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Posted by: Crimson, Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 4:19pm
Why are the reasons for foods being beneficial or avoid NOT listed for non secretors??? I'd like to know why I should avoid certain foods, what to expect that it may do to my body if I do eat something on the avoid list.
I had that convienience when I was eating the secretor diet.
If I had to eat SOMETHING and had to choose the "lesser of two evils", I had that option.
I do not have that option on the non secretor diet.
I've no idea why I'm avoiding soy, mozzarella cheese, almond milk or apples. Nor do I know why avacados are suddenly bennificial.

I would love to at least have a pocket guide specific to non secretors.
The pocket guid that I have for type O has nothing for non secretors. I suppose I could write it in. But that's still not going to give me any clue as to the "WHY?".
I crave information.  

I'm feeling a bit frustrated.  :-/
Posted by: Ribbit, Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 4:41pm; Reply: 1
I thought it was an A thing to need to know WHY all the time.  Maybe it's a nonnie thing. ;)
Posted by: LarryC., Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 6:24pm; Reply: 2
Look on the typebase, it tells.
Posted by: meribelle, Tuesday, March 18, 2008, 9:43pm; Reply: 3
Here is what I did when I found out I was a nonnie.  First I revised my O list in pen, and then I typed it out as an O Nonnie List.  I found on another web site where there was a list for each blood type.  It was not a Dr. D web site, though.  Anyway, I took it in my purse to the store and just used it all the time.  

As for the Why.  I consider that we nonnies do not have the antibodies for our blood type in our digestive system like the regular guys do.  Therefore, we have to have different foods for ease of digestion and assimilation.  I am not a rocket scientist, but that explanation helped me.

Now that I am a gatherer, I wonder if being a nonnie even matters, but I am still very glad that I found out.
Posted by: Crimson, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 1:55am; Reply: 4
Ribbit: I'm not sure of it being an A thing. I've always been curious and inquisitive. ^_^

LaryC: I did look in the typebase. It does not say if the foods that are avoids are metebolic inhibitors, have lectins or lower indican levels or modify disease susceptibility for avoids. Nor does it say the whys for the beneficials. It only states if the food is beneficial, neutral or avoid.

Meribelle: I have my list. I have updated the data in my brain.
I cannot answer to myself the whys because they have not been given.

This really doesn't bother anyone?

Can someone tell me HOW I can get this information?
I really want to know.
I realize that nonnies are a small portion of the population and therefore a small portion of the people that buy these books...but that should not keep Dr. D'Adamo from posting it.
He should understand more than any other person on this diet nonsecretor or secretor, why this information is important.  
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 2:15am; Reply: 5
you have read the tutorial as well as the LRFYT book, right?
Dr D explains the issue quite well, I believe.

avoids cause inflammatory issues or agglutination or thyroid inhibition or insulin receptor issues.....and so on....
use the search button on home page to read other posts mentioning their reactions to avoids or how others have overcome disease through avoidance and also how food values change even when the body is fighting a disease, like cancer and such......
the health series books have sometimes other values and status given according to the health issue they are pursuing.

this science is in constant movement, taking so much into is the work of a genius no doubt! ;D

the information is already given, you need to do the research.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 2:44am; Reply: 6
you want to know why avocado is ok for nonnies, and other things specified in the books, do the s all there....there s no reason why you should feel frustrated...Dr D has written down everything, and now comes new science with the GTD!
avocados were beneficial for me, once I found out I was a nonnie.....they have a specific substance which helps with dental cavities and plaque among other things...but hey, now that I m a gatherer, they are not as beneficial, and I m fine with that.....but I try learning and trying out and accepting what Dr D investigates, because it works for me! :)
Posted by: Crimson, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 3:37am; Reply: 7
I have done the bloody searches. Do you see where it says that avacodos are O Nonnie beneficial? And where it says O Secretor Avoid and in B status it says that it contains lectin or other aggluten? Why? Specifically. Why is it beneficial?
Not a guess. A true reason.
It does not say specifically why certain foods are avoids like it does for secretors.
Brussel sprouts for example...
They're avoids for O nonnies. Neutral for O, A, A nonnie, AB, AB nonnie...and beneficial for B and B nonnie. Reason: Contains component which positively influences known disease susceptibility.
See. I want that.
I have the Blood type encyclopedia, and ER4YT along with the pocket guide for O. The encyclopedia is supposed to be the most updated.
It is full of info. But not the specific blood reactions that O *or any* non secretors have to the foods that are avoid or beneficial to them.

