brazil nuts, jungle peanuts (have you discussed about them here?), cashew, rarely lentils and pistachios... and sprouted mung beans. I sprouted them first time myself and ate yesterday evening with casserole :)

I think I can taste the bitterness about those foods (I really like dark chocolate), but already when I was about 9-12 years old, I didn't avoid garlic and some other strong tasting foods like other children usually did. I have never drunk coffee, but black and green tea have sometimes been a little too bitter. I don't recall time I avoided broccoli but as adult I have realized better how great vegetable it is. My mother has high working thyroid (also O+) - maybe soy hasn't helped her so much in that?

I have not done finger print testing with paper, but I can see the patterns straight from fingers. Of course I cannot be totally sure about whether there are white lines or not, but it's probable they are there except I quit wheat already in August 2009.

Yes, cilantro is herb, coriander is seed. Both are good, but cilantro is better for hunters. I haven't got earlier sure enough whether sweet red pepper and pimento are the same or not, as GTD book mentiones pimento as black dot toxin and doesn't mention red pepper. Unsureness comes from that.

We can continue, this has been really interesting! :)
Posted by: Lola, Monday, May 10, 2010, 4:23pm; Reply: 21
red peppers fall into all color varieties, whereas pimentos are just that
Posted by: Green Root, Monday, May 10, 2010, 7:12pm; Reply: 22
Lola, you meant pimentos are always just red, didn't you?

But what about these not red peppers?
Both red peppers and not-red peppers have varieties.

I think it seems (based on pictures on typebase4) that pimentos are flatter around the stem, red peppers' stem is like valley rounded by mountains. ;D

It is also written that "The flesh of the pimiento -- is sweet, succulent and more aromatic than that of the red bell pepper." So there really IS some difference between these vegetables although both are paprika in Finnish? :D
Posted by: Green Root, Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 6:15am; Reply: 23
In my message 20 I didn't mean I ate sprouted mung beans with casserole. I meant I ate them with escarole. :D

Now I have done my first SWAMI (59 % Hunter) without the knowledge about secretor status (it might reveal some day! I already have the saliva test to do), and many good things about that... carrots and green leaf salads are superfoods, not toxins anyway. I should avoid coconut oil, which is hard. So good-tasting and "healthy" oil... but mung beans and red wine, for example, are neutral and most soy products black dots.

I also have quite good list about dairies since I didn't choose the lactose intolerant thing.

Butter, ghee and parmesan, pecorino and romano cheeses diamonds.
Feta, kefalotyri and manchego cheese super foods.
Colby, edam, farmer, gouda, gruyere, havarti, jarlsberg, mozzarella and muenster neutrals. :)
Posted by: medavida, Saturday, June 5, 2010, 10:55pm; Reply: 24
  I am not quite sure what will cause high or low working thyroid, haven't quite understood it.  I just know that mine is low and that corn, gluten, potatoes, alfalfa and soy among other things don't help.

I havn't sucessfully sprouted anything yet, I live in a very damp climate, so it tends to get moldy really fast, but I will figure it out eventually :)

  As for taster status I don't think it is determined by strong tasting food necessarily, just the bitter part, which isn't just in Chocolate and coffe, but also broccoli, kale and brussel sprouts...although I am sure a suppertaster can distinguish more flavors and nuances than a non taster.

  I had trouble getting my lewis done in Canada, when I went to the lab they didn't know what it was, then as I was waiting they told that yes they did the test, so they took my blood and I waited for the results, went to the USA for family and for GTD appointment, and about 2 weeks before I find out that oops they didn't do lewis test I had to do the test in the USA :-/  But now it is done 8)

  The avoids/blac dots I somtimes eat are hazelnuts (nutella ;D), and peanuts (the later makes me tired), but it goes well with a pumpkin turkey dish that I make.
Wild peanuts....are they diffrent somehow???  I guess I should look:)

  I love eating the vegetable proteins you listed....but for the sake of my kindneys I only get 4 servings per week, I have to eat more animal protein just to get enough (13 of meat/fish/poltry and six eggs per week), which is more than the book recomends for a hunter but that is what swamii gave me, helps to gain weight too, especially muscular weight.  Although I don't think that this will be forever, eating this much animal protein (while I love it) is a bit overwhelming.

