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Posted by: kittykar1, Monday, July 20, 2009, 1:40am
As of July 17 th, I have been on the BTD for one year!!! Have seen a lot of changes and I feel sooooo much better. Have only lost 12 lbs and would at least like to lose 70 more, but would settle for 50.  But have lost one pant size, 2 top sizes and down 1 band size in bras. Still haven't lost anything off the poor waist. :-/ Switched to the Hunter diet about 8 weeks ago and have seen even bigger changes. Also included the Hunter 3 pack.

Looked like I was developing rosasea and that is almost all cleared up and gone; it was getting pretty bad. Have pilaris keratosis on both upper arms and that is 75% cleared up. The bufallo hump is almost all gone from my back. I had really dry and craked heels on both feet and those are also almost all healed. Since starting the Hunter diet, I sleep 8 full hours a night, every night like a real person not  just three to five, waking up several times in that amount of time. I am happier and not as angry and grouchy. :o My knees don't constantly ache, nor my ankles. And I now  no longer feel like crying every moment of everyday. I started on the plan for mostly weight loss and am dissapointed in the small amount I have lost. I'm thinking detox is still not complete. I still don't sweat at all when I work out, but do now get a little stinky under the pits. I know I sound like the Hunchback and some really gross person, but I still look young for my age, no wrinkles and underneath the rashes, good skin. Even had the courage to finally stop coloring hair and go gray (actually silver). Except I got high and low lights to blend the growing color and my own really dark hair.

Did the swami on Thursday and have not really had a chance to study it fully, but will make the changes, YES ,EVEN THE REALLY YUCKY FISH!!!, because it can only make things better. Am actually looking forward to see what changes take place in the next year. To all those REALLY STUPID CRITICS OF DR. D, they can stick it where the sun don't shine!!!!  If my cousin had not recommended this plan, I can not imagine what another year of hopelessly counting calories/ points would have done to my body or if I would even be able to get out of bed in the morning. Last year at this same time, I would get out of bed and do some work and household chores for a couple of hours and then lay  down to rest.  I would do this off and on all day. I just had no energy and am really lucky I work from home. I would work out and then feel really sick. I was also really having major heart palpitations, that was really scarry!!!

In the past year from not eating wheat and then occasionlly eating some bits,  I have discovered I am really allergic to wheat. A small amount really rashes out my face and arms and also causes welts on my face. It has been a year of deep self discovery and recovery.

MANY THANKS TO YOU DR. D AND A HAPPY BELATED B DAY  8)( I was watching Harry Potter that day). Without you and this marvelous plan I'm not sure that I would now be alive or even wish to be.  MANY HUGS AND GOOD WISHES SENT YOUR WAY!!!


Posted by: Lola, Monday, July 20, 2009, 2:21am; Reply: 1
great testimonial!
congratulations! :)
Posted by: Chandon, Monday, July 20, 2009, 3:24am; Reply: 2
That's inspiring. I was thinking this morning that the GTD is a diet that works from the inside out. So many diets are designed to change us on the outside, but they don't address much on the inside. And sometimes their premise will cause more harm than good. So it's nice  to find that I am finally addressing what has been going on with me on the inside--things that I've only become aware of in the last couple of years--and that those very things may be what have prevented me from losing weight and looking my best. So now I'm feeling changes and seeing changes too.
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