Don't get me wrong. I've been on the BTD for two years. I do follow it well. I just recently found that I am non secretor. And I'm not accustom to not having this information available to me.
And I'm not one to blindly trust anyone. Even if they've given me good info in the past. In cases of science, there's no reason for it to not be available.  

And I have no intrest in the GTD. I've read the book and it's not for me.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 5:56am; Reply: 8
I believe you now know for sure, that you want to follow the non secretor BTD closely, since you have been tested as a nonnie.

I too got tested years after I had been following the diet, but I intuitively followed the nonnie diet from the very start, and by reading the LRFYT book gave me all the answers you believe you are lacking.

have you got any health issues you would like to tackle?
I would then recommend you get not the LRFYT book but one of the health series books which best suits your needs, cause again, certain food values change regarding disease and you might think Dr D is trying to pull your leg!
I see you ll be 30 yo, perhaps you d want to follow the more targeted advice given in the aging book and be the healthiest most vibrant O nonnie 30 yo in your country!!
let me know what you decide.....but again, the reasons for the food value changes are definitely written in black and white!
and the search button leads you to many old threads and other articles where every question is answered appropriately.
Quoted Text
Contains component which positively influences known disease susceptibility.

that is basically it when it comes to avoids!!

before I forget, have you seen and or heard all of Dr D s videos and interviews?
there is such wealth of information there, too!
check the media center on the left margin on homepage and indulge in all those goodies.

also here s more if you haven t already seen this
Blood Type O Basics: Click Here
I don t think you' ve yet had the time to absorb all the wealth of information there is on this site......all I can say is, I haven t finished reading all there is either and I ve been here quite a while!
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 6:27am; Reply: 9
Quoted Text
Dr D
Avocado has a lectin which reacts with the other types, being difficult to digest

Quoted Text
main benefit of avocado for nonnies is that is reduces pellicle on the teeth, helping with cavities which can be a problem for nonnies thereby discouraging bacteria from latching onto the teeth.

Quoted Text
avocado Help block the degradation of preelastic fibers and mature elastic fibers by and enzyme called human leukocyte elastase (HLE). Avocado and soybean have fractions called 'unsaponifiables' which may be beneficial in patients with
gingival inflammation and parodontitis, since HLE plays a major role in these disease states.

Quoted Text
"Avocados have a funny little quality which takes them from Avoid (the lectin that haunts secretors isn't a problem for nonnies) past Neutral to Beneficial: avocado helps reduce pellicle, the tooth-coating in which bacteria like to snuggle and thrive. Because nonnies statistically have more dental disease, this pellicle-peeling quality of avocados is a particular boon to them.