....and don't tolerate dairy all that well either, (not sure if it lactos intolerance or some other kind of diry intolerance).  My supper foods there are butter and ghee, my neutals are farmer, feta, kefalotyri, mozzeralla, pecerino cheese and Indian buffalo milk :)

  Hmm I wonder.... about the red pepper, pimento discusion.....I know that when I eat peppers in sweden they tast richer, earthier......are pimento perhaps smaller than regular peppars?
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, June 6, 2010, 6:18am; Reply: 25
pimentos are simply red, right
those other ones are not pimentos
Posted by: Green Root, Friday, June 18, 2010, 5:00pm; Reply: 26
Lola, I quote myself:
"I think it seems (based on pictures on typebase4) that pimentos are flatter around the stem, red peppers' stem is like valley rounded by mountains."
-> Is this funny sentence approximately right?

Medavida, I think also that pimentos are usually a little smaller than peppers.

I hope you can sprout seeds and legumes successfully someday :) My taster status (slight taster) doesn't affect my superfoods or toxins any way. And now I know also that I'm secretor based on saliva test. I strongly guessed that beforehand.

Jungle / wild peanuts really are different, their color is darker and taste more aromatic I think (and cost much more ;D). But I have left them to my wife who I suspect to be an A type :)

What, your kidneys don't stand more vegetable proteins...? :-/ Oh, hopefully mine will... because during last days I have eaten some foods of that group at least once a day. :B
Posted by: Lola, Friday, June 18, 2010, 5:18pm; Reply: 27
even interpretations are unique!! ;)
Posted by: medavida, Friday, June 18, 2010, 6:52pm; Reply: 28
Green Root,

  Well as for the kidney, because I have problems with them doesn't mean you do.  I lived in sweden for a total of 12 years eating a typical scandinavian diet, and while I always have had some mild health problems my whole life it didn't really start to become really bad untill I was a foreing student for 5 years, I had problems with just about every organ.  It has taken me about 9 years to get where I am today.

  Been holding on to the promis of 3 John 1:2 "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." and Proverb 3:5-6 :)

  Your wife isn't intrested in finding out about BTD/GTD?
Posted by: Green Root, Saturday, June 19, 2010, 8:59am; Reply: 29
Many thanks again Lola and Medavida :D

Medavida, so you are originally from Canada and just lived in Sweden? Which were the worst foods there, grains and dairy (latter being yet worse in Finland because of homogenization of milk and some other dairy products)?

Thanks especially for the Bible verses, they were marvellous and encouraging :) When I told some friend a little time ago about my overwhelming interest of foods and BTD/GTD/SWAMI, she quoted Hebr. 13:9 "Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein."
-> although that verse can be interpreted different ways dependent on (a little unsuccessful) translations, bolded words show the point :)
Finnish translation doesn't mention meat but food. But if you know anything about what is attached with people's doings with false gods so you know they (nearly?) always offered to them just meat...

Yeah, she isn't yet so interested (she really lets me to do things my way), but you never know...
Posted by: medavida, Sunday, June 20, 2010, 12:10am; Reply: 30

   Where I am from isn't really a simple answer, I am actually born on Åland, but I have not been back there since I was a toddler.  Mother is Swedish, father is First generation Canadian (Dutch background), I have got dual swedish/canadian citizenship, and I just found out last year that I am eligible for Finish too, but I don't see the point as it is part of the EU.  And we moved many times.....

  Well as for food, swedish food tasts much better, (I think it has much to do with the soil as well as it being an older culture), including dairy, and if we ignore the foods loaded with additives and preservatives, the quality of the food is also better, I can even handle the sweets/sugar better, my theory being that they use more beet sugar instead of Cane sugar.... ::)  As for grain...I ate lots of bread and dairy my whole life, and while I didn't do well on it in sweden (9 of my school years), I know my health got a whole lot worse once we moved back to Canada....and even more so as a studen in the US.  So I am guessing that even the grain is better....or maybe was.  I was in sweden last year, but I didn't dare eat anything with gluten in it.  

