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Posted by: 1323 (Guest), Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 2:29am

The only thing I'm concerned about is the ingredient "Natural Flavors."

Maybe I'll write to the company.
Posted by: ABJoe, Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 3:34am; Reply: 1

They talk it up well, but I don't remember why I don't like sugar alcohols...  

MSG can be listed in the ingredient list as Natural flavors...
Posted by: 1323 (Guest), Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 4:18am; Reply: 2
Yah, I wrote to them and ask.
Posted by: jayneeo, Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 5:54am; Reply: 3
it's stevia, apparently...  there are some good ones...I like NuStevia.
Posted by: 1323 (Guest), Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 1:29pm; Reply: 4
Quoted from jayneeo
it's stevia, apparently...  there are some good ones...I like NuStevia.

No it's beyond Stevia.  I know there is stevia in the Truvia.  What I don't know is what 'natural flavors' means which is an additional ingredient besides stevia that is listed.

So we will see if they write me back!   ;)
Posted by: Alek, Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 1:40pm; Reply: 5

Could Truvia be a brand name???
Posted by: 1323 (Guest), Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 1:45pm; Reply: 6
Yes I think it definitely is.
Posted by: Rex, Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 3:35pm; Reply: 7
I saw this on TV too.  I too am suspicious about the addition of "Natural Flavors"'s so vague. Sometimes companies will not disclose what these natural flavors are...please let us know what you find out.  
Posted by: Ribbit, Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 3:44pm; Reply: 8
If you don't get a written answer, try calling instead. Then you can put them on the spot.  Every company I've ever called about ingredients (which has been many) has been very helpful and honest about their hidden ingredients.  I explain that I want to use their product, but I have food allergies and need to know what it is.  They've all been eager to talk with somebody who's not calling to complain.
Posted by: Bethysue, Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 4:02pm; Reply: 9
Good idea Ribbit. Thanks for the heads up on how to talk to the corps. :)
Posted by: Ribbit, Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 4:10pm; Reply: 10
Start out by complimenting the person and they'll hear anything you have to say.
Posted by: 1323 (Guest), Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 11:13pm; Reply: 11

RE: Truvia Question‏
Sent:      Wed 12/17/08 8:20 PM

Good Afternoon Cee Cee,

Thank you for your interest in Truvia Natural Sweetener.  Truvia contains a proprietary flavor compounds that come from natural sources.  We can tell you the components are not derived from any of the major food allergens such as: wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish or shellfish.  Our product is also gluten free and contains no MSG. Please visit our website for more information.

Thank you

Truvia Customer Service
Posted by: 4423 (Guest), Tuesday, December 23, 2008, 5:15pm; Reply: 12
Stevia is rebiana & erythritol. They are touting it as stevia but rebiana is derived from stevia and Cargill is not letting the info out how rebiana is exactly distilled from stevia. There are several interesting blogs on this subject-the debate being whether the rebiana is chemically processed or not.
Posted by: Chloe, Tuesday, December 23, 2008, 10:19pm; Reply: 13
FYI...Erythritol looks questionable to me~
Posted by: +Aan, Wednesday, December 24, 2008, 5:57am; Reply: 14
Cargill=the people who made soylent green...Aani
Posted by: OSuzanna, Wednesday, December 24, 2008, 3:47pm; Reply: 15
Quoted from +Aan
Cargill=the people who made soylent green...Aani

:X ;D ;)
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Friday, December 4, 2009, 1:50pm; Reply: 16
Quoted from Chloe

c**p! Erythritol is made from corn???

Sigh. If only they would add corn to the "big list of food allergens" there wouldn't be so much corn hidden in stuff!

Now I'm wondering if sacharine is actually safer to consume than the truvia I just bought.

Are there any truly safe brands of stevia in convenient little packets I can keep in my purse?
Posted by: creativeclaire, Friday, December 4, 2009, 2:02pm; Reply: 17
I buy pure stevia and keep it in a mini m&m tube.  You can find them in any store that has candy.  I keep a small wooden popsicle stick in it to portion.  It has never opened in my bag.  Very convenient for me.  I always have it with me.  Cute container too!
Posted by: 815 (Guest), Friday, December 4, 2009, 2:47pm; Reply: 18
I was using stevia, but I was feeling weird from I like Truvia. It's got less stevia, and it  doesn't have a bitter aftertaste like straight stevia does. Some brands more than others. The least bitter was Sweet Leaf..but I still tasted it.
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, December 5, 2009, 12:31am; Reply: 19
Quoted Text
c**p! Erythritol is made from corn???
Posted by: Conor, Monday, May 21, 2012, 8:25pm; Reply: 20
Quoted from ruthiegirl
c**p! Erythritol is made from corn???

Yes, and, as well, it's GMO corn. I contacted Cargill to ask if (1) the 'natural flavors' ingredient noted in the ingredient profile is a yeast-based flavor enhancer and/or hydrolyzed protein in any form; (2) if the raw stevia material from which Cargill processes the rebaudioside A is sourced from China; and, (3) if there are any GMOs involved in the manufacture of Truvia.