hope you get my point.....these are a few quotes I ve kept throughout the years, from reading and learning......
Posted by: Schluggell, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 8:46am; Reply: 10
THe LECster Database in the Science section can be of help to us Nonnies as well. THough on the technical side, many foodstuffs listed there have a more detailed description of the Lectin involved and with a little thought, & some Coffee {OOPS did I say that?  ::) }, can be revealed why it helps or hinders different Blood-Types.
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 12:06pm; Reply: 11
Hi Crimson! It's always nice to read your posts as there are few West Virginians around & even fewer interested in natural foods!
I think I know what you mean. You want to know the exact mechanism of how each food works. That would be very detailed. When I was younger, I was more interested in the minute details, but as I get older & have more info to process & more people to keep track of, etc., I am not as curious about every detail. However, I like the fact that you are so interested. We need to know what is going on in our bodies & in the world of medical research. Keep searching.
I think that a very high percentage of folks on the board are nonnies! That's why this nonnie thread was established after the site was constructed. I would think that more nonnies buy the BTD books. So, we/they may be 15-20% of the population, but I would venture to guess at least double that here! I  haven't counted all the folks here who know their secretor status, but maybe someone with time(or one of the busy moderators who have more stats)could find out.
I think I am one & the nonnie diet worked better for me. But as I think I am a borderline gatherer, many beneficials are now
neutrals & dots, including my beloved avocados! I now pass them along to my A+ teacher friend. [I have so many because my husband shops at this huge fruit market & goes overboard buying great bargains!]
I hope this helps. When there are changes, it takes time. I changed from O diet(with little improvement)to nonnie to hunter(which I wasn't) & now to gatherer. Each time it takes time & effort & a little grief at the change.
So, hang in there, sister. It's gotta get better!!
Sea Salt & Light,
Mrs "T"    O+  
Posted by: Dr. D, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 1:06pm; Reply: 12

While it is certainly a great idea to put in the non-secretor rationales, it ultimately devolves upon me to do it.

We have TYPEbase, which took me about 100+ hours to hand code.

Now, a few facts:

It's nice to be spoon fed, but not always so nice to have to always be the one to hold the spoon. Yeah, science is great and every mechanism should have its full elucidation, but you are talking about an essentially one-man operation over here.



Now, other folks who want to know why there are no 'reasons' in the GTD book...

Well, let's see:

Assuming each 'reason' runs about 2-3 lines of text..

Assuming each page of a typical book has about 80 lines of text..

So we would have to remove 125 pages of other text to include the rationales.

No exactly what a publisher would consider a bestseller..

What text should we remove?


Posted by: Ribbit, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 1:50pm; Reply: 13
Aw, come on.  Nobody can fault us for wanting to know why, and nobody can fault you, Dr. D for having stuff to do other than figure out which 125 pgs. to remove.

Crimson, you may have to wait for your answers.  We all like to have the reasons why we should do something or not do something, and it does definitely help in choosing the lesser of two evoids (that's a combination of evil and avoid) if you need to.  But I think we're just going to have to wait.
Posted by: Rodney, Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 2:04pm; Reply: 14
We should all be thankful for what Dr.D has done for us and take it upon ourselves to do some of the work on our own.
Being practical and use common scene can take a person a long way. ;)
Thanks you Dr.D
Posted by: C_Sharp, Thursday, March 20, 2008, 4:24pm; Reply: 15
Looks to me that if we want to know the reasons for our own avoids, we should get the SWAMI done and study the Chart Report.
Posted by: Crimson, Friday, April 4, 2008, 4:05pm; Reply: 16
Thank you all for your replies. I appreciate every bit of it.
I will re-read all the posts, and the pages that you've referenced and get a hold of a copy of LRFYT.

I'm currently having some serious issues with my stomach and am getting a genetic screening test for gluten sensitivity and celiac. So, I'm a bit out of my head about how and why all these things seem to be showing up NOW and after two years on the BTD, on top of two months on the Nonnie diet.
It all seems to have started right before the nonnie test and just....snowballed.  ??) So many of the foods right now that are beneficial or neutral on BTD are tearing me up! I'm quite frustrated....with my own body.
I'm quite glad that I have the information I have to help myself in this. Knowing that I'm nonsecreter and how prone they are to Celiac is what has had me reading into it. I'll know in a few weeks.
I skipped the blood tests and the biopsy because they can sometimes give false negatives. I'm reading many who've been though way too much trying to get a diagnosis like that. Having to go back to eating gluten to see if there's damage...NO Thank you! The genetic screening will tell me more than I need to get better.