  Mean while in Canada..well at least wester part... I can get just about anything, especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables, all year long.  We have the large Asian population to thank for that. :)

  Yes Grace is good ;D then it is God who does the work.  I do understand this overwhelming intrest in food, it is hard not to be when almost everything I put in my mouth has a consequence (good or bad).  God gave me a promis for a progressive healing, I believe it is because I am supposed to learn and understand all of this (including BTD/GTD).  He could have just made me well on the spot, but then I would never have changed my food habbits and life style.  And I wouldn't have been able to help my family either, my mother and at least two of my three brother (all hunters) suffer because of wrong food habbits.  My father a type A Teacher has always been sort of health conciouse, but is only now starting to have more health even he has been listening.
Posted by: Green Root, Sunday, June 20, 2010, 9:19pm; Reply: 31
Wow, very interesting to hear all that! I wouldn't have guessed your Åland background :D

I haven't noticed that almost everything food has some clear consequence, maybe I'm not so sensitive - but my gut has been in a quite ill condition especially last year when I cut the gluten out in August. Recovery has been slow, but although I can still have sometimes a little diarrhea, I have much better health. Hard to know all the reasons (to why I'm better but not yet so much better ;D), but although I probably am not coeliac, I believe the biggest singular improvement is that I cut the wheat gluten out. And the second that the work of Dr. Peter D'Adamo (and eventually God knows all that :)) has pointed to me some better sources of protein and fat, for instance. And yes, although it's usually hard, it's very important to have many bad habbits and life styles killed... (for the flesh is weak and has to be killed :D)
Posted by: medavida, Thursday, June 24, 2010, 5:53am; Reply: 32
:) yes, while I don't know much about Åland I do know they are an idependant lot, like myself.  ;D

  I takes time to figure out what effect a food has ones system....after a while you will start to see a pattern.  Sensitive or not, things that you may never have attibuted to food causing (at least in my case),  pain, rash, foggy brain, stiff joints, mild headaches, hyperactivity, anxity, sleeplesness....etc.  I used to attribute much of this mainly to stress or pushing my self to hard or not enough.

  Hmmm... as to having the flesh killed (I am asuming you are speaking of our old sin nature), I am so glad that Christ paid that price, and that he is my strength in my weakness, that he has begun a good work in me that he will complet.  Perhaps I am reading to much of the scandinavian perfectionism/idealism in you statment  ::)  If it applies, please don't be to hard on your self.
Posted by: Green Root, Thursday, June 24, 2010, 7:27am; Reply: 33
Yes, although Åland belongs to Finland (they would have liked to belong to Sweden when thing was actual a long time ago), it is quite independent part of Scandinavia.

As an inhabitant of Finland I was lucky to hear that the quality of the food was better in Sweden than in Canada, but sad to hear that from Canadian view. :-/

Quoted from medavida
... as to having the flesh killed (I am asuming you are speaking of our old sin nature), I am so glad that Christ paid that price, and that he is my strength in my weakness, that he has begun a good work in me that he will complet.

To that I have only one word: Amen! :D :)

I don't think I am too hard on myself - although I admit sometimes I just try to be because otherwise things go more bad than good way. I mean that is mostly more "shoulding" than "determining" (which I got feedback from when I joined this forum ;))... so I often need improvement in my attitude.
Posted by: Connie Dodson, Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 4:22am; Reply: 34
The pimento is pointed at the end, away from the stem, and has a thicker flesh than sweet or hot peppers.

If you look in a garden catelogue, you may find the plant family names of the different types of peppers. I haven't looked at it all, but I think a pimento is a different family.

Here is one link:

I know the role of pimentos in cooking is quite different from the role of sweet Bell peppers (green, yellow, red or purple) or the role of hot peppers.

I am surprised the Finnish language doesn't have different names.

Perhaps none of these plants grow there?  
Posted by: 14442 (Guest), Thursday, May 24, 2012, 3:02pm; Reply: 35
I've found the information about the black dots to be pretty correct, not sure when I would ever be through detox to be able to not have any reaction to..... :-/  Generally though foods like carrots and wine aren't too bad, though I seem to be going through a detox all over again, have had some diarrhea lately.  I try not to worry about it.  Butter and ghee I've found help as much as anything else- all those years I ate my kale I really wish I'd used ghee instead of olive oil.  But oh well I can go forward and know that I will likely never have any major health problems in the future thanks to this diet.
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