In their reply, intentionally or not, they failed to answer my question about whether the natural flavor is a yeast-based flavor enhancer or hydrolyzed protein in any form, i.e., an MSG-esque material. At any rate, here is their reply about Truvia (I do think it's somewhat safe to presume that "Asia" is their euphemistic way of saying China):

Quoted Text
Thank you for your email. Current and future growing regions for the stevia plants used to deliver stevia leaf extract are from our facilities in Asia.

Rebiana does not come from genetically modified Stevia. The carrier is erythritol which is made by a natural fermentation process that uses corn. The corn that is used may be genetically modified. The erythritol that is used does not contain protein from the corn that was used. The natural flavors are not derived from GM products.

Erythritol is produced by fermentation by strain of yeast that is found in nature. Corn starch which is the main component of the corn kernel is used as the energy source for the yeast. Please continue to visit our website for more information.

Thank you
Truvia(R) Customer Service

Given the incestuous relationship between Cargill and Monsanto, my instinct is to steer clear of anything either one of them manufactures.

Cargill ... specializing in the production of inexpensively engineered foodstuffs — from genetically modified corn to hormone-fed beef ... because we care.
Posted by: 14442 (Guest), Monday, May 21, 2012, 8:31pm; Reply: 21
Sweet taste takes you out of ketosis.
Posted by: 18933 (Guest), Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 1:52am; Reply: 22
There is also Stevia in the Raw. Since I don't currently have it in my house I can't tell  you exactly what's in it, but the name kinda makes you think it is pure... ::)
Posted by: 18933 (Guest), Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 1:58am; Reply: 23
Quoted Text
In our Packet Product, the pure stevia leaf extract is blended with dextrose, a natural carbohydrate derived from corn, to produce the 100% natural, zero-calorie sweetener we call Stevia InThe Raw.

From the Stevia in the Raw website, so I guess it isn't any better.
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 2:06am; Reply: 24
use vegetable glycerine

taster status is key each their own......swami rates it individualized....find out
Posted by: Conor, Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 2:14am; Reply: 25
Quoted from 18933
There is also Stevia in the Raw. Since I don't currently have it in my house I can't tell  you exactly what's in it, but the name kinda makes you think it is pure... ::)

I agree, i.e., you would think given the name. However, proving yet again just how insidious the placement of corn and/or its derivative products are in modern processed foods, Stevia In The Raw contains dextrose, derived from corn (possibly GMO corn).

The inclusion of this ingredient also means that, even though Stevia In The Raw displays the PARVE stamp, it's not kosher for Passover/Pesach unless you follow Sephardic law/customs.
Posted by: rosa, Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 10:41am; Reply: 26
I too am wondering about Stevia..not the Truvia brand though...I bought one made by Canderel. It has added maltodextrin which bothers me  :-/ Is it possible to obtain actual pure Stevia ( in this part of the world)  or is it possible to grow the plants and extract the sweetness somehow???
Can anyone tell me where you can get vegetable glycerine..i think I may have seen it in the pharmacy...and can it be used in baking?
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 1:57pm; Reply: 27
Since finding out that I'm a non-secretor, I learned that stevia is an avoid for me. But I used to use it all the time, from the time I was low-carbing until I found out my secretor status about a year ago. I used to buy stevia powder from Trader Joe's. I'm not sure what they currently carry, but I know they used to carry two kinds.

One had some kind of a filler to bulk it up, and the other one (that I bought) was 100% pure stevia powder, no additives. It came in a shaker bottle and  "serving" was something like 1/40th of a teaspoon. I can understand why the bulkier version is so popular, since it can be used in similar quantities to sugar (a teaspoon in a cup of coffee instead of a tiny shake into the cup.) There was also a brand of stevia in the health food store that was equivilent, being 100% pure stevia. I can't remember the brand name; the TJ's stuff was cheaper.

I'd bought the Truvia when I wanted something portable to take with me. The small container of 100% pure powder was fine for home use. I've since  given the Truvia to my mom, since it't probably healthier than the other artificial sweeteners she normally uses.

I did find a product I could use, that was 100% compliant for me on the secretor verson of my SWAMI. It's called Sun Crystals, and the only ingredients are "pure cane sugar, stevia." Each packet (sweetness of 2 tsp sugar) contains only 1 gram of sugar, while 2 teaspoons of real sugar has 8 grams of sugar. Since it specifies "cane sugar" I know it's free of GMO sugar beets.

At least that's what the product was last year when I bought it. Both sugar and stevia are now "avoids" for me, so I no longer use the product. A websearch reveals that the product still exists and the box looks similar, but I couldn't find an ingredient list online anywhere.
Posted by: 312 (Guest), Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 2:22pm; Reply: 28
I buy vegetable glycerin at the health food store, but it's in the health care section near other "lotions".
Have only used it to sweeten hot drinks, not sure about whether it works in baking. ;)
Posted by: 14442 (Guest), Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 3:37pm; Reply: 29
I've stocked this in the past but just have no use for now.
Posted by: Spring, Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 2:51pm; Reply: 30
Quoted from Lola
use vegetable glycerine

taster status is key each their own......swami rates it individualized....find out

Does this mean that as a super-taster I could like it? I sort of get the shudders just thinking about it for some reason! It is a superfood for me.
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