Again, Thank you all!
Posted by: 312 (Guest), Friday, April 4, 2008, 5:23pm; Reply: 17
Wow, great thread here.  Crimson, I too am someone who always wants to know I can
relate.  I hope that you get the results soon of your celiac test.  I think wheat/gluten can cause so
many problems for those who suffer from it.  My history of health problems includes thyroid/liver
issues.  Back in the 80's a female md told me it was probably candida.   Then in the 90's it was
hep C.  But over the years and alot of reading, both of those issues have much improved by getting off wheat/gluten.  The times when I indulge (which are rare) I always have symptoms flare up.

I'd be interested in hearing what you find out.  Someone above said "keep searching" and I agree.
Best wishes for increased health!
Posted by: Rex, Friday, April 4, 2008, 5:53pm; Reply: 18
I am still curious & wondering "why" about a lot of Dr. D's recommendations but I'm never doubtful about the fact that what Dr. D. recommends works.  I've been following his advice for a long time now & have never been disappointed with the results.  
Posted by: 2330 (Guest), Friday, April 4, 2008, 7:05pm; Reply: 19
I thought for sure that I was gluten intolerant, but after a lot more research and listening to my gut, I don't think so. Corn, corn products and uncultured dairy (fake yogurt - expensive garbage too) had done some serious damage to my stomach. After I got rid of that stuff and started watching out for polyamine overload, I feel like I have a brand new stomach!!!
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Friday, April 4, 2008, 7:57pm; Reply: 20
Sometmes the mixture of the foods causes upset.
Always eat fruit on an empty stomach, Don't mix types of proteins(meats & beans, for example. It's OK to mix red meat, fish, & poultry.).
Don't mix starches & proteins, altho I do often.
Don't eat if not hungry.
S S & L,
Mrs "T"    O+  
Posted by: Crimson, Friday, April 4, 2008, 8:19pm; Reply: 21

This is where I'm having the gluten intolerance/ celiac genetic screening done... for anyone that's interested. You order, do the cheek swab and send it back. It's not much different than the nonnie test.
I think I typed this in my last post. But for those who may think they're gluten intolerant or sensitive, the gene screening seems the way to go. Especially with knowing that celiac is diagnosed AFTER GI damage has been done and found. They seemingly put you through hell for amusement. The actual diagnosis would mean little if I'm THAT sick. I think my body has been though quite enough of late.

I want to make clear that I have great respect for Dr. D'Adamo's work.
Otherwise I would not be following the diet. I do wish that the information for non secreters were more readily available.
I would imagine as stated by Mrs "T", the majority of people who follow the BTD most would be the nonsecreters.  
I believe this should be taken into consideration. *maybe when Dr. D is thinking of a new book to write *Hint Hint**
It might not exactly be on the "best seller" list.
But a book specified for non secreters would certainly sell.
To those of us who ask "why?".  ;D
Posted by: JJR, Friday, April 4, 2008, 9:52pm; Reply: 22
I'm a secretor and I'm very interested in the diet.  I see your point though.  I had thought that too sometimes like I wished the "why" was next to the nonnie info.  Doesn't matter for me now though.

I'm sorry you're having all the troubles.  I can relate totally.  I've had gut issues for a year and a half and I'm still not sure what's going on.  I gotta ask my doctor about the gluten / celiac thing.  Although I don't think I eat any gluten products now.  I'm not sure.  When I eat rice I eat brown rices. Brown Rice cakes.  I'm told those are gluten free.  And I eat millet and flax bread that I believe is gluten free too.  

You're an O, I thought you were supposed to stay away from grains mostly anyways?

And I must say, if that's you're picture at the bottom, you are smoking!!!!!!  You should put one with a shirt on for us married men.
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, April 5, 2008, 1:33am; Reply: 23
I definitely asked why, considering my double lewis negative status, and did get my answers reading LRFYT!
plus all the info available on this site, wiki and what not.....
I d still be lost had I not found ERFYT from the very beginning and believe like many have grown and educated ourselves in parallel, with every new book which Dr D publishes for us!
Posted by: Ribbit, Saturday, April 5, 2008, 1:57am; Reply: 24
ABNoWay.  Dude. :o ::)
Posted by: TJ, Saturday, April 5, 2008, 5:08am; Reply: 25
Quoted from JJR
And I must say, if that's you're picture at the bottom, you are smoking!!!!!!  You should put one with a shirt on for us married men.

