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Posted by: paul clucas, Saturday, September 5, 2009, 2:47am
Are the Star ratings (5 max to 3 min) equivalent to individual food ratings?

5 stars = diamond

4 stars = super food

3 stars = neutral, which somehow address the theraputic emphasis for the patient

I don't recall anyone posting about one of two star harmonic combinations.
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, September 5, 2009, 3:23am; Reply: 1
bet your swami says the same thing
Quoted Text
Geno Harmonic Foods are unique combinations of certain foods which SWAMI Xpress has determined will yield the maximum epigenetic enhancement. The epigenic value of the food is indicated by its star value, from exceptional ( 5) to very good (3). Simply reference a food you will be using at the left, and try to combine it with Geno harmonic foods that are listed to the right.
Posted by: Lloyd, Saturday, September 5, 2009, 12:08pm; Reply: 2
Stars will not equte with individual food ratings. They will equate with genoharmonic value as a combo. Use your food lists to determine if a genoharnmonic combo is appropriate to use as far as no avoids, etceteras.
Posted by: paul clucas, Saturday, September 5, 2009, 2:20pm; Reply: 3
Thank you Lola.

Loyd I know that they are not equal in the strictest sense since they specifically address the primary therapeutic emphasis only and come from twinning (twining?) food.

There does seem to be an equivalency.  This is a very fine distinction.

In the scale of possible harmonic combinations why are the two star and one star missing?  The implication is that those ratings are possible, but un-useful for recommended Geno Harmonic combinations to aid in most pressing issue for the patient.  

The foods are always at least neutral; my Geno Harmonic lists have changed substantially since the emphasis section was re-adjusted, which changed the specific ratings for many individual foods. The changes in the Geno Harmonic list reflected the changes in the main lists.

Quoted Text
Use your food lists to determine if a genoharnmonic combo is appropriate to use as far as no avoids, etceteras.

With 800 foods giving rise to 640,000 (theoretically possible) combinations this the most sensible advice.

It is clear to me that Geno Harmonics are chosen for the overall therapeutic emphasis, are ranked for efficacy, then filtered to remove any combinations with "dot" or avoid foods.

I am only "picking" this concept apart to understand how it works.  This is not an attempt to point out any flaws!  

I can almost feel the skin over my cheeks tighten when I eat my favorite Geno Harmonic:  Tuna with Radishes in Vietnamese rice paper with lots of chopped leafy raw veg!  Five rolls are enough for me!  Who would have thunk it!  
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