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Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 5:19pm
I had trusted my 1.2nd.3rd.4th.5th. Dentist to keep me going for life.. I spent much money for the best..

What they did not tell me was that bridges only work for 15 years... then they need to be replaced.. I had one for 6 teeth in the front.. because at that time I was pushing out 4 teeth with my tongue because There was some unevenness on the back of 4 front teeth.. all this goes back many years.. I was lucky I held on to my front bridge for 30 years.. I did whatever I had to to repair it and keep it clean..

Then 10 years ago I was talked into having the bridge 'replaced' ... ok I had worked for a dentist for 10 years but I never saw him take off a bridge on someone.. other then on a single tooth here and there.. so I knew that I did not want my bridge removed... My front teeth looked perfectly ok.. I had nice little small teeth..

well one of my dentists needed a new BMW and when he saw me walk in his office he saw dollars floating .. he had new technology and that was implants..

SO I KNEW enough to ask all the questions and still several dentists kept talking about 'replacing' the bridge.  Ok so sooner or later I succumbed .. at 50 I had my bridge taken off and that in essence meant that the 'best' dentist simply cut my front teeth off '''''' remember that bridges only are supposed to last 15 years.. that never sank in.. no one thinks about that.. no one thinks that I will live to 96.. so even if a bridge lasts 35 years.. it was still only from age 20 for the first bridge.. age 50 the second bridge..YOU would say I did OK>> ?

NOT SO.. it is all a disaster.. luckily you can not see the gums on my front teeth!!!!

SO now that is what he said:  it looks like your leftover tooth structure underneath is really not good enough to put a new bridge over again ----you need implants.. doh... that is why I held on to my nice looking bridge.. that is why I had root canal done whenever I needed to and being O I have a mouth full of teeth with root canals ...  

OK so here was with out front teeth.. in my early fifties.. nice .. I could murder if I did not have good upbringing and strong Genes...

so they put in 4 implants and there is the issue : The looked ok as soon as they put them in.. but the tooth enamel the white part now is at least twice and high as my original teeth.. THANK GOD you cant see my gums.. so they look OK ... I should be satisfied ?? YES AND NO ... after a short while I started to have mayor aggravation, pain, discomfort, gum receding, discomfort pain you name it.. it is 15 years later and the discomfort is still there.. and my gums have receded again might not think it much but 1 - 2 8th of on inch is a lot.. WELLL THEY have receded and I can whistle through my gums and my bridge.. ........ ah and did I tell you a implant  can not be removed or the whole gum structure collapses??? Did I tell you I am 66  and with BTD will live to be 96??

then the same dentist who needed the BMW talked my into making bridges for the teeth in back.. as long as he  was working on me why not just do it... well I had cavities from early in my live and was diligent in fixing them.. well one of the good thing .. I was going to get rid of the amalgam silver in my back much is written about that... so I was talked in to doing them also.. so now I have a round house bridge on the top / with ALL MY top teeth having ONE solid BRIDGE and crowns from one end to the other..
and the back teeth on both sides on the bottom...

The dentist told me that it would be better if he could make the BITYE fit better if he did it all at once.. ARE you still remembering that I was sitting there without front teeth??????

well where I have my own teeth under the bridges my gums are more or less reasonable..

but where I have the 4 upper front implants the gums are so much receded that the bone is right under my nose.. THIS IS called necrosis.. a form of bone loss that NEVER stops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT can not be stopped -- there is not a dammm thing I can do----- and ever time I need to have my teeth cleaned I need antibiotics.. 2000 mg.. nice-----------------

so here is my story.. and you figure out .. is it worth it for me to be ON BTD /GENO and therefore live forever????? maybe I was meant to live to 50 and then whiter away.. BUT with DR D's help I feel fine.. I am on top of things- my health I think is going to be OK and I will live to be 96.... and did I say that bridges are supposed to last 15  years mine lasted 35.. my new bridge was done when I was 50 and I intend to live to 96.. so what will I do by the time I am 80 when the bridges are 30 years old.. and my front gums are all the way up the nose??? -------------------- but maybe the anty biotic will get me by then------

and remember implants can not be taken out.. I would have paid any dentist all the money I spent a second time just to take them all out.. about the price of a Lexus.. BUT THEY CAN NOT take them out.. my UPPER front  JAW would collapse...

technology.. if you ask me its not good to be on the fore front of being the guinny pig that its being practiced on.. remember dentists call their offices a PRACTICE... never mind the spelling I mean it they practiced on me.. money back you say.. I would pay them to have listened to me and just encysted that they keep my teeth.. never mind if they rot.. it would not have hurt more than mine are still doing EVERY DAY>>> I am being not one bit dramatic here.. I have not given you the name of the dentist .. I have not bad mouthed all of them.. but new fangled experience comes at the price of someone having paid the PRICE>>>

Maybe.. I should go on the speakers circle and talk about that... But Thanks for asking... and now you know much more about me then you asked for.. good luck..          

check spelling - I cant I am not well.. I feel like telling it the way the whole truth really is.. thanks and goood luck..
Posted by: kauaian, Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 6:52pm; Reply: 1
OMG Goldie,

This is what makes me sick to my stomach, health care practioners that are all about $.  Would be ironic if he crashed his BMW & knocked out all his freakin front teeth.  That would be just punishment I think.

I want to say I feel your pain, I have never had the best teeth, but it is not because of something I did.  When I was a kid my dad had us go to the closest local dentist & he had a huge gambling habit.  I suspect he was committing insurance fraud but he is dead now & was never caught.  He would fill our cavities without novacaine can you imagine that?

Take care & I hope you're wrong about what will eventually happen & somehow you find a dentist that can help you.
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 7:39pm; Reply: 2
someone asked about perfect teeth for nonies.. :: I wrote there ::

I had good private dentists since I am 2.5 year old.. but I supposedly had cavities 1 for every two month.. 2 in 4 month..  3 in 6 month.. I also went to the dentist between seasonal days - I grew up in a winter and summer resort -- so in-between season slow times?  I NOW wonder-- was I just the person on whom that dentist could make money??

my brother never needed the dentist and has no cavities.. even today.. I think he brushes but he smoked and drank coffee all his life.. all discolored.. but perfect..

I did everything even as a small child.. then they had no Novocain, and no water to cool the drill... no fun..   yet I went to the dentist like a lamb to slaughter??????

I think food has little to do..    BUT BTD IS the solution..
Posted by: kauaian, Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 10:13pm; Reply: 3
My brother & sister went to same dentist & I guess he picked me & this is my theory why, my brother was a close friend of his son & still is today.  My sister is 7 years younger than me so she was really small & I think he didn't feel like torturing her.  Not knowing any better till much later, I sent my son to him.  He has a couple fillings by this dentist.  Now he is 31 years old & two totally different dentists pointed out to him that he had exceptionally good enamel & strong teeth.  Here in Hawaii we don't have flouride in our water thus many little 1 year olds have silver capped teeth in front.  Usually it's because their parents don't limit juice or give them sweet drinks in their bottles.  I never did this & brushed my son's teeth as soon as he got them.  I think I was obsessed with teeth after my horrible experiences.  My son is now 31 & for years has been going to several different dentists due to insurance changes & 2 different dentists & 1 hygenist who called the dentist in to see his teeth, asked him
"What did your mother do different?"  And why do you have fillings? They told him he had really nice enamel & strong teeth.  My son concluded that old dentist was drilling for dollars & he never got any additional fillings than the ones that dentist did.
Posted by: Goldie, Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 6:39pm; Reply: 4
interesting about dentists.. we have no control?? and I had only the best.. and had second opinions..
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