Quoted from Ribbit
ABNoWay.  Dude. :o ::)

Posted by: JJR, Saturday, April 5, 2008, 2:37pm; Reply: 26
Posted by: Ribbit, Saturday, April 5, 2008, 3:11pm; Reply: 27
Posted by: RedLilac, Saturday, April 5, 2008, 4:21pm; Reply: 28
Quoted from C_Sharp
Looks to me that if we want to know the reasons for our own avoids, we should get the SWAMI done and study the Chart Report.

OH I so want that report for myself!!!!  I am not crazy about the Explorer diet.  I like BTD better.  But if Swami could customize a diet just for me, that would be what I’d follow.

Crimson:  “I would love to at least have a pocket guide specific to non secretors.”
NAP sells little plastic reference guides that fold up.  Beneficial on one site and avoid on the other.  Everything else is neutral.  I bought B non-secretor for me and carry it with me always.  I bought a secretor card for my son, but he lost it long ago.
Posted by: JJR, Sunday, April 6, 2008, 3:43am; Reply: 29
Quoted from Ribbit

You're mad at me now because I was arguing with you about cow's milk, aren't you?  Don't hate me.  I'm still learning.  I was reading Live Right for your type and I think he was saying not to drink milk.  :-/ I have to look at it again.  Anyways, like I said, I could be all wet.  I don't want to get on your bad side. Or maybe I'm just paranoid.   ??)

It's funny Dr.D says AB's are passionate about their beliefs yet want to be accepted by others.  And that we like to be alone yet we like to be social.  Talk about Jekyl and Hyde.  But it is totally me.  hehehehehhehehehe.
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Sunday, April 6, 2008, 9:47pm; Reply: 30
This is a friendly board & we don't get mad! :)

I'm married to an AB & he certainly is interesting in certain areas, but much loved in public. He claims not to care what others think(acceptance). He appears social, but loves his 'space'. In that area, he fooled me. Other than that, I got a good deal!![36 years of marriage!]

My weird 95-yr. old aunt is also an AB. She is/was very intelligent, but not productive in her life. She is kind of a loner, but loves to talk & kill your time(I say that as one who loves to talk, also!), but not act. Definitely she is not the typical AB. I wonder if she is an explorer. She can't be a teacher or warrior as she loves beef & smokes. She loves coffee. Maybe she fits the category of "we don't know much about them."  I'm glad most of you ABs are more normal.

You all are a delight!
Posted by: JJR, Sunday, April 6, 2008, 11:15pm; Reply: 31
Thank you.  I still think ribbit is mad at me though.  :'( :)
Posted by: 2330 (Guest), Monday, April 7, 2008, 5:16am; Reply: 32
Quoted from JJR
Thank you.  I still think ribbit is mad at me though.  :'( :)

Are you joking? I'm having a good laugh whether you are or not! LOL  
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Monday, April 7, 2008, 12:34pm; Reply: 33
I don't know if anyone is mad, but Ribbit has 3 little kids & must be exhausted all the time. She just celebrated her 6th anniversary. Do the math & you would be tired just thinking about it! I was married 4 years before we had our first one & the 2nd one was 3+ years later. I can get tired thinking about that. I can't imagine having 3 kids with my kids' personalities ages 5, 3, & baby! I surely wouldn't have time for the computer!
So, as they say, "Cut her some slack!"
All alone in the house & still tired,
Mrs "T"  
Posted by: JJR, Monday, April 7, 2008, 1:52pm; Reply: 34
You're right!!!!!!!  I feel for you.  We have 2 kids and my wife wants more.  I don't think I can handle it.  :o
Posted by: Ribbit, Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 8:07pm; Reply: 35
My ears were burning.  Wait.  Do frogs have ears?  They probably have vibration sensors.

