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Posted by: Roxanne, Sunday, August 30, 2009, 11:52pm
These may seem like silly questions, but I really want to follow the diet as best I can.

1 Red Meats - I am allowed some red meats 3 times a week. None of them are super foods.  Do I have to/should actually have these or can I ignore them because they are no super foods.  I have never been a big meat eater only chicken, turkey, & really lean beef, none of them that often.

2 Beverages - 2 servings per day.  My question with this is it seems low.    I can understand 2 of juices, Does that really include the herbal teas, green tea, & coffee.
I am a big drinker, at least 2-3L of water a day, 3-4 cups of coffee, 2-4 cups of green tea, & another couple of cups of others like Chamomile, peppermint, etc.  I have also started to drink the protein blend, with Harmoina, ARA6, & Proberry 3 in cranberry juice in the morning & ARA6 with Proberry 3 in cranberry juice at night.
So if it means only 2 of all beverages than all I can drink is water all day & night?
I should also add that I drink my coffee & teas black, no sweetener.
Can someone help please??
Posted by: Plucky, Monday, August 31, 2009, 6:26pm; Reply: 1
I don't get the drink portions either...seems there should be two different categories.  There's a huge difference between 150 calories worth of sugar in 8 oz  of juice and sugar free/calorie free tea.  I'm allowed 4 beverages, but I've decided it would really be wise to make only one of them be juice, unless I'm fighting a bug or something.
Posted by: Lola, Monday, August 31, 2009, 6:40pm; Reply: 2
those values are for veg or fruit juices.....

your water intake is not included!

don t count your teas and coffee for your daily water intake, you need to get at least half your waterweight in ounces of water a day to keep hydrated.
Posted by: Roxanne, Monday, August 31, 2009, 6:51pm; Reply: 3
I don't count my coffee or tea as water.  I drink an equivalent to 2 glasses (1/2 L) of water in morning with lemon.  I also bring 4 more 1/2 L bottles to work with me, sometimes I drink another bottle with evening supplements.  The coffee & teas are above that.  I have always drank a lot that's all, no health reason. Maybe I have a dry mouth or maybe that's why I do?

Thanks, I didn't think it would include beverages without caffeine, fats, or sugars I just wasn't positive.
Posted by: JJR, Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 3:00am; Reply: 4
I've heard that teas can be hard on the kidneys if you do them excessive.  I was drinking 3  a day over and above my water and I've cut back to two, sometimes only one.
Posted by: Roxanne, Thursday, September 3, 2009, 12:12pm; Reply: 5
I am trying to cut down on my coffee & green tea, I was replacing it with peppermint & chamomile, blends without caffeine. I use to drink 10-15 cups of coffee a day, started cutting it down by alternating green tea, now I need to cut it down as well.  Thank god I'm not an alcohol drinker too.
Thanks for the input ABNoWay!
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