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Posted by: Mickey, Saturday, November 8, 2008, 7:41am
I keep getting hip pain off and on.  I think exercise is triggering it, i haven't exercised for a few days and i haven't had any pain.  The pain is just on the right side.  It's very frustrating since i really want and need to exercise (the good sweat inducing kind).

I know you guys are not doctors.  Unfortunately i don't have health ins., though can go to county hospital.  Really don't think they'll do anything for me but prescribe medication.  

Does anyone have any suggestions that may help.  I know i can take things for the pain like bromelain.  But i want to really try to get rid of the pain or prevent it from getting worse.

Posted by: Amazone I., Saturday, November 8, 2008, 8:08am; Reply: 1
highest doses of calcium and a bit of magnesium....the dl-phenylalanine is a natural painkiller.....hope it fits :D
Posted by: 4268 (Guest), Saturday, November 8, 2008, 11:22am; Reply: 2
See a good Chiropracter.
Posted by: Raquel, Saturday, November 8, 2008, 11:24am; Reply: 3
Deflect O from NAP, helps a lot a mine friend type O with several pain, of course Antiinflamatory protocols
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Saturday, November 8, 2008, 1:08pm; Reply: 4
I guess if it comes & goes, that's a good sign.  Try to monitor your activity & see if there is a connection.
Usually, we think the worst! Cal/mag can't hurt!
Posted by: Chloe, Saturday, November 8, 2008, 4:00pm; Reply: 5
I'm going to give you my entire protocol that worked...First was that I fell on my right hip
while on a boat this summer....I felt no immediate pain but it led to muscle spasm which
eventually got deeply into a nerve and entrapped me crazy nerve pain down my right

My first advice (and I wished I had done this) would be to go to a chiropractor.  I am seeing
one now and he's finally helping me.

I tried more calcium at first, but it made my muscle tighter...I found for me, more magnesium
was helpful...but still, I waited too long and it became a tight spasm with adhesions in the muscle.


Lastly, and I found this yesterday, my chiropractor handed me this bottle of homeopathic
pills called Formula 303 by Dee Cee Labs...He told me to take two pills before bed.  I woke
up this morning better than I'd been in months....Muscle feels a lot looser....hardly any
notice of nerve pain.  He said it was a natural muscle relaxer. I just ordered another bottle
from here:

I had also been taking a product called Phenocane... which helped with pain but not to loosen
muscle.  You want to get that muscle loose now before it goes into spasm....because from
my experience, once an injury starts going deeper into a muscle, it's really difficult to get that muscle to completely relax again.
Posted by: 815 (Guest), Saturday, November 8, 2008, 4:11pm; Reply: 6
Coming from someone who's had both hips replaced, I think I might know something about hip pain..does the pain go down the front of the thigh also, and radiate into the groin at all? Do you have any back pain? My sister had terrible back pain from her hip. We had osteoarthritis. I would get an xray asap to confirm or deny arthritis so you can take action to slow down the progression and/or stop it. Use the heating pad. I swear by it. If it hurts much more when applying heat, then switch to a cold pack.  Feel better {{hug}}
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, November 8, 2008, 4:12pm; Reply: 7
conscious stretching before and after a workout helped my sciatica pain a great deal.....
Posted by: Amazone I., Saturday, November 8, 2008, 7:24pm; Reply: 8
what's about meditaping??) ;)... :D and a bit of kind readings in the Dr. Sarno's books ??) ...meep.... :X :X :X I agree, I am thaaaat nasty ;) ;D (goofy)(think)(hehe)(hehe)

but must agree the bottles recommeded of Chloe aren't that bad, but here double or even tripple the amount for some days ....;)
fish oil is also a super fine peg 2 inhibitor, dito moducare...
Posted by: Curious, Saturday, November 8, 2008, 11:33pm; Reply: 9
I would try to get some exercises (e.g. from a physio or a pilates teacher) that are specifically for the hips.
Posted by: Victoria, Saturday, November 8, 2008, 11:41pm; Reply: 10
Bromelain taken three times a day on an empty stomach, as an anti-inflammatory.
Posted by: Mickey, Monday, November 10, 2008, 4:29pm; Reply: 11
Thanks for all your great tips!!!!

Unfortunately my budget is tight so a few things will be out like the chiropractor.  I'll try to squeeze whatever supps. i can afford and the stretching advice (before and after exercising).

BTW, I did a new workout saturday that combines aerobic exercise and strength training.  As of yet i don not have hip pain, usually by now i'd have it after doing a workout.  I have been doing just aerobic exercise, light aerobic though.  Maybe i was not extending my hips as much or the more controlled strength training helped?.

With that being said, i think i'm going to go knock on some wood now! (don't want to jink myself!)
Posted by: Amazone I., Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 7:30am; Reply: 12
Mikey, please understand, hip (pains)often stay for painfull
descissions as well ::)  :-/ :B :K)
Posted by: Mickey, Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 7:39pm; Reply: 13

Are you talking about the mind/body connection?.  I'm actually learning alittle about that right now through my studies.

Mickey  ;D
Posted by: Jane, Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 8:18pm; Reply: 14
I just read this thread.  I went to the health club on
Saturday and had what I thought was a great workout.  I felt fine afterwards and on Sunday.  I woke up yesterday with a pain at the top of the leg where it meets the butt.  It doesn't radiate.  It's OK when I sit.  It's hard to walk and to walk up and down the stairs.  I have no idea what caused it but I have to go into Boston tomorrow for a meeting and that's going to involve a lot of walking.  In addition to that I'm having my annual colonoscopy on Thurs. so I won't be able to eat anything....just clear fluids.  Yuck.  I'm  going to go home and stretch and ice and just hope all is well.  It's a long walk after I get off the train to get back to my car....
I just wish I know what I did.  Soft tissue doesn't hurt but I'm limping and it has nothing to do with the ACL that I had done a few months ago.
Posted by: Amazone I., Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 1:03pm; Reply: 15
yeppers dearle ;) ;D......
Posted by: Mickey, Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 4:06pm; Reply: 16

I forgot to mention that the pain doesn't go down my leg and i don't have any back pain.  I'm hoping it's just something related to the exercise i'm doing, but i also want to prevent it from becoming a problem later in life.  
Posted by: Amazone I., Wednesday, November 12, 2008, 5:39pm; Reply: 17
;D ::) can be also related to acidity level in tissue (ph-level).... so then please go for  more trace and other oligoelements.... (smarty)(whistle)meep...meep... ;)

b u t... my belly just calls me for  higher resonings....

gooo for medi-tapings.....please...(shhh)(pray)(kewl)(dizzy)(think)(smarty)(whistle).....tsk...tsk... :K) :K) :K)
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