AB, it takes a whole lot more than cow's milk to make me mad.  ;) Yes, if you do the math, we got married April 6, got pregnant on our honeymoon (which was fine with us, only we didn't realize how sick I would get and might have tried to at least wait till my husband finished grad school) and Elizabeth was born 9 1/2 months later.  Ethan came 2 years and 2 months after that, and Julia came 2 years and 2 months after that.  Can we say, "Regular cycles"?  Yes, I'm tired.  But I shouldn't complain.  I have friends with babies a lot closer together than that.

My daughter is everything Dr. D says about ABs.  He pegs her to a T, and it's helped us to understand her.
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 11:21pm; Reply: 36
BTW, did we scare Crimson off?
She has a family, so talk nicely :).

Mrs "T"  O+
Posted by: JJR, Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 11:55pm; Reply: 37
You mean I scared her off by calling her smokin?  I didn't mean no harm.  I saw a picture of Lola on the Blog too. Very pretty!!!!!!  Anyways, I'm sorry if I scare everyone.  I'm an AB, it's the blood's fault.   ::)

Ribbit, thank you for not being mad.  I wasn't trying to say you were wrong, I just am trying to get a handle on it myself. I've still been drinking skim from time to time though.  Hehhehehehehe.  Because I sure as heck aint going to drink breast milk.  I think you were saying it's best to stick with cultured dairy?  No?  I finally got some low fat organic plain yogurt.  It's not bad.  Especially if you give it a little flavor with something compliant.  I should maybe try goats milk too.
Posted by: RedLilac, Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 12:52am; Reply: 38
I doubt you scared Crimson away with the smoking comment.  Not everybody comes on here every day, I don’t.  Sometimes a person’s days & nights are filled up with life.  It takes a long time to read through all the posts here.  We’re an active board.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 1:17am; Reply: 39
you won t scare off any lady with a compliment!! ;)
Posted by: Ribbit, Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 1:47am; Reply: 40
Ain't that the truth.
Posted by: JJR, Wednesday, April 9, 2008, 2:00pm; Reply: 41
Well, regardless of how anyone looks, this is a great board!!!!!!!!!!  :)
Posted by: Ribbit, Friday, April 11, 2008, 5:51pm; Reply: 42
Ain't that the truth.
Posted by: Crimson, Saturday, April 19, 2008, 2:11pm; Reply: 43
It is a very good board. I appreciate the compliment. Ty!
I don't scare all that easily.
I've been reading the LR4YT. I'm learning. It is answering the why's as far as the nonnie gut reactions occur. I appreciate that as well, Dr. D. It helps. Ty.

I'm also researching celiac and learning to heal myself here.
I'm looking back over some of the health issues and experiences that I've had over my life and seeing the damage that has been done.
I've always considered myself a damn healthy person. This is kind of a shock to my self image. hah
Wheat and gluten free grain alone is NOT gluten free. Gluten is seemingly in EVERYTHING. It's frustrating.  
Good thing I'm a determined person. ;D
Millet flour, chicken, most fruits and vegtables are making me ill.
I'm getting veggies in V8.  :-/ It seems to be working.

I've found a really good liquid vitamin to help get nutrients into my system though. I think that's making most of the difference. I'm starting to gain my muscle back and keep a healthy weight again.

It's now easier to to list (and focus) on what I can eat rather than what I cannot. Though, I'm still in the process of learning what I cannot. So, the focus is split.

Thank you for all the replies, amusement and support!
I'll be back. Muahhahaha
Posted by: JJR, Saturday, April 19, 2008, 2:31pm; Reply: 44
I know how you feel.  I never had health problems.  I had a LOT of energy.  I was on the go a lot.  I felt strong.  Then at about 30, things started to unravel.  I started to get a heart arhythmia at about 30.  It was very infrequent though and didn't slow me down much.  Then at 35, I had the worst year I ever had in my life for health issues.  

