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Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 12:54pm
My Partner seems to be getting an issue with Bananas - I have lowered her intake to half a banana 2 times a week, as she loves them however for the last week - now on a much more beneficial diet she gets severe pain and cramps after easting that half a banana -

Any ideas -

I am waiting for her secretor test which will take a while - and obviously I will exclude the banana from her diet, but as an O who is possibly a non secretor does anyone have any ideas.

Perhaps there is a hidden health issue. She does seem to have lost a bit a weight, not that she needed to.

Kind regards
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 12:59pm; Reply: 1
I know that bananas are an "avoid" for some O genotypes, though I can't remember exactly which ones. Your partner may well be one of those who just can't tolerate bananas. Even without knowing the genotype diet existed, I would say "well, it looks like she doesn't tolerate bananas. She shouldn't eat them."

There are billions of people in the world, each with our own unique physiology. Breaking it down into 4 diets is still a fairly crude way of figuring out what one should eat. The O food lists are a starting point, not a perfectly tailored diet. It's a list of foods that MOST people with BT O do well eating, but we're all individuals. If she can't tolerate  a specific food, then she shouldn't eat it.
Posted by: Munchkin76, Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 1:06pm; Reply: 2
Bananas are a black dot avoid for the Gatherer and Explorer genotypes (both possible for type O people), which I would guess she is either one or other of.  This would explain why she's reacting to them - black dot avoids should be culled from the diet for at least 90 days to allow the gut to heal before reintroducing them (if desired) in small amounts.

I hope this helps

Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 1:11pm; Reply: 3
Thanks for that, perhaps i should have given slightly more details.

M partner is O+ possibly a NON secretor and up until a week ago was fine with bananas and ate loads of them.

Since following a better diet in the last two weeks the bananas have become a big big issue, completely out of the blue.

I wondered whether it may be a "woman’s issue" at a particular time of the months so to speak. maybe an iron issue or lack of it. we noticed yesterday that (while taking blood sample for secretor test that her hands were nearly blue and cold - her body temperature has changed so much, she used to be roasting now she is cold.

kind regards John
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 1:34pm; Reply: 4
Probably had a problem all along just didn't realize it.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 7:02pm; Reply: 5
she s experiencing an adjustment process.....give it time, she might be able to reintroduce those back once she has detoxed and her gut has healed.....
she might just have developed an allergy toward bananas....
Quoted Text
a week ago was fine with bananas and ate loads of them

time and compliance will tell, hang in there
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, March 25, 2010, 2:30pm; Reply: 6
Interestingly .. in Papa D he indicates banans once a month  (O)

(I think we got used to eating bananas as they where cheap and became available year round..

THEN also the pills they make require some people to eat bananas to replace what they washed out.. so the craze for banana since the middle of the last century..(by the way: the same with oranges. no need to eat them more than other fruit..

so look at bananas not as a must have food .. its just not needed once you think about it.. and I used to like them as a comfort food.. my grandma gave them as gifts in the 50's... long time ago.. and she was a good grandma..  8)
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Thursday, March 25, 2010, 6:41pm; Reply: 7
If she eats them, make sure it is on an empty stomach & then to wait some time before eating again.

I'm sure she is going thru some kind of change due ro diet. It is strange how something that you enjoyed without outward trouble, now becomes a problem.
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