It is hard to come to grips with it and you feel like your weird or something.  Coming to this board has shown me that a lot of people struggle with similar things.  Gut issues, etc.  And I'm not alone and it's OK.  And that it's not all in my head.  I pray you find what makes you tick and feel better.  My Mom and sister have struggle too with similar stuff and they are the ones that turned me on to this diet.  But I didn't totally relate to them until things got real bad.
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, April 20, 2008, 4:47am; Reply: 45
what are the ingredients in your V8?
it s been ages since I don t go near one, there s citric acid or something similar in the V8s down here, plus all the additives and flavors, 'natural' of course!!
those little things could be causing distress.....
Posted by: Crimson, Monday, April 28, 2008, 9:23pm; Reply: 46
Non Secreters are 200% more likely to develop Celiac Disease than others. It's difficult to diagnose. The site that I got my test from is supposed to be one of the easiest and up to date, accurate, etc....
You may want to look into it if you're having gut issues. It might help just to go read a bit on  
It has helped me a great deal. I've gotten good tips on how to deal with this.

The v8 I can only have every couple of days. It seems tomato does not agree with me. I've checked their web sites and it is gluten free.
I think it's just me. I'm back to eating very few fruits and vegetables.

So far, I'm still keeping a decent weight. As long as I'm ok there...I'm doing well enough until my gut heals.

Celiac is so strange a disease that it fascinates me!
I'm odd about things like that.
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, April 29, 2008, 12:32am; Reply: 47
you are soo lucky you can tolerate corn derived stuff!
being a nonnie.....
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Tuesday, April 29, 2008, 3:23am; Reply: 48
Don't worry about losing weight. In our land of plenty, it's easy to gain it back. Get well first. If you 'rest your system' by not eating much for some time, you will be able to heal faster & eat more again!
How's everything in W.Va.? I'm sure you have a beautiful spring while we have a bad one. Spring was gorgeous in WV, while fall was more blah as I remember.  In the Midwest, fall is usually better.
However, some of the tulips I planted last fall are coming up!
Sea Salt & Light,
Mrs "T"    O+
Posted by: Crimson, Friday, May 2, 2008, 12:14am; Reply: 49
I don't eat anything with corn. I'm still very much following the O nonnie diet. I fully believe that the blood type diet has been GOOD for me. Even before I found I was non secreter. It's has certainly helped prepare me for the limitations that I'm experiencing now.

I really don't eat much of anything. I eat a fair amount of food. Just not a fair variety at the moment.
It's beef, rice (in small amounts) bananas, blueberries and some veggies. Spinach and carrots are ok. Avocados have been great to get
calories in. Almonds and walnuts, or their butter equivalent.
I'm doing ok. I have some energy back. Still not where I was but certainly much MUCH better! ^_^

I got my enterolab results back. I have two genes for gluten sensitivity and am likely for developing celiac. Go figure.
I'm still in the air on if I'll go to an actual doctor. I'm more of a natural remedy type. I've always done well. I'm not sure that a doctor will help me anymore than I can help myself.
Apparently, it's...hell to get a diagnosis and then they just tell you to go gluten free. Which I already am. So, it may be pointless.
I'm rambling now.

The spring has been half beautiful and half rainy. I'm looking forward to summer! I always feel better in the summer.

Illinois, how bad has it been? I know there have been a fair number of storms go through. We always catch a bit of it. At least I'm  not in VA right now. Tornadoes.
Posted by: JJR, Friday, May 2, 2008, 1:17am; Reply: 50
Hope you get feeling better!
Posted by: Crimson, Saturday, May 3, 2008, 2:49pm; Reply: 51
I will, TY!
Posted by: angelighte, Monday, May 5, 2008, 8:27am; Reply: 52
Are there any hunters who are non-secretors?

What are the best things to eat?

I dont know if I am one or not but because I have celiacs I may be + my eyes are green-blue.
Posted by: Lola, Monday, May 5, 2008, 3:20pm; Reply: 53
check all diamonds in your book.....write them down and carry those whenever you go shopping.....those are the ones you should try and emphasize whenever possible.
Dr D has taken all that into account when designing his genetic breakthrough, no worries!
Posted by: Rebecca_C, Tuesday, May 6, 2008, 3:43am; Reply: 54

This may or may not help you, but you could get tested to see if you have a salicylate allergy.  That usually shows up with a reaction to things like tomato, potato, etc.  Something to think about.
Posted by: Crimson, Tuesday, September 2, 2008, 11:45pm; Reply: 55
Thank you. I plan to do a food allergy test sometime.
The homeopathic Dr. that I went to was wonderful. She's gotten me back on my feet. I do have issues with wheat/grains.
But that's rather typical for O nonnies any way. Yes?
I've been well all summer. *happy dances*
I've been eating non secreter since right before I got the secreter status test back. It's been going quite well for me.
Posted by: Ribbit, Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 12:00am; Reply: 56
Good to hear, Crimson.  Glad you checked back in.
Posted by: Debra+, Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 12:07pm; Reply: 57
Crimson...glad to see that you are doing better with BTD (non-secretor) and that you were able to get help from a homeopathic doctor.  Yes, we nonnies have problems with wheat/grains. ;)

(woot)(woot)(clap)(clap)(dance)(dance)Doing the happy dance with you. ;)

Debra :)
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Wednesday, September 10, 2008, 1:25pm; Reply: 58
So good to see you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta keep in touch with you West Virginians.
There are so few of you!!!!!
I'm glad to see the BTD is working.
Sea Salt & Light,
Mrs "T"    O+  
Posted by: Amazone I., Sunday, September 21, 2008, 10:17am; Reply: 59
I'll join the happydance of my roostersis ;) (clap)(dance)(clap)(woot)(clap)(dance)(ok)(hehe)(woot)(happy)(smarty)(sunny)
Posted by: Crimson, Sunday, November 30, 2008, 2:28am; Reply: 60
You guys are amusing. You know that already though.
Update. Much, Much better.
Still haven't gotten the food allergy test done. Mostly because I'm not eating most common allergy foods. Eggs and nuts yes. But they do not seem to be bothering me.

I'll happy dance. Though at this point I'm sure you've well gotten over it. ^_^

Posted by: Amazone I., Sunday, November 30, 2008, 8:51am; Reply: 61
you have heavy ressemblances to *Milva*, the chansonière, my dear Crimson.... ;) ;D(ok)(dance)(smarty)(sunny)
Posted by: Crimson, Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 2:46am; Reply: 62
Had to look that one up. I had no clue who she was.
I was once told that all read heads look alike. I sometimes believe that. This is part of the reason my hair is currently pink.
That and I like it ALOT. ^_^  
Posted by: angelighte, Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 5:23am; Reply: 63
post a pic if you can..
Posted by: Amazone I., Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 6:52pm; Reply: 64
tried to get those but sorry please google it and look
under her name Milva. If not I always get other infos on the screen than wished... :-/ I apologize.... :B(goofy)(constipated)(disappointed)
Posted by: Crimson, Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 10:56pm; Reply: 65
There it be. ^_^
Posted by: Amazone I., Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 6:46am; Reply: 66
def. thers' a huger difference of age between you both ;) and Milva's hairs are much longer..... :) but in the other pic where you are wearing your hairs in another way, there was that resemblance.... ;D
Posted by: Crimson, Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 12:39pm; Reply: 67
I did google her. I've been told...Molly Ringwald, Shirley Manson, Milla Jokovich...even Annie when I was a kid. I'm used to it. Red heads always get told they look like other red heads. I get different only when my hair is different colors. When it's black, I hear Faruza Balk...When it's blonde...actually I don't hear that I look like anyone when my hair is blonde. (odd...I hadn't thought of that before)
Needless to say, I change my hair alot. But I usually stick with the reds and pinks since it matches my natural skin tone better than other colors.

Man...that was long and way off topic.
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